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Candlewhisper Archive wrote:Question on ethics, I'm curious to know your thoughts, all.

I have patients who feel anxious about going to work because of covid 19.

There workplaces have taken all reasonable measures to protect their staff, but some people remain understandably frightened.

They want signing off work for anxiety. They are not wanting medical treatment, as when not at work they are not anxious.

Do you think it's reasonable for them to be signed off work by their doctor?

I was preparing some States-side thoughts concerning the ADA and the like, but then I realized that either "have taken reasonable measures" means some kind of telecommuting is already available or doesn't apply because it's not conducive to the work in question. My own experience is more along the lines of the latter; over the course of the last year I had increasing anxiety and the like sitting at home thinking about all the things not getting done because I was made to telecommute and do other computer-y things mostly tangential to my actual job title. Ended up having to ask my bosses boss to let me be one of the few to return on site, for the sake of my mental health.

Didn't need a doctors note, although I do get to do a daily symptom check, and weekly nose swab, so that's kinda doctor-y I guess.