by Max Barry

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Region: Republic of Conservative Nations

Executive Order 01-15

RECOGNIZING that individuals within the community may be held to have provided the Republic with services of great value in any number of fields; and

ACKNOWLEDGING that these individuals may deserve an official recognition for their meritorious deeds;

HEREBY establishes the Order of the Republic, a decoration given under the following:

Article I. Conditions for Award.
Section 1: The Order of the Republic may either be awarded in its “standard” class, or with Distinction.

Section 2: The Order may be awarded for meritorious service to the Republic, for reasons including but not limited to: lengthy and impactful service in public office, effective management of role-play events, notable achievement of interregional diplomacy, or successful authorship and passage of a World Assembly resolution.

Section 3: The Order with Distinction is generally reserved for noteworthy service in defense or liberation of the Republic or its allies from foreign threats.

Section 4: The Order may be awarded by the decision of the President, or by a majority vote in the General Assembly.

Article II. Appearance.
Section 1: The Order of the Republic shall consist of a medallion suspended from a ribbon.
A. The ribbon shall be Republic Blue in color, with the middle third of its width divided evenly between five vertical stripes of equal width. These stripes shall be of the following patter from left to right: Republic Gold, Republic Blue, white, Republic Blue, and Republic Gold.
B. The medallion shall consist of a gilt disc bordered by a circular wreath, with a disc of Republic Blue in the center. A Republican Double-headed Phoenix in white shall be centered on this disc, and it shall bear a Presidential Star in gilt on its breast.

Section 2: A ribbon bar may be utilized for forum signatures and the like, which shall be a small rectangle of the same pattern as the ribbon above.

Section 3: Orders with Distinction are to be distinguished by a Distinction Pin, which is applied both to the ribbon and ribbon bar. This pin is a forty-pointed gilt star, with a Republic Blue disc in the center bearing a Presidential Star in white.