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So I just had the weirdest math class.

We began by going over problems involving homework, and we were halfway through going over some fractional equation word problems when one of the problems involved stocks. Somehow we managed to get into a tangent about stocks and the stock market, and lo and behold 40 minutes go by as we go off on a tangent about stocks, loans, bonds, and interest. Our teacher used to work as an accountant and his husband does wealth management, and so this was very much our teacherís forte and he clearly secretly enjoyed teaching this, but he had to feign as if he really wanted our class to get back on track. Needless to say every single time he tried getting us back on class, we came up with more questions about stocks, and in the end he decided to postpone our test a few days because we barely got to study at all that period.

Oh and somehow the conversation even drifted to taking about the time that two guys cornered 98% of the futures agreement markets for Onions, leading to Onion futures trading agreements being legally banned nationwide by Congress which in turn led to a massive fall in the Chicago stock market. This wild tangent was of course brought forth by yours truly