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Region: Republic of Conservative Nations

New Waldensia wrote:RCN,

It goes without saying that this region has stood lock-step with our friends in Right to Life on combatting the virulently pro-abortion majority in the General Assembly. We have fought for the Pro-Life cause even when other so-called "conservative" regions have sided against the right.

Access to Abortion is now at vote in the General Assembly. I would love to see every last one of our WA members vote against this appalling measure. If you are not in the World Assembly, please join so that we can present a strong number of votes against the resolution. page=ga

Thanks for your attention to this matter.

New Waldensia
Chancellor, President-elect

P.S. I do need you to endorse me as well. My administration will officially take office on the 12th, and we'd like to ensure a prompt and smooth transition.

We thank the R.C.N. for standing with us in opposing this abhorrent motion which strikes against the dignity of the unborn, unlike other regions who would declare themselves pro-life but then act in a manner which disputes such proclamations, your actions shows your commitment to the defense of the unborn. The relationship between our two regions is one of friendship and camaraderie and we hope to continue to develop these relations in the future.

Foreign Minister of Right to Life, The Catholic State of Eire