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Region: The Security Council

Of altonianic islands 2

Rule 4 wrote:I went missing for 2.5 years so I'm not the best person to ask on trends. The SC, like anywhere, can go through fads. One person passes a symbolic resolution, then everyone wants a go. It dies out quickly enough once everyone gets tired of them and the regulars shout them down.

Rule 4 caused massive divisions in the SC when it was implemented, as gameplayers felt they were being marginalised in favour of a forced RP style to make GA players less unhappy about the introduction of the SC.

Long-term that's worn off. Gameplayers are more than capable of passing well-written resolutions in the language they want to use, oh, and GA players for the most part still dislike the SC.


I've looked (admittedly not incredibly hard), and I'm unsure what Rule 4 is. It was almost certainly long before my time, but from how you described it was incredibly important. Could you please explain how it changed things, or give me a link to somewhere that explains it in depth? From the activity of the region, it could be a long wait, but that doesn't bother me too much.