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Region: Forest

After years of clawing my way through the mud, I mean after years of doing hard manual labor in a coal mine, I mean, after months of answering issues (there it is!), I have finally muscled my way back to No. 1 in Forest for Civil Rights! In the meantime, I've also been at No. 1 in Forest for Political Freedoms. So yeah, my imaginary country is doing pretty well. The real world? Well.... *glances outside* But life in Ruinenlust is just great.

I hope that everyone is doing well! I haven't been as active lately, because the end of the school year (and the beginning of the growing season in terms of gardening) always coincide now to take away virtually all of my time, but hopefully within a week or so I'll be more involved again. I do monitor things on a daily basis, though, so no worries. :-)