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Charter of the International Alliance for the Preborn

The nations of the world, here assembled under the banner of human rights and national sovereignty, have reached a breaking point -- tossed around and treated for nothing by the powers that be, they have been told that their voice never mattered to the World Assembly. They were the unheard, the unseen, the masses of peoples and governments standing for the fundamental rights of every human person. Now, they refuse to be silenced; instead, raising their voices up to heaven, they directly and firmly declare that no king, no parliament, and no international body can legislate away the humanity of the preborn. They march on, in the long struggle for justice, aware that in God’s good time, their cause shall be vindicated. In confidence and in truth, they -- the nations of the world who have not yet stooped to shedding the blood of their own children -- will no longer sit idly by and watch the humanity of the preborn be stripped away.

The nations here assembled, in the name of rehumanizing the dehumanized, hereby resolve the following:

  1. They shall refuse to comply with the commands of “Access to Abortion,” should it pass. That is to say, they shall not contribute financially or politically to so-called “WA Choice Plus,” shall not define personhood as beginning at birth, and shall not pay for or directly provide abortion procedures to their citizenry.

  2. They shall refuse to comply with General Assembly Resolution #440, the Administrative Compliance Act, as it relates to abortion. That is to say, they shall not pay any fines to the General Accounting Office as it pertains to abortion, nor shall they impose any sanctions on the other nations of this pact for their non-compliance with “Access to Abortion,” so-called “Reproductive Freedoms,” “On Abortion,” the “World Assembly Justice Accord,” or the “Administrative Compliance Act.”

  3. They shall refuse to comply with General Assembly Resolution #466, the World Assembly Justice Accord, as it relates to abortion. That is to say, they shall not recognise the judicial authority of the World Assembly Judiciary Committee over their jurisdictions as it relates to abortion and the enforcement of abortion-related resolutions.

  4. They shall agree to furnish military defense for any other nation of this pact who is faced with military embargo or invasion on account of their non-compliance with with “Access to Abortion,” so-called “Reproductive Freedoms,” “On Abortion,” the “World Assembly Justice Accord,” or the “Administrative Compliance Act.” An attack or instance of armed aggression against one member shall be construed as an attack against all.


  1. The Thomistic Republic of United Massachusetts

  2. The Catholic Commonwealth of Auralia

  3. The Federated Principality of Fluvannia

  4. The Christian Empire of The Rouge Christmas State

  5. The Federated States of Stellonia

  6. The Holy Capitalist Haven of La xinga

  7. The United Duchies of Logon

  8. The Grand Holy Malevolence of Attancia

  9. The Federated States of Trillmore

  10. The Permanent Mission of The Eireann WA Delegation

  11. The Theocracy of Aawia

  12. The Ancient Baptist Republic of New Waldensia

  13. Under ledzia

  14. The Serene Sanctuary of The Holy Principality of Saint Mark

  15. The Holy Empire of Viridus

  16. Carpia

  17. The Sonindian Ascendancy of Nagatar Karumuttu Chettiar

  18. The Military Alliance of Dolgavakia

  19. The Kingdom of Dunferm

  20. The Most Loyal Catholic Union of Castle Federation

  21. The Republic of Phydios

  22. The Federation of Roborian

  23. The Republic of Horatius Cocles

  24. The Ancient Tellurian Union of The Gallant Old Republic

  25. The Republic of West Monrovia

  26. The Lucky Orthodox Ecclesiarchy of East Blepia

  27. The Theocracy of Rosa-Gallica

  28. The Tsardom of Russian National Union

  29. The Federal Democratic Republic of Mapperdonia

  30. The Tribe of Ndaku

  31. The Digievolving of Blueflarst

  32. The Topian of Spode Humbled Minions

  33. New jakobly

  34. The Most Holy and Grand Empire of Christian Democrats

  35. The Kingdom of Abbeyverne

  36. Kildare

  37. The Great Empire of North Azarath

  38. The Kingdom of Abbeyverne

  39. The Republican Empire of Kyundao

  40. The Evil Conservative Empire of The Palentine

  41. The Reich der Artherien of The United Artherian Federation

  42. The Republic of Pundersen

  43. The Republic of Npc West Florida

  44. The Armed Republic of The Geraldic Islands

  45. The Empire of Pasowca

  46. The Armed Republic of The Young Ur

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