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An island near the harjanikan coast is used as a kejwic military base and missile test field

Kejwic Islands wrote:An island near the harjanikan coast is used as a kejwic military base and missile test field

My man i'm pretty sure they would patrol those waters very well speaking for the fact that harj is an island nation

Harjanika wrote:Haivon?


Keswickholt wrote:Who is this clown?

That actually happened, Keswickholt.

Haivon wrote:Yes?
That actually happened, Keswickholt.

He already knows youíre a clown calm down.
Keeps placing Colossals in ZH

The Wires Empire wrote:He already knows youíre a clown calm down.

And ATA is the circus I lead. Right.

Haivon wrote:And ATA is the circus I lead. Right.

Iím the dude who puts his head in the lions mouth and somehow punches it in the eye without being eaten.

The Wires Empire wrote:Iím the dude who puts his head in the lions mouth and somehow punches it in the eye without being eaten.

Glad to see the crew assemble.

Kejwic Islands wrote: Harjanikan flag is also burned to ashes and many harjanikans are violently deported to their country


OOC: Sorry for caps, just getting slightly irritated

I hate this issue
Im not an autocracy
Public protests are legal now
Its a good thing policies aren't canon here because now public protest are illegal and I'm a autocracy

Well that was basically a whole boatload of nothing.

Haivon wrote:And ATA is the circus I lead. Right.

Can I be the over depressed clown that never comes out of the tent because he would go insane and throw kids?

Haivon wrote:And ATA is the circus I lead. Right.

Can I be that guy that is part of an act and does absolutely nothing

Boroii wrote:Can I be that guy that is part of an act and does absolutely nothing

Hey thatís me.

Haivon wrote:And ATA is the circus I lead. Right.

Who would I be?

SaneSauceLand wrote:Can I be the over depressed clown that never comes out of the tent because he would go insane and throw kids?

Be gay, throw kids

Kejwic Islands wrote:An island near the harjanikan coast is used as a kejwic military base and missile test field

*Harjanikan military ships surround the island*

Porymonia wrote:Be gay, throw kids


Porymonia wrote:Be gay, throw kids

#Motivational words to live by

Porymonia wrote:Be gay, throw kids

Always :3

Kejwic Islands wrote:An island near the harjanikan coast is used as a kejwic military base and missile test field

