by Max Barry

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Region: Novus Lucidum

And So ends the main lineage of Sparrow, From the dust and ash of one Region It turned into The Radiant, and it prospered until the region lost purpose, Then a leader emerges and not only led the remains of the region but Founded a new one in the image of the original. That region Novus Lucidum was run by its founder and esteemed leader, that had suffered much and had given much to lead the region through good times and hard times. Much like the original region Sparrow the members will disband, or form their own groups hoping to spark what made them enjoy the region. But all in all, dust always settles in the end, So lets us not grieve that the region, the memory, the history that has ended. But Let us celebrate making it this far and what we have done together as random people on the internet...

Good night everyone, and happy trails!