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Gavierland wrote:The government of Gavierland is alarmed by the growing activities of piracy in the region have decided to also join the anti - piracy coalition for it believes that peace in the waters of its brother states is essential to the development of the region.

why india is intervening on OUR business

Gavierland wrote:Gavierland through the Yellow Path Initiative would like to seek permission from the government of Trideset Prvi Hercegovka Krajisnici to fund this project.

What is this path?

Trideset Prvi Hercegovka Krajisnici wrote:What is this path?

It is a developmental policy by the government to improve infrastructure in the region . I'm currently working on a factbook for it.

Gavierland wrote:It is a developmental policy by the government to improve infrastructure in the region . I'm currently working on a factbook for it.

Is it a loan?

Trideset Prvi Hercegovka Krajisnici wrote:Is it a loan?

Kind of like barter trade in exchange companies in my country will get access to your market.

Gavierland wrote:Kind of like barter trade in exchange companies in my country will get access to your market.

Which markets? Also we do not take loans from foreign countries or banks.
Usury is illegal in our lands.

Treaty: The Start of Augustoritumian and Mesothallanian Relations
Nation(s): Republic of Augustoritum, United States of Mesothallania
Date: Thursday, June 30, 2022 (irl Gregorian Calendar)

Treaty: The Start of Augustoritumian and Mesothallanian Relations
Nation(s): Republic of Augustoritum, United States of Mesothallania
Date: Thursday, June 30, 2022 (irl Gregorian Calendar)

Read factbook

Title: Not a Drop to Drink; Only Leader Could Go To Dàguó; Any Body for Science?; Museums: Thing of the Past?; Feeling Down
Nation(s): United States of Mesothallania
Date: Thursday, June 30, 2022 (irl Gregorian Calendar)

The Issue:
Mesothallania has been hit with the worst drought in a hundred years; as a result, thirsty citizens and a growing number of brown lawns are pleading for a government response.

The Debate:
Earl Mealor, a local chief of the Department of Public Works, proposed rationing water; Kate Stephenson, a local senator, proposed importing water.

The Verdict:
As this is becoming a national emergency, it has been decided that the United States will both implement water rationing and import water from foreign nations until water is no longer scarce.

The Talking Point:
Almost all of the nation’s water is piped into the country from abroad for exorbitant prices.

Recent Headlines:
Wage Rises Put Spring In Step, Money In Pocket
Teen Builds Working Deep Space Exploration Rocket
Economists Bullish on Mesothallanian Economy
Jobless Numbers Grow

Trends Expected to Rise (in no particular order):
Scientific Advancement, Economic Output, Average Income, Taxation, Food Quality, Intelligence, Average Disposable Income, Ideological Radicality
Trends Expected to Fall (in no particular order):
Tourism, Environmental Beauty, Employment, Industry: Trout Fishing

The Issue:
The Holy Emperor of a militaristic and isolationist nation has invited a Mesothallanian delegation to his palace for a state dinner in an attempt to warm decades of frosty relations.

The Debate:
Admiral Caesar de Calamari objected to the state visit, fearing an assassination attempt; presidential chef proposed inviting the Holy Emperor to Mesothallania instead; Professor Lysander Silva expressed favor for the diplomatic state dinner.

The Verdict:
The United States of Mesothallania will always welcome the opportunity to engage in diplomacy.

The Talking Point:
Relations with the Holy Emperor have warmed from frosty to chilly.

Recent Headlines:
Military Base Converted To Well-Defended Retirement Village
Government A True Role Model, Parents Say
Cultural Groups Celebrate Growing Acceptance

Trends Expected to Rise (in no particular order):
Food Quality, Inclusiveness, Pacifism
Trends Expected to Fall (in no particular order):
Defense Forces

The Issue:
A group of Mesothallanian scientists have advocated loosening ethical regulations to allow scientists to perform research with live human test subjects.

The Debate:
Dr. Nikita Mengele advocated for less government intervention in medical research and development; Agatha Merkel, ex-patient of Dr. Mengele, called for fully detailed consent forms; Dmitri Strange, doctor who lost his license due to malpractice, proposed compensating all test subjects and volunteers.

The Verdict:
Patients have the right to know what will occur in any treatments, studies, etc. they undergo.

