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Region: United roleplay authority

1000 Stars wrote:The president is evacurated to middle America
(The coast shall die
Middle America shall survive)
The military takes over the gov and they make the hard decision to leave behind civilians
They only would slow them down and make many of the retreating soldiers loose their lives and be unable to defend the new infection free Zone
As soon as they understand what zombies are they kill the old and the terminally sick and cremate them
Smaller cities are told to fortify themselves and to create militia to keep cities safe
(Like creating a wall of cars and debris or whatever around a the main part of the city)
(It'll take like a month for the zombie waves of the populated areas to reach the new lines so we have time to fortify)
Larger cities in the clean area are evacuted of all the living they can and nuked
Nukes are launched at the larger cities on the coasts too

Smaller cities in the clean area are cleaned out of infect
The old and sick are killed and the town is told to fortify themselves

Buck Runs his car through other cars to get off the highway however he crashes into the barrier when he avoids a little girl on the road

Everyone is discombobulated but Buck manages to get everyone out of the vehicle to start running away

*hes chased by 3 infected*

*these measures fail as the infected still appear in fortified areas and overwhelm them*
*morale goes down as troops desert*
(You gotta remember man soldiers have families too and most of them well prioritize that)
*large hordes of the undead are exterminated tho and the coast is uninhabitable*