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Region: United Nations of Liberalia

Pizzaaaaa wrote:
Hey, is ether anything more reasons that explains why you will be the perfect fit for the speaker of the Citizen's  assembly? What are you going to do in office? I need a bit more explanation on your stances.

Sorry for the wait, I was sleeping like a baby.
Im running on the basis of non bias like last time, making it known that as speaker, no one side will have sway over the other unless directed by the people.
The people will decide who get into office and if one party gains majority because of the people, then so be it.
I dont wanna say Im a better fit than my opponent but I do certainly have more experience with this sort of thing and I believe he would be fit for a different position. As of now high command (Aav) is saying that I cant run for some reason so I will wait for more information before I continue this campaign. Than you for your time.