The Talking Point:
The consent form for routine blood pressure measurement has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

Recent Headlines:
Civil Rights Activists: Now We’re Getting Somewhere
Paper Factory Built Too Close To Match Factory, Coroner Rules
Queueing Citizens Praise Departmental Fairness
Two Stabbed In Parking Dispute

Trends Expected to Rise (in no particular order):
Civil Rights, Taxation, Safety, Government Size, Average Income, Economic Output, Employment
Trends Expected to Fall (in no particular order):
Tourism, Human Development Index, Industry: Trout Fishing, Pacifism, Intelligence, Average Disposable Income, Social Conservatism, Ideological Radicality, Authoritarianism, Public Education, Corruption, Scientific Advancement

The Issue:
A televised news exposé on the public’s shocking ignorance of national history was almost thwarted when journalist Murray Shafer couldn’t find any visitors to interview at a Museum of History. The report instead aired as a folksy monologue.

The Debate:
Jadzia Lopez, recently-graduated psychologist, proposed making museums more interactive; Mowgli Shiomi, self-proclaimed aristocrat, called for increased funding for adult education; Stella Belcher, local, petitioned to rebuild out-of-date museums; Belinda Griffin, local troublemaker, protested to tear down all museums.

The Verdict:
The United States government will heed the suggestions of Mrs. Lopez, Mr. Shioi, and Mrs. Belcher.

The Talking Point:
The Gallery of Instasnap is the most popular museum in the country.

Recent Headlines:
Popular Sitcom To End
Paying Taxes Like Giving Mesothallania A Big Hug, Official Says
Comedy, Drama Rule Boc Office As Action Flicks Fail
“Plague of Locusts” Discovered To Be Just Fog

Trends Expected to Rise (in no particular order):
Industry: Retail, Business Subsidization, Food Quality, Tourism, Culture, Intelligence, Economic Output, Government Size, Average Income, Average Disposable Income, Taxation, Pacifism
Trends Expected to Fall (in no particular order):
Employment, Industry: Trout Fishing, Weather, Charmlessness

The Issue:
Tragedy struck when commercial airline pilot Gerald Holt deliberately crashed his airplane into a mountain, causing the death of the 416 passengers and 12 crew on board. Afterwards, a medical report was leaked to the press revealing that the pilot had been declared “unfit for work” and suicidal by his doctor, but had failed to report this information to his employer.

The Debate:
The pilot’s brother demanded that pilots should be obliged to undergo regular mental evaluations and if someone is deemed unstable, the doctor should be required to report this to the aviation authorities; an unnamed representative from the Federation Union of Commercial United Pilots called for better wages, more sociable hours, and more paid downtime between flights; Lisa Peña, CEO of budget airline EasyBlues, scolded the union rep and simply said to keep both pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit at all times.

The Verdict:
After an exhaustive investigation, it has been decided that mental health professionals may report a pilot in the event they pose a great danger to themselves and/or others, pilots shall have more time between flights to rest and recover, and national aviation standards will require the pilot and co-pilot to be in the cockpit at all times; newly-constructed planes will now come with a lavatory that is directly-accessible from the cockpit.

The Talking Point:
Pilots always remember to send their doctors a winter Holiday card.

Recent Headlines:
Citizens Smile, Cheer Government Officials
Mesothallanians Soak Up Super Summer
Banana Sales Curve Upward
Flush With Cash? Our Shopping Guide Inside

Trends Expected to Rise (in no particular order):
Health, Public Healthcare, Authoritarianism, Niceness, Ideological Radicality, Food Quality, Weather, Social Conservatism, Cheerfulness, Lifespan, Tourism, Taxation, Pacifism, Government Size, Income Equality, Human Development Index, Average Income, Economic Output, Safety, Employment
Trends Expected to Fall (in no particular order):
Indsutry: Trout Fishing, Obesity, Charmlessness, Average Disposable Income, Intelligence, Recreational Drug Use, Economy, Economic Freedom, Nudity, Weaponization, Civil Rights

Dogiona wrote:why india is intervening on OUR business

That's because India Based.

Deployment of Forces
As part of Kirinyagaa's Anti Piracy Coalition Operations, the Kirinyagaa Navy has deployed 3 fleets to the Somalian Coast for patrolling and taking down the pirates. The forces have also been accompanied by 4 independent Bombers moving in a circular path through the four sides.

New Factbook: Trade and Tourism

Voting Forms for AfroVision has been sent to the participants via telegram, please check them and submit before July 5th 2022.

Participants yet to vote: Mombombu, Lower Nubia, Mesothallania, Cobra Sahara, South caprivi, New Cowley, Outremer Latin, Kankundo, Vinland-Riki, Democratic algerie, Republic of Animalia, United republic cape of the palms, Gavierland.


