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Region: Novus Lucidum

Isla De Militarias wrote:Not only has krimea runied this region , and we say this because this happened when he won.... This region is yet again another failure of a tainted regime.. one that we have said from the beginning should not lead , should not maintain any power from the twisted futuristic future country cult like nation...

We told you sooooo, we refuse to leave do to the fact of loyalty but this great region has collapsed...... We shall soon seee if moving is necessary

That seems a bit harsh, Krimera 'ave done little tha last 6 months so saying his regime be tainted be unfair.

This region 'ave been living on RP since it was founded and with no RP the region be just falling apart. Yea can't blame that on a single person an @Krimera 'ave to me knowledge not abused any power.

Part o' tha problem be that RP require sumeone to organize or GM it. Far from all regions be based on RP but this region 'ave not tried sumething else either. And when there be a gap in 12 days between even using tha RMB things just be falling apart. Most move ta other regions ta at least get sume human interaction.

Me advice would be ta appoint sumeone GM fast an' get sume kind of RP going, any kind works. If not, tha region will just slowly fade away.