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Idea for an enhanced warp/alcubierre drive: First, the vessel (Presumably an Arca) would use a modification of their spaghettification cannon to "stretch" the black hole out through the weapon's "barrel" as a reverse funnel rather than a beam of gravity. Although that alone would be an effective way to project a wormhole entrance, it would be an incredibly minute aperture. Expanding the aperture isn't really possible, so an alternative is needed to cheat it's limitation.
My idea is simple, at this point a ship would "fold itself" inside of higher dimensions prior to entering. Since the regions are so small, however, there'd be a need to "shield" the vessel during transit from the limitations of said dimensions. While simple particles (Quarks and the like) are allowed, composite particles like our baryonic atoms would experience violent reactions as they remain in contact with it's space. That's bad enough, but the "kick-back" of such a reaction taking place on the hull would act like a terrible form of bow shock by knocking the vessel out of the higher dimensions with quite a bit of torsion stress. If you want to keep your ship whole and crew from being pancakes on the bulkhead, the use of a Staged Particle Generation Weapon would produce a frontal arc of degenerate quark matter that the Alcubierre drive could make into a half-bubble, and the "flip" of the ship as it folds into the higher dimensions would provide an effective reverse to the half-bubble as well, and since the Alcub-Drive moves the space around you rather than moving you, the bubble would be "pulled" along with the ship. So long as you manage to avoid any hungry lifeforms (hot quark matter would be like a hotpocket rocketing through space), you should be fine. Now, there's just a need to figure out how to fold the ship :P

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