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Alteri Earth is a region centered around serious modern-era roleplay in an alternate history world. Here you can create your own nation and join our vibrant and active community as you make a place for yourself on the world stage, build relationships, form alliances, or even wage war against a bitter enemy. The world of Alteri is yours to discover and create!

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Autokratoria ton Rhomaion
Indika Epikrateia

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Indika Epikrateia


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    Map of Alteri Earth

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    Regional Constitution

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    The Complete List of NSCodes

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Alteri Earth contains 10 nations, the 1,313th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Welfare Programs in Alteri Earth

Governments ranked highly spend the most on social welfare programs. Nations ranked low tend to have weak or non-existent government welfare.

As a region, Alteri Earth is ranked 7,493rd in the world for Largest Welfare Programs.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of Nomadian EmpireInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For the Emperor of Flames, I give my Undying Loyalty!”
2.The Republic of CalaficaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Eureka!”
3.The Commonwealth of The Confederation Of ScandinaviaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Together we are stronger”
4.The Dominion of Indika EpikrateiaNew York Times Democracy“We are the Shield”
5.The Unionis Vicagian of KrestriaAuthoritarian Democracy“United and Strong”
6.The Empire of Autokratoria ton RhomaionInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Cross of Christ bestow grace on the Christians”
7.The Republic of The IslasukaakatCorporate Bordello“Strength Through Freedom”
8.The Empire of The Greater Germanic ReichDemocratic Socialists“We Will Endure”
9.The Republic of Snowylanian MittelafrikaCapitalist Paradise“Peace and Justice”
10.The Empire of J-apanCapitalizt“The sun will rise over a glorious Japanese empire!”

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Alteri Earth Regional Message Board

Shion, HD
July 31st, 22.36 PM

???: The equipment?

???: Right here.

???: Have you tested it?

???: Ehm, no, not exactly. They just came in today, I haven't had the time.

???: You utter idiot! How could we go with possibly faulty equipment?

???: Jesus, you don't have to yell man! Fine. We'll test it.


???: What the - Dan? DAN! SOMEBODY CALL AN AMBULANCE! Don't die on me Danny. We're gonna fix this.

Akureyri Iceland

Ilduke would fiddle with her pistol in her hand thinking about the current situation at hand. Just days ago this small city was a completely peaceful normal community. Now it was under occupation of the IRA and being attacked by the Jaeger Corps.

“So Ilduke you ready?” Olav would give her a smile

“I’m ready but I don’t want to be.” She would remark as they would prepare to cross buildings.

“Well too bad.” Olav would snicker.

The rest of the men would begin to ready their weapons, reloading and cocking them. They would all begin to exit the building quietly crossing over to the next one. Ilduke would be the last to exit. In the darkness of night she would look around a gleaming light catching her eye.

“SNIPER GET DOWN!” She would yell.


A bullet would whiz by the men. Some of them would dart in the nearby building the rest taking cover.

“IRA incoming.” One of the soldiers would yell.

“Prepare for a fight boys!” Olav would scream.

The IRA and Jaeger Corps would exchange fire at each other. The IRA would sustain heavy casualties in the fight eventually retreating. The remaining Jaeger Corps would go into the building. Locking and barring the door.

“Well they’re on to us now get in the basement.” One of the men would say.

The remaining 5-6 soldiers would go down into the basement.

Moments later they would hear a thud noise and then a bang on the basement door. One of the Jaeger Soldiers would aim his rifle at the door touching down on the trigger.


The man behind the door would fall but all the sudden a hissing noise would be heard as a firework would blast through the door.

“FIRECRACKERS GET DOWN” Ilduke would yell.

Men would storm down into the basement, colorful streams of sparks dancing alongside the gunfire as a man would charge Ilduke with a knife. She would shoot him but not before receiving a blow to her side with the knife falling down. Attempting to get back up she would be rammed in the side of the head with a rifle, falling unconscious.

Several Hours Later

Ilduke would wake up in a pile of her own blood looking at the bodies of her fallen comrades, spotting Olav’s corpse.

A small tear would form in her eye. “Always happens to the best of us..”

She would crawl over to Olav’s radio picking it up, getting on the channel.

Red fox clearing for artillery strike, over.

“Coast is clear for launch, over.”

Ilduke would smile closing her eyes knowing in the coming minutes both her and this damned city would be blown to hell.

