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Roshchino, Vyborgsky District, Romanovskaya

Dozens of journalists stood waiting at the Romanovan-Soviet border in Roshchino today for the highly anticipated summit between the Romanov and Soviet foreign ministries. At 9:55am, the Soviet motorcade arrives at the border. Romanovan Border Guards opened the gates and allowed the motorcade through. Security as very high, to protect both the Romanovan and Soviet delegations. The motorcade drove up to a large house close to the border where the summit was to be held.

Romanovan Foreign Minister, Viktor Volkov, stood at the top of the steps of the entrance to the house. As the Soviet foreign minister stepped out of his car, Volkov made his way down the steps to greet him. The two men shook ands and exchanged some words. Photographers surrounded the two men as they then walked to the top of the stairs together. Once at the top they turned and shook hands once more, posing for photographs to document this historic moment.

The two men and a number of officials make their way inside the house. The house itself is decorated with ornate furniture, most of it dating from the 19th century. The delegations take their seats at the old dining room. A large, long oak table simply decorated with a Soviet and Romanovan flag is placed in the middle. The delegations take their seats, sitting facing each other.

Viktor Volkov: Minister Sokolov, I wish to formally welcome you and your staff here to Romanovskaya. I am sure you will agree that a meeting of this nature is long overdue. In fact you may or may not be aware, but you are the first Soviet minister to visit Romanovskaya in any official capacity and for that we thank and congratulate you.

          ~~ Министерство иностранных дел СССР ~~

Title: Soviet-Romanov Summit

Roshchino The video of the initial handshake and the posing at the top of the stairs quickly became viral in the Soviet Union. On social media, the video was shared and the hashtag "RussianFriendship" was trending for most of the day. This was certainly a historic moment for both countries. The occasion was not made any less consequential by the fact that this was the first time in nearly a century that a Foreign Minister stepped on Romanov territory. The Soviet delegation made their way inside the house along with their Romanov counterparts.

    Minister Viktor Sokolov: I would like to thank you, Minister Volkov, and your people for welcoming us to Romanov soil. We thank you for hosting this meeting and for your goodwill in making this summit happen. I agree with you that this meeting is not only overdue but important for our respective peoples. As the first Soviet Foreign Minister to visit Romanovskaya, I would like to make sure that we restart our diplomatic relations on the right step and create the bridge to more cooperation in the future.