by Max Barry

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Region: Empire of Power

*****Empire of Power Annexed Into The 10000 Islands*****

It is with my great pleasure that I announce today that the 10000 Islands has annexed its first region. From this day forward, the Empire of Power will be an official state of the 10000 Islands and will be under complete authority of the 10000 Islands.

When TITO troops arrived this morning, there were just tumble weeds and empty shells of buildings. The only thing powerful about this region was the smell, but in my first act as ruler of the Empire of Power, I have sent in a special team of cleaners and rebuilders into this once loathed region.

For a brief history of the Empire of Power, they were the region that saw an easy mark in the then 15 nation region of the 10000 Islands. With the help of a nation known as New Boniventure, the 10000 Islands was alerted to the Empire of Power attack. From there, the call for help was put out to many, many regions. Some regions answered our call that night and came to help. Most of those defenders that night came from the Urbanites, Texas, the Rejected Realms and others.

After the defeat of the Empire of Power, it became the goal of TITO not only to defend the shores of the 10000 Islands, but to also help other regions unjustly attacked. To date, we have defended over 175 regions. The Empire of Power, after multiple losses to TITO and other defenders, finally packed their bags and surrendered to the overwhelming truth that invaders will never succeed for long.

As I stand in the throne room of the Empire of Power, I see some scribbling -- "Mattattonn, Frenchie, and Mikeoasia were here." Let the Empire of Power be an everlasting testament to the fact that invaders will always lose in the end.

Our memories are long and our cause is great. Long live freedom, long live the 10000 Islands and long live the first state of the 10000 Islands, the Empire of Power!

Founder - 10000 Islands
New Founder - Empire of Power

*****Empire of Power Annexed Into The 10000 Islands*****