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Region: to be forgotten


Wow, I forgot which region I was in to congratulate their day of feature. Anyways, whatever that region was, Congrats for being featured!
*just then, Lesbonkian soldiers march to form something... when you look down from a helicopter, it says, “Congrats for getting FEATURED!*

Also here’s a little gift from me:

╭━━━━╮ This is featured dog. Help
╰┃ ┣▇━▇ featured dog congratulate featured regions
 ┃ ┃  ╰━▅╮ by pasting
 ╰┳╯ ╰━━┳╯ him in featured regions’
  ╰╮ ┳━━╯ RMBs or he
 ▕▔▋ ╰╮╭━╮ will not congratulate them.
▏  ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔  O O┃
 ▏╳▕▇▇▕ ▏╳▕▇▇▕
 ╲▂╱╲▂╱ ╲▂╱╲▂╱

Featured Hopper and Featurer 69