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Region: The Leftist Assembly


I am announcing my candidacy for Secretary this March, 2021! Please check out my manifesto below:

Podria for Secretary!
Progress, Unity, Diversity

Who am I?

Hello everybody! I am Podria, and I am running for Secretary this General Election. For my formal resumé: I am currently Speaker and Member of the 20th General Assembly. I also serve dually as Minister of Roleplay and Minister of Community Affairs, and have served as Minister of Roleplay for some time now, but only stepped up to the post of Community Affairs after the previous holder departed the region in January. Before this term, I have served as Member of the General Assembly in the 15th, 16th, and 17th General Assemblies (that's since November of 2019!), as Vice Secretary of the Leftist Assembly, Minister of World Assembly Affairs, and as Ambassador to The Internationale. Needless to say, I am well experienced in all branches of the government - from regional law to gameside mechanics to community involvement to foreign relations, I've done it all and I hope to do it in a greater and more impactful capacity as your Secretary. Beyond my formal experience, I've also been an active member of the community since the founding of my nation in Fall of 2018, I am currently pursuing a degree in Public and Nonprofit Management, I am actively involved in my local Democratic Socialists of America chapter, and in general I am absolutely stoked to be able to serve The Leftist Assembly as Secretary.

What will I do?

As Secretary I plan on taking this region down a different path than has been taken previously. The greatest thing I will once again bring back to the region is a volunteer corps of Assemblians who will serve as aides to Ministers. While previously this has been known by the term civil service, I wish to differentiate this new programme from the old initiative. I believe my experience in real life volunteering and organising, combined with my extensive knowledge on the running, operations, and needs of the various facets and goings-on of the region will allow for this programme to be the best it can possibly be. I believe that many ministries, in ways big or small can be assisted by increased helping hands. In addition to this, I also intend on continuing the growth of the region's foreign presence with other socialist, communist, anarchist, and progressive regions on the site; I believe that left-wing regions on NationStates must continue to remain united against fascists, capitalists, and neo-conservatives that threaten basic human decency and human rights. Finally, I want to ensure that the duties of the executive are fulfilled to the highest quality and deepest completeness - I want to make sure that what the executive does is well explained to and understood by the Assemblians, I want to make sure that our actions are as transparent as possible, and in general, I want people to be able to know more about what happens in the executive - too long has the cabinet acted mostly in the shadows and behind closed doors. Of course I will also officially remove Kava's ability to double post, declare France illegal, promptly invade the CCD, and work tirelessly to destroy NationStates once and for all.

Why should you vote for me?

I believe that I am the most experienced and fit in the race to serve as your Secretary, and I hope that what you've read so far brings you to the same conclusion. I will work as hard and as much as I possibly can to make this region the best I can make it, and I know this cannot and should not be a one person fight. I intend on being a Secretary for the people and will try my hardest to act as an extension of the will of all of the Assemblians, and want to make my Secretaryship one of Progress, Unity, and Diversity. I want to make abundantly clear that I am always open to suggestions, questions, comments, concerns, or any other communiques from Assemblians to ensure that I have the most representative term as Secretary ever. As part of this, I'd like people to know that in addition to telegramming me they can also send me a Discord DM (Hugh Mungus#6146), an email (, or submit something via the suggestion box which I intend to expand and utilise as much as possible. Really, all I want to do is serve this region the best I can, and ensure that our region is as enriched as possible. If this doesn't convince you, feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to make sure that you know that I'm fighting for you and for our region.

For Progress, for Unity, for Diversity. Vote Podria for Secretary!
Thank you to Courelli for the high-def logo! Unity in Diversity!

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For Progress, Unity, and Diversity!