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Region: Federation of Conservative Nations


New inglaterra wrote:Iím cool with moving to the DMs. You in Phonecia and Ibenta?

Quite frankly, no. I already offered to hold a civil dialogue with you. I offered to talk, in private, about your platform. You responded by personally attacking me. And West Phoenicia effectively responded to my initial comments by telling voters that they are subservient to their senators and cannot exercise their rights as citizens. Hell, he even went to the Discord and tried to get Furby to curtail my free speech by claiming that I was breaking the RMB rules. As I see it, talking to either of you is a waste of my time. The two of you are incredibly arrogant--so arrogant that you would attack a concerned constituent. This has got to be the first time in this region that two sitting senators have attacked a voter for raising concerns.

West Phoenicia wrote:As usual taking me out of context and creating scenarios that are neither accurate or of any substsnce.

West Phoenicia wrote:Refrain from content that could damage the reputation of the region or have other consequences unless you feel it is absolutely necessary.

You gonna have our guests and citizens thinking we have a do nothing Senate

I can't believe this. And now you're trying to violate citizens freedom of speech. If you're so right about anything that you say, you wouldn't go behind citizens backs and try to punish them for speaking freely, as is guaranteed them by the Constitution. You wouldn't try and have Furby punish me for speaking on the RMB, via Discord. You wouldn't try and have Ulrech punished for speaking freely as well.

I'm going to again urge you to do the right thing: apologize.