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Region: The East Pacific

Greetings, people of the East! Thanksgiving is often neglected, but, the truth is that many love Thanksgiving. November is my second favorite month. So this event is the Thanksgiving Event. A poll will be set up and a scavenger hunt will be open to the public. In this Scavenger Hunt, you will try and find specific dispatches. These dispatches will be listed below. Your goal is to find the most dispatches. When you find a dispatch, you must mention Lerasi in an Arembee Post with the link to the dispatch and the number of upvotes. If the information is correct, the dispatch will be labelled as "Found." I say number of upvotes because if someone else finds the dispatch around the same time and upvotes it, it can throw off your submission and add a layer of competition. Also it's a thank you to them for not complaining when I just throw their dispatch in here without asking. The first person to find it is the person listed as the "Finder". If all criteria is not met with the post, it will be ignored. There will be one round for every day until Thanksgiving.

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Rage Mage coming in clutch to start off round 2!

La xinga and Global twitter