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Region: Republic of Conservative Nations

Atrides wrote:And now news you don't ask from my crappy country you don't care.

So our president Bolsonaro have COVID-19. Millions of prayers from fanatical followers for his life begun, and other millions of prayers against his life begun too.

The problem is that our beloved great leader says he is taking chloroquine.

The bastard knows how to play dirty, really.

Well, Brazil don't have money for necessary meds and we are running out of them, basic meds to treat the COVID-19 people.

We could have done it but our president, when even Trump listened to medics against it, put a lor of the industrial base to create chroloquine.


People with Lupus are enjoying. Really.

The first joke we made.

- HAHA, let's see him taking chroloquine for himself now, we will take him once and for all.

He declared that is using it.

Yes, but we know about Brazilian politicians, they always lie. And there is always stupid people to trust on everything Bolsonaro said, 30% of Brazilian population in fact.

Probably he don't used chloroquine, but will say he used, probably he was never with the virus in the first place, his son said that months ago and announced the hoax just to see the reaction of the radical leftists.

Well, he will probably use his cure (saying that Chloroquine was used on him) as an excuse to USE CHLOROQUINE instead of the right meds on the healthcare system killing millions, and if fails he will probably blame the lack of breath equipment, and his supporters will call even other conservatives like me "communists", and doing it he sooner or later will put true socialists on power, because he already ruined the right-wing that never knew true conservatism until some years ago, but political idolatry have taken it's place.

Every conservative, every non-socialist will be considered a Bolsonaro supporter, and of course a nazi soab that must me beaten, silenced and punished, we already lose our voice on social media, soon we will lose our voice on anyplace, because people will refuse to give job to us, to buy things from us, we will need to pretend that we think and support the other leftist "great leader".

I'm tired of great leaders, Jesus Christ is the only leader I really trust.

Came upon the following video report from India which mentions the virus in Brazil and its leader.