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Region: Federation of Conservative Nations

Ibenta wrote:It's not a threat. It's a statement of fact. He is lucky to still have a seat in the Senate after the scandal he was connected to.

It seems that the former Delegate ought to spend more time in this region to understand the nuances of current affairs. And if he can't, then he should at least refrain from just throwing out unfounded inferences.

Allow me to quote from the Senate chamber:
Greater bastion
As far as I know, NI did not speak to Holy Rhinish Islands about this. In fact, NI spoke negatively about Rhiney behind closed doors.
Y’all do realize this has nothing to do with Rhiney right?

It seems to me that the current Delegate should be more diplomatic about his interactions with members of his region rather than casting caustic asperions on those whom he disagrees with.

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