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1st Epitome United RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Kingdom of Cielearda (elected )

Founder: The Heavenly Tuvan Khanate of Khazar Lechia

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This is the 1st Epitome United

This region is very diverse. Founded by nomads, settled by many. It is centered around The Epitomic Sea, with the klocian land departing it from the ocean in the north.

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1st Epitome United contains 13 nations, the 1,178th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Influential in 1st Epitome United

World Census experts spent many evenings loitering in the corridors of power in order to determine which nations were the greatest international diplomacy heavyweights.

As a region, 1st Epitome United is ranked 13,684th in the world for Most Influential.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of MantesaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Nec spe, nec metu”
2.The Federal Provinces of DorslaLiberal Democratic Socialists“If we preserve, we shall prevail.”
3.The Republic of ThialrerFather Knows Best State“For A Greater Humanity”
4.The Kingdom of CieleardaNew York Times Democracy“Liberty Above Economy”
5.The Queendom of Royalist DeyestMother Knows Best State“In Her Majesty We Trust”
6.The Protectorate of Imperium IVInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones”
7.The Heavenly Tuvan Khanate of Khazar LechiaFather Knows Best State“Ethernal Skies shall reign forever!”
8.The Glorious Plutocracy of PraetoriiusCorporate Police State“Take what you can and give nothing back”
9.The Empire of TahiriesFather Knows Best State“برای یک امپراتوری واقعی”
10.The Federation of New Vesklas-RinePsychotic Dictatorship“Change is necessary.”

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1st Epitome United Regional Message Board

4 paratrooper regiments, 4 motorised infantry regiments and one motorised artillery battalion is sent to the outskirts of the facility.

Khazar Lechian military with the aid of Cieleardan forces arrived near the Praetoriius' border. As Khazars did not expect any actual proper army, they were quite surprised by Praetoriius showing up their best forces. Upon first shots were fired into Khazar Navy... The Army of Khazar Lechia turned back officially claiming that a life of a few is not worth the life of their men... Effectively loosing the artificial island made from sand and bio-waste to Praetoriius.


Mantesa wrote:“Why are you holding these people hostage? What do you want?”

"Money to repay the cost of the research. Oh and that island from Khazar Lechia."

Khazar Lechia wrote:Qisma: "Adoption is mostly tied to surrogacy, as surrogate mothers outside of parent's marriage are giving the kid for adoption to the actual parents... Outside of that we don't have a lot of orphans... The ones we do have are usually under the government's supervision until the age 16. Most people see adoption as unnecessary as most kids are usually smart enough to get by and only kids under the age 10 get adopted, which usually happens almost instantly... Children under the government however are not living in collective orphanages... Khazar Lechia is feudal and the feudal lord of the place where a child was orphaned takes the child to their home. It is an unwritten duty of all leaders of our nation, as they are not just political figures but actual guardians of the people. This ensures the orphans a life in not just a good house but also good education and possibly even normal relations with other people and a job in case they won't find different one, as a servant in the house of the lord. What's important to mention is that all servants in the royal houses are also seen as royals themselves and are not slaves, but rather prestigious people who are respected by the nation. There are some orphans who were taken by religious leaders, but you do not have to worry about their well being as all of our official religions allow marriages for priests and the priests who take orphans are already married... The reason why adoption is not common compared to regular parenthood is the culture of Khazar Lechia which believes that in order for humanity to survive and prosper there cannot be a negative raise of population. The growing population mixed with deflation allows the country to prosper and make jobs for all the people who can work... We don't have wealthfare for healthy people, or parental grants and homelessness is venerated as the proper nomadic life which explains why KL officially has no cities and Astana does not have a city status even though it is our capital... Most wealthy are homeless and are traveling in nomadic caravans..."

Marineo:"I see, I see. I understand. Well, from this, we are definitely interested in cooperation, especially in the area of cultural studies, sciences with a focus on environmental research, and the promotion of the arts. What would Khazar Lechia be interested in with Sanesmar?"

Khazar Lechia wrote:The Khan eventually leaves Cielearda as the main coronation is finished. He takes Yuri of Royalist Deyest with him and left an invitation to his palace for King Arthur and Miles. As usual his transport is of good quality and is filled with religious imagery. In the background a radio plays some Kazakh music (

Yuri is served some pierogi and milk with edible and surprisingly sweet larva inside. They are prepared in a way to make them look less like an insect and more like a cookie. Khan has them look like larva though, as the cookie larvas are usually given only to children and outsiders to familiarize them with the fact they taste good.

