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Region: The Confederacy of Free Nations

Hello everyone!

First off, I see this region is running an election for the first time in a very long time. I'm happy to see that! May the best candidates win!

Second, Happy Independence Day to the Americans of this region! This is normally when I'd tell you the festivities the American engines have planned for this year, but those had to be canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. Instead, the American engines will be meeting virtually on Zoom. Despite everything going on, I expect it'll be a great time!

Russkov Soviet wrote:(Anthem plays)

Good Morning from the Federation!

I will start by saying 'thank you' to all the travelers who were patient with us as we hosted the ceremonies a few days ago. The borders are open once again.

Over in our captiol city, we have begun preparations to swear in our new leader. Zacia Milikova will take the proverbial throne with majority support from both the populace and the Kremlin. Josef Reznov, the current leader, made the decision yesterday. "In the spirit of diversity, we have decided to end the string of male leaders that have been at the front of our nation for decades. As we embrace a new species and a new style of thinking, it would only make sense to instill a leader who will continue to follow the new path." -(Taken from an earlier speech). We will work on updating our factbooks and seeing to our international relations.

Military officials in the Kremlin have also put the Armed Forces on standby as they discuss the possibility of another conflict in the near future.

That is all the news we have at this time. This is RSNN signing off.

(Anthem plays)

Congratulations to Ms. Milikova! We wish her all the best, and we expect she'll be just as competent as the leaders who came before her. If not more so!

Lavan Tiri wrote:you're a Scot, you're bitter

Donald: Ye wouldnae be insultin' Scots, woods ye?

Douglas: Aye, we willnae stand fur it!