by Max Barry

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Pandemics and epidemics will become more common because there will be more people every year at least for 50 years from now and that means more travelling, more cramped up areas. We also get closer to many species that don't usually end up having too much human contacts and that could help zoonosis to develop. We use too many antibiotics, you know this "just in case mentality" and in too many countries antibiotics are over-the-counter goods which is totally crazy. We also pump up livestocks animals full of antibiotics so they don't die too soon or they at least stay alive before slaughter. Over use of antibiotics will lead really fast to multiresistant bacteria, so soon some basic diseases might start killing us again.

I guess nature will try to balance itself out by getting rid of human overpopulation (yeah it does not think and it actually does not care, but there are some basic "laws" and math involved in these kind of scenarios). Soooo this might be a good rehearsal for what is still to come. Maybe the next pandemic is just around the corner and does not wait 70-100 years to pop up.