"I do say Khan, these dumplings and 'cookies' taste... nice." She says simply finishing the food.
"Todays been quite eventful, even when you don't include the coronation itself, wouldn't you say?"


The largest armed conflict so far in Praetoriius history, the Battle of Facility 375P proved to be enormously important for the future of the Cohortes Praetorii.


The roots of the conflict began when Praetoriius kidnapped Axel of Dorsla and Saoirse of Cielearda. The two were taken to the remote Praetoriius research facility of 375P, Codenamed "Chimaera" by the Praetoriius government. After staying in custody overnight, Axel and Saoirse were taken to a chamber and held hostage on TV. The Praetoriius government threatened to inject the two hostages with a new virus, unless Dorsla and Cielearda gave the Praetoriius government 1 Billion dollars for research, and unless Khazar Lechia ceded the important artificial island of Garwa, located off the coast off Praetoriius.

Outraged, the government's of Cielearda and Khazar Lechia deployed military forces to rescue the hostages and destroy the facility. In response, the Praetoriius government deployed several commando squads and elite regiments of infantry.


Cielearda and Khazar Lechia:

2 Motorized Infantry Regiments

2 Paratrooper Regiments

1 Naval Task Force


2 Commando Squads

2 Motorized Infantry Regiments


At noon on the 23rd of September, the 2 Cieleardan paratrooper regiments were airdropped onto the grassy fields 1 mile to the east of the facility. They began exchanging fire with the defending Lutosae at the facility and the K34 squads. After 15 minutes of this, the Cieleardan paratroops managed to set up small mortars and portable anti-tank weapons. Using these heavier munitions, they managed to drive the Lutosae from the outer defenses of the facility, allowing them to make use of the trenches and pill boxes surrounding the facility.

Soon after the Cieleardan Paratroopers broke through the first line of fortifications, both Praetoriian Motorized infantry regiments arrived from the south. One swung up to the northeast to get behind the paratroopers, and one regiment defended the rear of the other. The elite peditatus infantry cohort from the first mechanized infantry regiment lead the assault against the paratroopers, coinciding with a counterattack by the Lutosae and K34 squads from inside of the base. AFter 30 minutes of heavy fighting, the Lutosae and the peditatus broke through to each other, splitting the paratrooper positions in two.

But the losses sustained in the assault were very high, and the commander of the mechanized infantry decided to instead use the passage cleared by the first mechanized regiment to bring the second mechanized regiment our of the open and into the defensive lines of the Lutosae. With both regiments behind the defensive lines around the base, the Praetoriius forces hunkered down and waited, letting the paratroopers regroup.

After 2 hours of waiting, the two Cieleardan mechanized infantry units arrived, along with a Khazar Lechian flotilla. The Cieleardan forces encircled the rest of the base, and the flotilla landed a battalion of shock troops. The combined forces then assaulted from all sides, with the Khazar Lechian shock troops and Cieleardan paratroops attacking from the west, and the motorized infantry attacking from all other sides.

Over ten assaults were thrown back by the Praetoriian defenders, but on the 13th Assault, a Cieleardan paratrooper platoon, with the help of supporting fire from the Khazar Lechian fleet broke through the final line of defenses and entered the compound.

All would have been lost, but the Lutosae commander and his bodyguard squad through themselves in the way of the advancing Cieleardans, delaying them long enough for the K34 squads to divert a squad and destroy the platoon. With this defeat, the Khazar Lechian and Cieleardan assault collapsed, their troops retreating back to the waiting ships. The Praetoriian defenders, exhausted and low on ammunition, let them retreat. The commander of the Lutosae of the facility died of his wounds after his heroic action.


The Cieleardans and Khazar Lechians fought bravely, and were buried next to the Praetoriian dead. 4 hours after the conclusion of the battle, Orbix Varum and a Lutosae Legion arrived to mop up any remaining resistance and to repair the facility.

The battle proved to be a crucible for the Praetoriius military, a brutal event that left half a legion in shambles, but proved the mettle of the Praetoriius military.

On the outskirts of the facility a monument was quickly built to honor the battle. On it's sleek marble surface was written:

"On this location, 782 brave Praetoriian soldiers gave their lives for Great Praetoriius. Their deeds shall be forever remembered as the Epitome of Bravery and Courage."

And, in true Praetoriian fashion, a new line of merchandise exploiting the battle was released by the Plutarchy.

