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Region: Federation of Conservative Nations

Ibenta wrote:Your response to me as a Senator--that I should effectively shut up about this matter and depend on you and the Senate--is incredibly condescending and disrespectful. And no. Just because you told me to rejoin the Senate doesn't fix the gross nature of your statement. Why should any citizen be forced to join the Senate to express their views? Instead of focusing on the nature of my response, I wish you would consider your incredibly demeaning manner of speech. My comment still stands, and if you can't even apologize for telling a citizen to not engage in civil discourse and partake in this region's democratic process, then you are indeed as egotistical as that original comment of yours.

West Phoenicia wrote:Refrain from content that could damage the reputation of the region or have other consequences unless you feel it is absolutely necessary.

You gonna have our guests and citizens thinking we have a do nothing Senate

New inglaterra wrote:Ibentaís rants arenít debate. He just throws out a vague point and doesnít do anything to defend it.

On a serious note, as this argument has taken a turn in which you both are only arguing off of each otherís arguments rather than anything meaningful could you all consider taking it to discord DMs or telegrams? Some of this could be seen as edging on breaking the rules anyways - I donít believe it right now, though Iím sure a few people would appreciate this useless arguing being moved to DMs..