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Region: Forest

Nation of Ecologists wrote:I'm currently going through another Led Zeppelin phase

*throws up the horns*

I was recently having a conversation with friends about whether Led Zeppelin were retaining their cultural cache with younger generations, or if they were becoming just another lame "dad rock" band in the eyes of the youth. It's hard for me to acknowledge that they may no longer be the epitome of rock. But I'm pretty sure you're younger than me, so I'm taking this as a good sign.

Also, I still put on Muse's "Absolution" with decent regularity. It's really carved out a niche for itself in my music listening, being precisely what hits the spot when in a certain, difficult to define mood.

Lofia wrote:Speaking of music, I was thinking of setting our regional anthem recently. I'm leaning more towards Celtic music that has forest vibes like "Forest Folk" by Adrian von Ziegler . Though Celtic rock would be nice too.

That's lovely, I do enjoy that sort of folksy enchanted music. If I may recommend something more Norse than Celtic, these really hit the spot for me:

Sequentia - Ragnarok

Garmarna - Vittrad