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Region: Forest

Love and Nature wrote:We also get closer to many species that don't usually end up having too much human contacts and that could help zoonosis to develop.

Yeah, environmental wellbeing is a huge driver for emerging and re-emerging diseases. Deforestation brought us Zika, global warming is bringing malaria and cholera further north than ever before, habitat destruction has led to multiple Ebola epidemics... the list goes on. Going forward, the relationship between environmental health and disease should, I think, be an issue we discuss and raise awareness of as a region, along with our "usual suspects" like plastic waste and fossil fuel consumption. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all how important that issue is, and as Love and Nature says it will become even more important as further environmental disruption increases the number of emerging diseases we're exposed to in the coming decades. - note the concept of One Health wasn't developed by the CDC but this webpage summarises the core ideas very well