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10000 Islands RMB
10000 Islands was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 30

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Fabled Republic of Wischland (elected )

Founder: The United States of Grub

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

A Shelter from the Storm!

Welcome to the 10000 Islands! We are a picturesque and friendly archipelago of islands renowned for our white-sand beaches and blue-green waves.

We are also home to TITO, our renowned defender army, and have over 3500 successful missions to date! We stand up for the innocent regions of this game. Join us in our mission.

Get Started: LinkForum | LinkDiscord | FAQ and RMB Rules | LinkConstitution | Banners | Join TITO

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News and Events

Embassies: A Taco Archipelago, Texas, the Rejected Realms, the South Pacific, The Union of Democratic States, The East Pacific, Canada, Philosophy 115, Deutschland, ITALIA, Wintreath, Forest, Lazarus, Australia, Spiritus, Europe, and 29 others.The Hole To Hide In, New West Indies, The Western Isles, Arctic, Urbanites, Greater Dienstad, belgium, Middle Earth, The Order of the Grey Wardens, European Union, 00000 A World Power, Capitalist Paradise, Portugal, Philippines, South Pacific, Mordor, Renegade Islands Alliance, Wysteria, Valhalla, Warzone Sandbox, Independent Order, Founderless, Iran, Christmas, Thaecia, International Democratic Union, Refugia, The Labyrinth, and The League.

Tags: Commended, Defender, Democratic, Featured, Game Player, Gargantuan, LGBT, Map, Offsite Chat, Offsite Forums, Regional Government, Social, and 2 others.Trading Cards, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Extremely High

10000 Islands contains 1,143 nations, the 20th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in 10000 Islands

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, 10000 Islands is ranked 5,106th in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Uninspired nation type of CerberionCorporate Police State“My zombies are the dust beneath my feet.”
2.The Holy Apostolic Church of KlopstockCapitalizt“Grasp the subject, the words will follow.”
3.The Grain of SandAnarchy“Sand”
4.The Kingdom of HakketomatCapitalist Paradise“In our King we trust”
5.The Militant Benevolent Empire of MargauxCorporate Police State“Eat the Poor!”
6.The Empire of McNuggets and Large FriesCapitalist Paradise“I'm Lovin' It”
7.The Empire of SterlontCorporate Police State“Glory to the Empire!”
8.The Kleptocratic Corporatocracy of EA CorporationsCorporate Police State“EA Corps, it's in the moneyô️”
9.The Strawberry Frosted Dominion of Free Union of Collective KingdomsCapitalizt“We don't even take our own nation seriously.”
10.The Kingdom of GarnbyenCorporate Police State“You only live once”
1234. . .114115»

Last poll: “School uniforms: yes or no? Why?”

Regional Happenings


10000 Islands Regional Message Board

Úwo I can change my republic type! I am now the "advance republic"

Dorab wrote:Hey! Welcome to the region.

Iz me le New Lazulia. Splitting up the colonies into individual ones so they can have separate factbooks, more autonomy and individuality, and a portal hub for the overview factbooks of each alt.

Iím not juuustt yet ready to join the Rp yet as Iím setting up factbooks and writers block is taking a toll but Iím dyyiing to get in! But donít worry I sure donít plan to post back to back on individual accounts. If that gives you any relief.

Thisisaverylongnamethatwas nottakeninNS wrote:havingalongnameisveryeasytodowhenyouhavenospacesbecauseyoucaneasilyfityournamesintotheirwhichIfindveryinterestinganotherdayanotheralt

A bloody nuisance when you have to sign a check, though.

If it's true that our species is alone in the universe, then I'd have to say the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little.
-- George Carlin

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Remember that Pepsi ad where Kendall Jenner gave a cop a pepsi
Yeah I allowed that in Geonomia and my country got dumber
Corn Syrup
Not even once

God I hate the AntiChrist

Post by Geonomia suppressed by Free Las Pinas.

WA: We have you surrounded! Allow you're citizens to dress like fools and bums!

Can someone say me how to download xKoranate?

Dorab wrote:Sorry for the double post, but I think it's warranted.

Do new nations always start with high primitiveness levels? Looking at the world trends, I noticed there is a significant increase of primitiveness during the Drewpocalypse.

New nations often start with a Primitiveness range of roughly -100 to 100, which is well above the regional average. It's not necessarily that new nations start with high Primitiveness, but that most players answer issues in a way that develops their nation and reduces Primitiveness over time (I have puppets with Primitiveness below -400) rather than focusing on increasing it (which it's actually moderately hard to do). Pretty much any focus on education, Scientific Advancement, etc. will reduce Primitiveness.

