by Max Barry

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Region: United roleplay authority

The neo glactic empire wrote:*hes chased by 3 infected*

*these measures fail as the infected still appear in fortified areas and overwhelm them*
*morale goes down as troops desert*
(You gotta remember man soldiers have families too and most of them well prioritize that)
*large hordes of the undead are exterminated tho and the coast is uninhabitable*

(Don't worry the coast shall eventually become habitable in like 5 generations)
Militia are formed from the overwhelming majority of masculine conservative men that seem to be all over America
(And a lot of them already have guns)
Troops that stayed oversee the militias that have been sent
Ever militiamen doesn't have to be concerned as their families are taken onto bases and kept in safe areas

Entire small towns are made to house the families of the militia in bases

Airports are used to keep all the military planes that are used to break apart hordes before they can get to towns

Buck shoots at the zombies center of mass unloading his pistol before reloading (he's soldier so he's got on a few things of ammo on him)