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Straona wrote:Okay this is a load of bs. Iím not even a Trump supporter and I find this stupid. This is why both the right and especially the left are nothing but jokes. Both want total control and donít want to hear different opinions. Theyíre so caught up in their fantasy worlds where either everybody is equal or everybody has equal rights or whatever the heck Republicans think of in their head (donít say racism cause the democrats arenít Michael and the Archangels of Heaven either)
Both parties are a joke. At this point people should try to see what third parties can do because we donít exactly have good options from the big parties. This is why Iím a Centrist. This is why Iím practical and use Realism and Pragmatism over Emotion and Idealism in political discussions. The formers provide for better and more productive discussions and ACTUALLY get things done. But no people are so blind that they think these politicians will be able to bring us to the Promised Land like Moses. They wonít do Jack squat and if one party actually does something to help us, the other side once they obtain control will undo everything because it doesnít fit their stupid agendas.
Got off topic there but basically this is stupid.

This is why people who think just refusing to take stances on anything makes them some enlightened intellectualls are jokes.

As if you're going to sit here an lecture Democrats while you promote third parties which are completely insane.

After all the racism, lies, fraud, and attacks on democracy, how could you think people like Odinburgh are the problem?