Can we test there too

SaneSauceLand wrote:Can we test there too

They're our enemy btw

Crazy alternate history of the world I made

The gods teach agriculture to men [CHANGED]
Foundation of the first cities [UNCHANGED]
Wheel discovery [UNCHANGED]
The Sumerians sacrifice 1000 men during the great drought [CREATED]
Humans develop a common written language [CHANGED]
Construction of the Great Ball of Cheops [CHANGED]
La Grande Boule de Kheops roule sur ThŤbes [CREATED]
Hammurabi establishes controlled democracy [CHANGED]
Early Iron Age [UNCHANGED]
The Nile pushes the Great Ball of Cheops into the sea [CREATED]
Creation of a great Mediterranean civilization [CHANGED]
Greek democracy marks the beginning of a 300 year Pax Hellena [CREATED]
Foundation of Rome, future capital of the Hellenic republic [CHANGED]
The Roman Empire subdues Greece and the tribes of Europe [CREATED]
Prince Siddartha Gautama is mysteriously kidnapped [CHANGED]
Birth of Confucius [UNCHANGED]
The Roman Empire subdues the tribes of North Africa [CREATED]
Hinduism extends to China [CREATED]
Pericles abolishes slavery [CREATED]
Religious wars of wheat between China and India [CREATED]
The Roman Empire crushes Alexander the Great in Babylon and conquers the Middle East [CHANGED]
Collapse of Greek civilization [CREATED]
The Roman Empire subdues the Qin Emperor and China [CHANGED]
The Mediterranean Empire merges with China [CREATED]
Birth of Jesus and birth of Christianity [CHANGED]
Crusades of the Bread of Jesus and destruction of Jerusalem [CREATED]
Christianity weakens the Roman Empire [CREATED]
Civil and religious war followed by the fall of the Roman Empire [CREATED]
Wars between Christians and Hindus throughout Europe [CREATED]
Fragmentation of the Mediterranean Empire [CREATED]
The city of Eleutheria is built on the Great Ball of Cheops [CREATED]
Burning of the great library in Rome [CREATED]
Charles Martel begins his great campaign to conquer the world [CHANGED]
Siege of Damascus and fall of the Caliphate [CREATED]
Election of Charlemagne by universal suffrage in France [CHANGED]
China is developing guns [CHANGED]
Christianity is spreading in India [CREATED]
Vikings colonize Iceland and discover America [UNCHANGED]
The Holy Franco Syrian Empire conquers Central Asia [CREATED]
1st Civil War in China, 1/3 of the population is killed [CREATED]
William the Wise begins his reign at the head of England [CHANGED]
Bologna founds 1st university [UNCHANGED]
Great Evangelical Crusade in Asia and Africa [CHANGED]
Regulation of firearms in China [CREATED]
The Kingdom of England knows its Pax Mirabilis, a period of peace and prosperity of 120 years [CREATED]
Construction of the great cathedral of Angkor Wat [CHANGED]
The Holy Empire subdues Ethiopia and dominates the peoples of Africa [CREATED]
The Empire of Japan gives way to a democratic republic [CHANGED]
Genghis Khan gets crushed by the Chinese army [CHANGED]
Signature of the Magna Charta [UNCHANGED]
The Khanate of Mongolia seizes Warsaw, Paris and London [CREATED]
The Kingdom of England conquers the Kingdom of France [CREATED]
Marco Polo brings back guns from China [CHANGED]
China revolts against Mongolia and conquers it while Mongolian troops are in the West [CREATED]
Fall of the Mongol Empire [CREATED]
The Inti Sun God gives the Incas the science of the Oceans [CHANGED]
The Black Death is countered by intensive religious agriculture [CHANGED]
The Renaissance [UNCHANGED]
The Inca Empire arrives in Australia and founds Culza, its capital [CREATED]
The Inca Empire built The City of Uluru Gold [CHANGED]
Gutenberg's invention of printing [UNCHANGED]
Constantinople capital of the Holy Empire, dominate the world [CHANGED]
Christopher Columbus discovers America [UNCHANGED]
Vasco de Gama opens the road to India [UNCHANGED]
Beginning of the slave trade [UNCHANGED]
Global explosion in the slave trade [CHANGED]
European commercial fleets are devastated [CREATED]
Protestantism refutes the idea of ​​a peasant God [CHANGED]
Suleiman the Magnificent becomes president of the Ottoman republic [CHANGED]
Magellan goes around the Atlantic without finding the Sea Monster [CHANGED]
French Revolutionary War [CREATED]
Heliocentric Model of Copernicus [UNCHANGED]
The Spanish Armada reigns over the seas [CHANGED]
Pentagonal slave trade between America and China [CREATED]
Shakespeare writes Hamlet's eggs and makes the world laugh [CHANGED]
Jamestown becomes capital of the slave nation America [CHANGED]
Galileo discovers the rotation of the earth [UNCHANGED]
America's slave army subdues the Amerindian nation [CREATED]
The civil war in England ends in laughter [CHANGED]
Construction of Christ the Redeemer of the Taj Mahal [CHANGED]
The Vatican settles in India [CREATED]
Control of the steam engine [UNCHANGED]
The Ottoman Empire conquers India [CHANGED]
Isaac Newton writes the Principia Mathematica [UNCHANGED]
The Ottoman Empire conquers Indonesia [CREATED]
Birth of the comic movement [CREATED]
The Inca Empire repels European settlers in Australia [CREATED]
