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WA Delegate: The Federal Republic of Tanzanique (elected )

Founder: The Republic of Afro Founder

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Bonjour, hujambo, and welcome to the 17th year of Africa!

Please note that all WA nations are REQUIRED to endorse the current delegate, Tanzanique!

We encourage those who wish to be more connected with the community to join the new and renovated discord server!

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We are not currently taking map requests at this time.

Last Delegate Election: April 1-5th, 2020

Next Delegate Election: October 1-5th, 2020

Sister Regions: North AfricaWest AfricaCentral AfricaEast AfricaSouth Africa

Proud founding member of the Assembly of Regions.

AoR Discord: Link-link-

💧 Bless the Rains 💧

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    The Constitution of Africa

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    Africa Role Play Map (Being edited)

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    2020 Founder's Day Culture Contest Results

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    Operation: Rain Drop

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    Congressional Proposal Template

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Regional Power: Moderate

Africa contains 132 nations, the 126th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Developed in Africa

The World Census compiles a "Human Development Index" by measuring citizens' average life expectancy, education, and income.

As a region, Africa is ranked 6,034th in the world for Most Developed.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of ZimbeziaCivil Rights Lovefest“Uhuru na Umoja”
2.The Union of ChungilioCivil Rights Lovefest“Moving Forward in Unity.”
3.The Absolute Fascistic Monarchy of PtolemaiciaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“No matter what, the matter is sins forgot Fabulous”
4.The Solar Empire of Sar-AksumDemocratic Socialists“Justice, Honor, Tolerance, Equity”
5.The Constitutional Monarchy of West AngolaLeft-wing Utopia“Strength through peace.”
6.The Republic of Lower NubiaNew York Times Democracy“Heirs of St. Anthony”
7.The Dreadlocked Free Market of MosoloLeft-Leaning College State“Whatsoever Thou Soweth, Thou Shalt Reap”
8.The Republic of A z a n i aNew York Times Democracy“Unity in Diversity”
9.The Prison Loving Warriors of Klingon EmpyreIron Fist Consumerists“Cry Havoc!”
10.The PeoplesRevolutionaryRepublic of MambengaIron Fist Consumerists“Révolution par le peuple et pour le peuple”
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Regional Happenings


Africa Regional Message Board

The Homeland League now has opened a server so that all who vote for the Homeland League can also have a say in the party.

We hope you will give the Homeland League your vote as a vote for the Homeland League is a vote for all of AoR.

Our Party Plateform

Homeland League

Platform: The Homeland League, seeing it as our duty to protect the rights and powers of the regions composing the AOR, advocate just that, regional sovereignty. In times in the recent past, the AOR, established as an alliance, not a union, had been gradually expanding its authority over the sovereign governments of its unique and independent member regions. We oppose this, especially the course on which this is merely the first step. That course leads to Federalism, which we fear will warp the AOR from a good, and just association of free regions, based on mutual respect and friendship, into a corrosive and tyrannical superstate which will sign into law the destruction of the identities of tens of unique regions. Thus, the center point of our platform is the prevention of any federalization of the AOR, and the containment of its power over member regions to those absolutely necessary to maintain cooperation and order among member regions, and to foster friendship between said regions. In regards to non-AOR issues, Homeland League advocates social conservatism, and conservatism in general, believing that traditions, social norms, and culture all lead to a generally happier, more stable society. A society in touch with its roots and soul is a society for the better. We also advocate nationalism among regions and in the real world. The AOR should be a free alliance and association of proud regions who respect one another as well as themselves, and seek cooperation and friendship. This is central to our model. We do not want a tyrannical and destructive federation, or a weak and meaningless council that exists for flavor alone. We seek an alliance of regions, firm in friendship, and grounded in respect for the regions themselves, and their compatriots. Of course, this is very different from the isolationist anarchism of what was once the Regionalist Party, as we seek maintenance of close bonds among member regions, cooperation between the AOR as a whole in military and diplomatic affairs when appropriate, and an AOR government that will work to these ends without trampling on regions' freedoms. Additionally, with the topic of parties fresh off the tongue, we absolutely support the prevention of partisan bickering and party politics rising as a dominating factor in AOR politics. If the dream of a free, prosperous, and coordinated AOR is to be achieved, it must have a functional and symbiotic political machine. In fact, while federalism is our greatest enemy, we view partisan polarism as a far more disgusting opponent. Polarism along partisan lines would be a severe detriment to the AOR as a free association, and it would be even more of a threat in a federation.

In essence, the policies and ideology advocated by the Homeland League are as follows:


Regional Sovereignty

Social Conservatism (and conservatism as a whole)


Friendship initiatives among AOR members

Multi-partisan cooperation to achieve virtuous ends

Responsible and transparent government

Representation and pursuit of the interests of member regions

These are our core tenets. We seek an Assembly that is powerful in its limitations, and remarkable for its responsible governance.


Chairman: Prussian Mittleafrika

Members: LadyMorrighan, Selven, Xenhe Lous, Skyonder, Christian Confederation

Read factbook

If you support having direct elections for the Chancellor of the AoR, please sign this petition

Ptolemaicia wrote:Alloy to all An' be ye fair, I'm a New Fascist Imperialist state here to colonize your African lands. It will be my pleasure to meet and greet you with good Ptolemaician Cultural ideals, as while with all you Communist with war and extermination

Sar Aksum will oppose any anti communist action within this great region.

Electoral Results for July 2020

Congratulations to all parties and groups running in the elections. You can find the results of this vote below in both English and German:


United Global Democrats: 36.02% (9 Seats)
Green Peace Party: 25.47% (6 Seats)
Reformist Party: 16.15% (4 Seats)
Homeland League: 9.94% (2 Seats)
New Democracy: 8.07% (2 Seats)
Wolf (Independent): 1.86% (0 Seats)
Regionalists: 1.2% (0 Seats)
Levantx (Independent): 1.2% (0 Seats)

161 Valid Votes Cast

If any of you want to become a member of the House for any of the political parties, you can telegram me!

Atar Accords

The Socialists and Berber Government have allowed for a landslide treaty allowing for borders to be adjusted and to allow future treaties for both factions


Sargeron is a fast growing city in Karnatania it is the capital and by far largest city recently its growth has brought it closer to the largest city in Africa by population and just as the Atar Accords were signed the city reached 20M with celebration all over the union. The war is over with the Sargeron agreement the Socialist maintain their party but must give all guns to the Sahnari defense force which is weak. Elections will begin soon

Hello everyone!

We understand the need of the AoR to begin its outreach to the NS site. We have, therefore, began roleplay activity on the NS site. In this RP, all citizens of the Assembly of Regions may participate (meaning this region!) So please get involved! We would love to see you posting on the AoR RMB on roleplay posts. If you are interested in other aspects of the AoR, such as politics or administration, you can join the discord or read through our website.

Discord Link:
NS Region: Assembly of Regions


Sar-Aksum wrote:Sar Aksum will oppose any anti communist action within this great region.

Lmao well you definitely failed at that but go ahead I want to see


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