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Question to people who are using more than one pronoun, e.g., she/they or he/they. Now that the semester has kicked off, we keep having "first meetings" for literally any course online, introduce ourselves and declare our pronouns. I see that some people choose multiple pronouns and I have no idea whether they are completely interchangeable or not. Yesterday, one student mentioned using she/they pronouns, depending on context. We are not close at all, and it is unlikely that I will talk about this person in the third person; so I did not want to be impertinent by asking "can you explain how it varies based on context?"

I mean no offense, I am just curious and want to learn. If you use multiple pronouns, which one do you use in which contexts, are there any parameters that can help us guess which one would be more appropriate? Is there one of those two pronouns that you prefer more than the other? Are you OK with people just going with 'they' if they are unsure?

Thanks in advance for the clarification.