Malandrin wrote:Can someone say me how to download xKoranate?

use and you may intrested for alternative versions use look for

In the interest of providing a central location for scorinator links:


Commerce Heights's LinkXkoranate is the most commonly used and most versatile scorinator. It can scorinate almost every sport and can be extended by creating new sport files (see below for links to some of them).
LinkXkoranate-CE is an open source project led by Free Republics to create a new version of xkoranate.
Vephrall's LinkNSFS is also commonly used. It can scorinate association football, American football and baseball.
Free Republics's LinkMust10inator (link goes to version 1.3 for Windows) is the only scorinator at this time that supports the Must-10 scoring system used by professional boxing and mixed martial arts. The Linksource code is also available.
Free Republics's LinkBaseinator (link goes to version 1.3.1) is a ratio-based scorinator for baseball and softball that produces linescores (with code that prevents the program from generating impossible linescores where the home team wins by more than 4 runs in the bottom of the last inning) and supports style modifiers and park factors. The Linksource code is also available.
Free Republics's LinkMALFFR Quiddinator (link goes to version 2.0) is a quidditch scorinator. The Linksource code is also available.
Spaam's LinkSQS is another quidditch scorinator which can be run straight out of a web browser.
Audioslavia's LinkThe Racing Scorinator is an auto racing scorinator.
Osarius has a Linkweb page containing download links to many scorinators.
Great Britain and Normandy's Supernate is a scorinator that is in the early stages of development at this time.

There are other known scorinators that are not publicly available at this time such as Vilita's association football scorinator and Buyan's cycling scorinator.

Related Programs

Free Republics's LinkCasaran Scheduler is a program that speeds up the process of generating the following day's fixtures (schedule) for a Casaran system tournament.
Free Republics's LinkInput Maker (link goes to Windows version) is a program that converts Olympic signups to Xkoranate input files. The Linksource code is also available.
Free Republics's LinkSignup Checker can quickly check that an Olympic signup is valid and determine MMAB.
The LinkXIII Olympiad folder on Free Republics's Google Drive contains a number of scorinators, sports files and other things that were used for the Games of the XIII Olympiad. This includes the source code for version 1.4 of Must10inator, 3x3inator (the 3x3 basketball scorinator used for the XIII Olympiad) and Free Republics's other Signup Checker (a LinkLexical Analyzer that checks Olympic signups for validity). Source code is included for everything.

Xkoranate Input Files

To add input files to Xkoranate, place the appropriate files inside your sports folder (which is inside of whichever folder you installed xkoranate to).

Free Republics's LinkWorld Bowl XXII Formula is a modified version of SQIS for American football that increases scoring to be more in line with RL levels. The LinkPost-World Bowl XXXI Formula is a modified version of this which increases randomness and reduces the number of blowouts. The latter formula was created by Free Republics after World Bowl XXXI to address the large number of blowouts in that tournament.
The LinkArena Football formulas by Shadowbourne (NSFS) and Free Republics (World Bowl XXII) add the sport of Arena Football to xkoranate.
Free Republics's LinkAdjusted NSFS Formula is an adjustment of the NSFS formula for baseball that reduces randomness. This formula was created because unranked teams were frequently making deep runs in the WBC without RPing and was largely successful in putting an end to that.
Free Republics's LinkBeach Soccer Formula adds the sport of beach soccer to xkoranate.
Free Republics's LinkFoot Race scorinators are capable of scorinating various foot races from the Ancient Greek Olympics. They were created and used for the Olympia Games.
Free Republics's LinkGRSL Formula is an association football formula with some unique rules that was intended for a domestic league that never happened. It would be highly inappropriate to use this formula for the NSWC or any other major international association football tournament.
Free Republics's LinkSQIS Formula for ice hockey is an alternative to the built-in (NSFS-based) ice hockey formula based on the World Cup 68 version of SQIS. Although the file says this is a beta, it has been used in several WCoH tournaments (where it is also known as "Saintland's Modifiers") and is thoroughly tested.
Legalese's LinkWorld Cup 68 Formula (also known as SLIS) is an association football formula that reduces the randomness of SQIS. Its use was originally proposed in a World Cup 67 bid but it was actually used, for the first time, at World Cup 68.
San Jose Guayabal's SGIS Formula is an association football formula that also reduces the randomness of SQIS, though not as much as the World Cup 68 formula does.
Electrum created Linkseveral files for the Winter Olympic events added at the 2014 RL Olympics in Sochi.

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