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Region: Federation of Conservative Nations

New inglaterra wrote:No because he does this all the time. He doesn’t like something, writes a 30 page essay saying he doesn’t like it, and then proceeds to keep saying he doesn’t like it without actually saying why.

So to repeat myself again, I urged you to change your platform as a means to avoid controversy. I did not say that you had to change your platform. And I did not include my specific thoughts on each part of your platform so as to avoid what would have been a damaging dialogue to your party. Clearly, publicly discussing your platform with all its potential flaws, doesn't exactly put your party in the best light, does it? Especially among new members on the RMB.

But your response to me is instead that I am trying to shut down your party--that Ibenta is trying to destroy another small faction. If that were the case, why would I refrain from publishing my critique of your platform and urge you to change your proposals? Ask Fluvannia and Ulrech. I went to the Conservative Party Discord--I rejoined it--just to show them the first part of my critique. That critique was several paragraphs long and wasn't even my full set of opinions. And now Furby intends to write his own critique of your Party based on my commentary. If I had really wanted to destroy you, I would have published that critique and watch West Phoenicia still try to shut me out of regional politics. I would have attempted to humiliate you with all of my arguments, which I did not. At least recognize that.

I did not intend to destroy your party in this most recent exchange. But your assumption that I did, coupled with West Phoenicia's demeaning messages--stating that the Senate is above its constituents--resulted in this current fight. You brought this upon yourself, and I don't think that the Conservative Party will easily back down from the scent of blood.

As for me, that's all I have to say. Not to repeat myself here again, but I haven't just left regional politics, I've rejected it. I'm sorry that you have such a low opinion of me. May you do well with the NPP.