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Ionalands wrote:This is why people who think just refusing to take stances on anything makes them some enlightened intellectualls are jokes.

As if you're going to sit here an lecture Democrats while you promote third parties which are completely insane.

After all the racism, lies, fraud, and attacks on democracy, how could you think people like Odinburgh are the problem?

I think all of us should wait a few weeks so the flames are cooled down again to even talk about this. Of course they are worried about inauguration day so this may not be over. I think we all including myself need to just stay calm. Even I can admit what happened on Wednesday it really caused me to lose my cool. At same time all the racism, lies, fraud, and attack on democracy I honestly believe I should just stay calm, keep cool and hope this will all pass when things can get to a point of being less chaotic.

Okay I just want to see this chaotic time to pass before I say something that just might get me booted from NS all together. I just need to be calm again. The reason I retracted my policy above all things.