Hujambo! Welcome to the first ever edition of Africa's own song contest, AfroVision! Similar to the famed Eurovision song contest from the fake world out there, we are here to chose the best musicals from the whole of Africa! What are you waiting for, let's signup today itself!

June 22 - June 27 : Sign-ups
June 28 - July 2 : Voting
July 3 / July 4 : Results

Signup Form:
Nation Name:
Artist (NS):
Link to Song:
Artist (RL):

Instructions for Sign-ups:
Fill the above form with your nation name (first), your artist's name (second, this is a fictional character), link to the song (third, preferably link from YouTube), Real life Artist's name (Fourth, the real singer/composer). After filling the form as instructed, send them to the host Kirinyagaa through Telegrams or DM them in discord in their ID, Indusse#2211.

Instructions for Voting:
After the closure of the Sign-ups, the host will telegram every participant with the voting form. The participant then has to fill the form before the deadline. A participant is not allowed to vote for themselves in the voting form. If this happens, then the participant is considered disqualified.



Artist (IC)

Song - Artist (OOC)



Simon Mbawatini

LinkAfrica - TOTO


New Cowley

Louise Anne Calderón Blanchard

LinkSólo El Amor Duele Así - Kaia Lana




LinkGangsta's Paradise - Coolio


Lower Nubia

Losef Massoud

LinkDown Under - Men at Work


South caprivi


LinkMaster KG Ft. Nomcebo



Bari Shakaradi

LinkCheerleader - OMI


United republic cape of the palms


LinkLa Isla Bonita - Madonna

English - Spanish

Cobra Sahara

Airat Al-Suhut Sadfan Tayam

Link Resistance Song - Unknown


Republic of Animalia

The Eye of Terra

LinkEarth Song - A.L.E.K.S


Democratic algerie


LinkYa Rayah - Rachid Taha



The Yuna Vampires

LinkLay All Your Love On Me - ABBA



Harald Foss

LinkVed Stanford Brua - Harald Foss


Outremer Latin


LinkDie Eisenfaust am Lanzenschafth - Unknown



Tabletom Kat

LinkBohemian Rhapsody - Panic! At the Disco [Original by Queen]


Results: Top 5 Artists

Outremer Latin
22 Points!

22 Points!

Cobra Sahara
22 Points!

and finally our champion, with a big margin is....
44 Points!

Commiserations to the rest participants, please note "coin flip" was used at the state of draw.

Bless the Rains!
Read dispatch

New American-Canadian Amazon, Kankundo, and United republic cape of the palms

Post self-deleted by Kankundo.

After negotiations between Gavierland and Fimgobia permission has been granted to the Gavierian government by the Fimgobian government to go ahead with its plan to build the Accra International Airport in Accra(the capital) as part of The Yellow Path Initiative. Land for this project will be provided by the Fimgobian government while the project itself will be funded and constructed by the Gavierian government.The Gavierian government will also pay compensation to the people who will be displaced as a result of this through Gavierland Aid.

Banning of Smoking Tattos Weed and more!
Recently a new set of laws bundled into the name of Laws against Public Indecency was passed through the Legistlative, deemed constitutional by the Judicial and will be enforced by the Executive. The goverment is cracking down on "Sodomy and Illicit activies" it will also increase funding for schools to teach young kids the errors of doing drugs and smoking and more.

Republic of India

Increasing Amphibious Capabilities

Indian Navy have recently ordered 10 Shardul Class Landing Ship Tanks for 500M USD to improve its Amphibious Capabilities.

The Refashion of Kankundo's Flag


Abarah A'nham Ip, the supreme head of state has told their vice governmental applies to change their
confederation's flag, as Kankundo held its last show of hands / referendum yesterday.
To leave the barriers of the current flag, to head north to see everyone who desposed about
the new referendum they are concern of encompass.


The vice president of Kankundo, acknowledged with a slightly various sighting with: قد يسقط استفتاءنا مرة أخرى، الأقلية التي كانت مكافئة بالفعل حتى اليوم، وقد يحترق هذا الاستفتاء نحو الأرض، حتى شعب بوساسو. "Our referendum might just, just fall again, the minority already equivalented up to the day, this plebiscite might burn towards the ground, even the people of Bosaso.", Thinking the plebiscite might go horribly incorrect.


