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Region: Forest

Gura and Matos wrote:If I post something on the RMB with my main account The Most Serene Republicans, and the immediately post something else on this account, is this against the rules?
I'm not planning on doing that, just curious

I wouldn't say it's 100% flat-out forbidden to do that, but just like any other kind of double-posting, there are only a few circumstances that warrant it. Basically, if you wouldn't double-post it from a single account, don't double-post it from multiple accounts. Our RMB (like our region) is formally "out of character," so generally speaking any post you're making should be thought of as coming from you the player, rather than just from the nation you're logged in as, insofar as RMB rules go. Obviously people (including myself) do sometimes post in-character, which is fine, but that's not the basic assumption for interaction.