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Region: The Confederacy of Free Nations

Fellow Citizens

Here are the results of the election to the Supreme Court. Winners are noted in bold.

Jaslandia - 9
Unfallious - 8
Penguania and Antarctica - 7
Au Minbo - 6

Therefore, in order of seniority, Unfallious, Penguania and Antarctica and Jaslandia will all remain on the Supreme Court. 10 of 23 citizens voted, for a turnout of 43%.

The results of the Consular Arrangement poll were in favor of Mercunova over Lavan Tiri by eight citizen votes to one. Mercunova will be Primary Consul for the first month of the term.

As mentioned before, Bearlong has been acclaimed and will continue as Speaker of Parliament, and Lex Caledonia has been acclaimed and will continue as Chief Constable.

In accordance with Article 3, Section II of the Constitution, the next election of a Speaker will take place between 1-4 September. The next general election for all offices will take place between 1-4 November.

In compliance with Article 4, Section VIII of the Constitution, in coming days a referendum will be held regarding Consular term limits.

This notice shall serve as formal certification and notification to the region as to the results of the July 2020 Election by election commissioners Mercunova, Consul, and Jaslandia, Supreme Court Justice.