Just about the choice begun, a big chunk of people voted that they should authorize the referendum, about 67% Voted for the activity.
إذا لم يدفعوا المسؤولين التنفيذيين لدينا، فإن الإشارة الرسمية إلى الاختيار بين مرشحين أو أكثر أو مسارات العمل، التي يتم التعبير عنها عادة من خلال الاقتراع أو رفع الأيدي، يمكن أن تكون غير صحيحة بشكل لا يصدق. التعبير الرسمي عن الرأي أو النية المتفق عليه من قبل هيئة تشريعية أو اجتماع رسمي آخر، عادة بعد التصويت. "If they don't barrel our executives, then a formal indication of a choice between two or more candidates or courses of action, expressed typically through a ballot or a show of hands could go incredibly incorrect. a formal expression of opinion or intention agreed on by a legislative body or other formal meeting, typically after taking the vote." a general vote by the electorate on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision.


After a long period of time equal to a twenty-fourth part of a day and night and divided into 60 minutes, the election would end with the president used to express a wish to follow a particular course of action: Voting.
تم تغيير العلم ، وتم الحصول على استفتاءنا أو تأمينه نتيجة لمنافسة أو صراع أو رهان أو مقاطعات أخرى مسعى. تم التصويت لجميع سكان أكشاك الانتخابات الخاصة بنسبة 85٪ من الحلفاء! "The flag has been changed, our referendum has been acquired or secured as a result of a contest, conflict, bet, or other endeavor provinces. All the inhabitants of the particular election booths has been voted for allied 85%!"


The Flag of Kankundo has been changed. You can see it on my page or just beside this comment.
How much do you like my flag, reply if you want!

- Kankundo

Lower Nubia, Indusians, Gavierland, and Southwest african republics

The Zimbabwe Republic Police's Special Branch in cooperation with the Zimbabwe Air Force has commenced an anti smuggling and counterterrorist operation near the village of Chingwena in the district of Mudzi citing security irregularities. Offenders shall be apprehended, placed on trial, and if convicted handed over to the Zimbabwe Prison Service to serve their sentence as passed down by the local court.

Hello everyone, I came here to find out how things are, what happened to the war, how are things going?

Both Kankundo and New Cowley have signed contracts with Gavierland and thus are now part of the Yellow Path Initiative .Gavierland Aid will build a two-lane 300km highway in New Cowley to connect two of its towns while a deep sea port will be built in Kankundo to serve the nation and its landlocked neighbours.All details will be found in the Yellow Path Initiative factbook.

Gavierland wrote:Both Kankundo and New Cowley have signed contracts with Gavierland and thus are now part of the Yellow Path Initiative .Gavierland Aid will build a 300km road in New Cowley to connect two of its towns while a deep sea port will be built in Kankundo to serve the nation and its landlocked neighbours.All details will be found in the Yellow Path Initiative factbook.

An interesting and rather useful idea for creating roads, yet this is the main thing, because there are huge opportunities in Africa! I am extremely happy with this news.

I came to check your affairs, I wish you success and prosperity, my friends!

New American-Canadian Amazon wrote:Hello everyone, I came here to find out how things are, what happened to the war, how are things going?

Hujambo! I hope you enjoyed your short stay in Africa. :)

Lower Nubia wrote:Hujambo! I hope you enjoyed your short stay in Africa. :)

For the sake of any help, I am ready to come here, even for a short time, even for a long time.

Since I am no longer a Homeland Officer, I have one suggestion. Why doesn't our region open embassies for countries?

Reconnaissance in the Gulf of Aden, 1st July, 2022

"The LNS Ben Amer, and her accompanying patrol vessels, have rendezvoused with the Republic of India's (Indusians) support fleet 50 km's north of Socotra - and specifically their command vessel for this mission, the INS Kochi (Destroyer). We can confirm that both parties are ramping up patrols in the region: moving westward through the Gulf of Aden and then as far north as Dahlak before returning south-east. Along this route patrols will be identifying potential raiders and acts of piracy along the coastline at a safe distance, however, and if need be, will engage directly potential threats to international shipping. The current route will begin with hotspots of the Yemeni coastline, including the ports of Ghaydah, Mukalla, Aden, and Hudaydah, which have been observed previously by the LNS Ben Amer's last two month mission as a potential supply stop for raider vessels. These checks will be conducted randomly along the journey so as not to be predictable.

The Ministry of Defence is hoping this will deter future piracy, and that working together with other nations will further add pressure to these antagonistic groups to cease their illicit activities."

- Minister of Defence, Antonious Bisharin, at a press conference in Napata.

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