The pope declares slavery compatible with the Catholic way [CREATED]
Industrial Revolution [UNCHANGED]
The Tea Party in Boston leads to the fury of England and the landing of its troops in America [CHANGED]
England mate the American separatists [CHANGED]
The days of blood: the slave revolt in America is put down [CREATED]
France establishes the universal basic income [CHANGED]
Medical Revolution and Demographic Transition [UNCHANGED]
Arrival of rail transport [UNCHANGED]
Haiti becomes the crossroads of the slave trade [CHANGED]
Slave Revolution and Foundation of Haiti [UNCHANGED]
Nelsonian Wars [CHANGED]
Declaration of the rights of the slave [CHANGED]
The Yoruba Empire unifies the nations of Africa [CREATED]
Independence of the Spanish colonies in South America [UNCHANGED]
The Last Laugh: Epidemic of laughs in the world [CREATED]
Invention of the telegraph [UNCHANGED]
La Sad Censorship : comedies are prohibited and most books burned [CREATED]
The communist manifesto is adopted by all democracies [CHANGED]
France becomes communist [CREATED]
Charles Darwin publishes the origin of species [UNCHANGED]
Alabama becomes the first state to be ruled by a slave [CHANGED]
Emperor Meiji brings down the democratic republic of Japan [CHANGED]
Creation of the Suez Canal [UNCHANGED]
British Revolution, the United Kingdom becomes communist [CREATED]
Invention of the cordless telephone [CHANGED]
Creation of the Internet [CHANGED]
The African nations found the African Proletarian Alliance [CHANGED]
Women's Struggle for the Right to Vote [UNCHANGED]
Discovery of X-rays [UNCHANGED]
Creation of Twitter, which will regulate international politics [CREATED]
A third of the human population is enslaved [CREATED]
Flight of the 1st plane [UNCHANGED]
Opening of the Inca Empire to the world [CREATED]
Russia colonizes Japan, which becomes Kyushu Oblast [CHANGED]
Albert Einstein discovers E=MC2 [UNCHANGED]
Russian Revolution [UNCHANGED]
The Spanish Flu Spreads Around the World [UNCHANGED]
Adolf Hitler founds the German National Communist Party [CHANGED]
1st interstellar communication with extraterrestrial power [CHANGED]
Russia brings peace to the Chinese civil war, and transforms China into the Zhōngguů Oblast [CHANGED]
Communism becomes the 1st world ideology, shared by more than 2 billion people [CREATED]
1929 flight: the financial markets begin an exponential growth curve [CHANGED]
The Nazi party is declared illegal in Germany and is dissolved [CREATED]
Opening of the stock market: we can now exchange any good [CREATED]
Hitler published The Lebensraum Thread on Twitter, causing an increase in international tensions [CREATED]
War on growth between Europe and America [CHANGED]
Capitalist America launches an ideological anti-communist crusade [CREATED]
Creation of the International Stock Market Council [CHANGED]
The United Kingdom mate the independence of India [CHANGED]
The Proletarian Spring: America and Russia are trying to establish communism in all other nations [CHANGED]
The human stock market: each human has its own stock market quantification [CREATED]
America becomes an irradiated area, Washington moved the Resilience Aircraft Carrier [CREATED]
The West of Russia becomes uninhabitable and the population takes refuge in Siberia [CREATED]
Discovery of DNA [UNCHANGED]
Surrender of Western forces [CREATED]
The Pact of Paris, on nuclear disarmament, is torn apart by the Russian authorities [CREATED]
Truman becomes the 1st communist president of America [CREATED]
The Proletarian Spring modernizes all of South East Asia and Vietnam, which becomes workers' paradise [CHANGED]
Voyna flight, nuclear launch platform in orbit [CHANGED]
Invention of the microchip [UNCHANGED]
Diffusion of the contraceptive pill [UNCHANGED]
Connection of humanity to the great galactic internet [CHANGED]
The stock system shares the solar system [CREATED]
Destruction of Voyna by the Appolo mission - Beginning of space wars [CREATED]
China now owns 51% of the moon and begins a space program to conquer [CREATED]
Pax Atomica: Europe forcibly imposes a peace treaty between East and West [CREATED]
Thanks to the Galactic Wikipedia, humanity is building a large ship to colonize Proxima of the Centaur [CREATED]
American takeover bid to buy all the Chinese, to reclaim the moon [CREATED]
Israel installs a base on the Great Ball of Cheops [CREATED]
South Africa accepts the liberation of slaves for good behavior [CHANGED]
Neo-comic reborn through television series [CREATED]
The Big Ball of Cheops is destroyed by a Turkish bombardment [CREATED]
Fat Gerkhin, 1st extraterrestrial tourist, arrives on earth [CREATED]
Launch of the Earth 2 space program, to flee an increasingly irradiated earth [CREATED]
Al Qaida destroys the Karl Marx towers of the workers' city of Manhattan [CHANGED]
1st laughter from neo-comic series [CREATED]
Bill Gates owns 51% of humanity and 32% of the solar system [CREATED]
International bloody wars of the series [CREATED]

MediHarj wrote:They're our enemy btw

Not mine tho
I like his energy

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