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Khazar Lechia wrote:"We are already on it... We sent our forces already and we will get in contact in a bit... We can handle this..." he says ignoring the first words.

“What the hell was that?! What just happened?!”

Cielearda wrote: “What the hell was that?! What just happened?!”

Khazar military leader responds without much emotion: "Our leaders decided a proper fight is not worth saving less than 10 people and we left without loosing more than 2 khazar men. I call that a proper retreat...

Tag: Praetoriius

Khazar Lechia wrote:Khazar military leader responds without much emotion: "Our leaders decided a proper fight is not worth saving less than 10 people and we left without loosing more than 2 khazar men. I call that a proper retreat...

Tag: Praetoriius

“Well I call that idiotic! We could have crushed them! We were about to! And then you go and retreat, just because you don’t respect the Praetoriians enough to defeat them. You Khazars go on and on and on about how weak Praetoriius is and how hard you could smash them, but when it comes to it, you’re too scared. Proper retreat my a*se. I’ll tell you what, if you really believe that the retreat was worth it, then why don’t you come here and explain how clever your leaders’ little idea was to the 347 mothers who just lost a son.” He then hangs up, and places his hands on his face. He gets up and walks to the cabinet meeting room. Then, he walks outside, having assembled the press and resigns.

When word of the first clashes between Khazar Lechians and Praetoriius’s, the whole country goes nuts. The Parliament goes into fierce debate about wether or not intervening and regular people discuss the need for war in cafes and theaters. However, the afternoon edition of the newspaper “ABC” brings a revolutionary article signed by an anonymous author
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Letter to the Government of the nation

I ask you, dear deputies, dear ministers, generals, doges, dear judges, generals, representatives, all of you, who burn in purple and gold, whose hands are hidden under rings and gloves, whose chests are covered with crosses and medals, to all of you, rulers of our nation, I ask you, have you ever stepped on a beach and looked to the sea, wondering what lays behind the sea blue. I ask you if you know that beyond the seas there's a nation, under the name of Praetoriius, ruled with an iron fist by a man with no known name. I ask if the gods told you this despot, surrounded by a camarilla of equally perverse and degenerate counselors, no, excuse me, for they ought to be called henchmen, has oppressed his land for decades and put his people under the yoke of slavery to perpetuate the cruel evils of their tyranny. They do not hesitate when torture comes and this cruel dictator is willing to commit the biggest crimes to surround himself with luxury and stolen riches. His capital, or shall I say his court, has become the new Babylon, a museum of all human and animal vices, where the most abhorrent sins are committed on a daily basis, where the most disgusting of acts fill the chambers of this temple of Hedonism, echoing like the screams of crying angels. This despot, whose hands exude the blood of the innocent, whose feet squash the heads of children and women, whose clothes are soaked with the scent of crime and whose mind is inebriated with the orgy of crimes that is his life, this brutalized and brutal creature seats over a throne of scarlet and silver held over the shoulders of his enslaved nation. This enviced tyrant must be overthrown, yet it is the barbaric Khazars the uncivilized nomads of the esteppes, ignorant of democracy and freedom, stuck in the Dark Ages, the ones that are trying to achieve this noble task, tainting the holy name of Liberty with their ridiculous superstitions and their perverse despotism ...

I ask, have we become so coward, so weak, so hypocritical, that we shall let this nation perish under the yoke of despotism, be it the tyranny of this new Nero, the Archplutarch, be it the tyranny of the murderous Huns? Shall we remain impassive as this people languish under tyranny? Shall we let this land be treated as a slave, as a booty that can be exchanged between cruel men, between Caligulas and Attilas? Shall we not defend the light of freedom for which our parents and grandparents fought so hard? Isn't the duty of civilised peoples to rid the Orb of all the inquisitions and despotisms that condemn its peoples to fanatism and brutality?

If you answer with fear, if hesitation riddles your voice, if you let your throat be choked by cowardice and effeminacy, then you don't deserve to be called men and History will treat you as you deserve for letting tyranny and fanatics thrive just across the sea. But if your answer is right, if you are willing to fight for Justice, if you are willing to destroy Despotism, if you are not hesitant to take up your arms and fight to slay the monster of Tyranny and Barbarity that threatens our region, from both the East and the West, then let Victory cover you with the laurels of glory and let Mars lead you so that Liberty shall finally reign over those enslaved peoples and you, his brave defendors, will forever be kept in the Annals of Time and History will forever remember you with golden letters and golden memory.

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The public opinion is changed. The Parliament votes. The King gives the order. It’s time for war.

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