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Region: Novus Lucidum

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The matter I like inform our region involves the allied region of India led by Hindu Mahasabha. They have started a new platform to unite the right across NS. Below is the information I was sent:

Currently, the unorganized community of Right Wing faces a threat from various communist and extreme-left groups and military groups. Acknowledging the fact, that there are few right-leaning nations on the platform, as compared to left-leaning, the organization shall protect the interests of these nations and regions.


NationStates Right Wing seeks to unite all Right-leaning nations, regions, organizations and political parties at one place to discuss common issues and form a community of like minded individuals.

How to enroll in NRW?

It is not compulsory for a region to officially appoint any representative to NRW. Interested members and political parties can contact us, to register themselves as a member of our community.

Is this a military group?

This is not a military group. It is only a community of like minded individuals, to discuss political ideas.

How will the organization function?

It will host regular meetings, on various common issues and ecourage healthy discussion among the members. The organization will also strive to voice the concers of Right Wing at the World Assembly. The organization will play an important role in encouraging Right Wing politics in different region and represent the community's collected opinions at different platforms.

How will it benefit the political parties?

Political Parties will have a chance to discuss strategies and advises from fellow members to promote Right Wing politics in their respective region. Also the organization will support and voice against and injustices done against any individual or group in any region, communicating to the regional government via their NRW representative. Political parties can ask for legal support from the organization during elections.

How will it benefit the individuals?

Individuals will have a chance to become NRW Ambassador to their region and represent our community in their respective region. Individuals will have to promote Right Wing politics in their region. Representatives will be allowed to host talk shows and various workshops to encourage political freedom in their region. Excellent representatives will also be awarded with promotion in the organization.

Can a region officially be a part of the organization?

We do not admit regions. We only admit individual nations and political parties. The organization is not a cluster of regions, rather it is a platform for individuals and party representatives to discuss NationStates issues.

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As founder I will not submit our region join this cause of its fascist nature. There is just too much bs in the real world as it is including in the US between left and right wing factions that's simply pointless which does more harm than good. That be said though I am no fan of the right wing but for our region it's best not involve ourselves. This simply disturbs me as it comes from one of closest allies. Not something in good faith I can get on board with. Sorry but this request we say no. However if there are those in our region that wish to help please do through one of your own puppets without Novus Lucidum's official support. Thanks but I hope to remain allies despite this.