Hamburg Reformatory, Germany

A black SUV pulled up to the front of the reformatory. As it stopped, out stepped a uniformed officer who approached the facility. When he reached the front of the building, he was greeted by two guards who asked for identification.

"I'm here on orders from Deputy Fuhrer Dietrich and speak with the authority of his office. Stand down and take me to the warden of this facility."

"Right and the Fuhrer's wife is my mistress. Identification, now."

The officer pulled out a phone and proceeded to dial a number. After a few moments of it ringing, he handed the phone to one of the guards. The guard held the phone to his ear for only a moment before his expression changed, he swallowed hard and nodded, simply saying "Yes sir." before handing the phone back to the officer. The guard then looked at his partner and nodded slightly. The two then turned and opened the door to the facility with the first guard going in first, followed by the SS officer and then finally the other guard.

The trio made their way through the reformatory, passing by countless cells, most of them empty for the time. After a brief walk through the building, they finally made their way to the warden's office. The officer didn't waste time, simply opening the door and showing himself in."

"What is the meaning of this? You can't just barge in here!" Upon inspection of the officer's uniform, the warden said, "The SS no longer has authority to operate on German soil after the 2001 treaty."

The officer shut the door and walked up to the warden's desk, "I come on behalf of the Deputy Fuhrer, authorization code Delta-Zulu-3-3-Niner." The warden nodded as he mentally processed the code before taking a seat, offering the officer do the same. "What can I do for a representative of the Deputy Fuhrer?" The officer remained standing as he offered his response; "You are hereby ordered to resume any and all efforts to carry out Operation: Final Solution." The warden's face went blank and his pigment nearly went pale as a ghost.

"I can't do that..."

"Are you refusing a direct order from the Deputy Fuhrer?"

"Those actions have been declared illegal by the Fuhrer himself!"

"The Fuhrer is not well. Should anything happen, I would assume that you would want to be on the right side of history no? Certainly your family would want you to be on the right side of history. What's your daughter's name again? Helena? Just turned 5 years old yesterday."

"You stay the fu*k away from my family!"

"Choose your next words carefully Herr Warden."

"...We will have the chambers operational by the end of the day."

With that, the officer curled his mouth into a smirk, giving a slight nod and the standard salute, uttering "Hail Hitler". The warden meekly returned the salute. After that the officer turned to show himself out.

The Consul's Office, Atlantia

"Adrian, you are the consul of Vicagia, you should know better than veto the deactivation of most of the military, we have no active threats, and the terrorist groups have been destroyed." Said a senator, who was in the pacifist faction.

"Our threats are here, haven't you looked to the west? The South? They're not threatening our interests yet, but its better to be prepared than not." He was tired of the Doves, the faction in the senate that wanted to deactivate the military.

"Even if they will be threats in the future, we can easily remobilise by conscripting men. The Military is expensive to upkeep, perhaps we could spare some money by deactivating it until further notice." The senator said.

"Even if we can remobilise easily, it's better to have trained troops rather than conscripted, unexperienced, soldiers. Our security would be low, and you can't train soldiers in just a day." Adrian said.

"The V.I.S.D. can handle all of our security, they are trained and very much prepared to handle an attack by other nations." The senator said.

"Do you think this is a joke?" Adrian's would become more visibly angry "The V.I.S.D is smaller than the military, even if they could hold they can't for long, now get out of my damned office." Adrian would say.

"Fine, you'll regret this." The senator said.

The senator would get out of Adrian's office.

Emperor’s Office, Capitol Building, Tokyo

The Emperor is sitting behind a desk at the far end of a medium sized room painted in a dark maroon color. The Emperor’s mood matches the atmosphere of the dimly lit room, mellow and brooding as he flips through a too-large book absently, foot tapping on the marble floor. He looks up as the door opens in front of him and a tall, lanky man appears in the doorway. The Emperor stands as the figure makes his way cautiously towards the desk, eyeing the Emperor reverently.

“Ah, Nemura, finally. Difficulties finding the office?” The Emperor’s tone is conversational, but the man before him picks up a slight accusatory edge and bows quickly, hoping to diffuse the situation. He is ten minutes late.

“My apologies, Your Majesty. Traffic today is suffocating- I could hardly get from the industrial park to-”

The Emperor gives Nemura a silencing look. “It’s no matter now. You’re here, and I believe your opinion would be valuable in my assessment of a matter of… Some urgency.”

“Your Majesty, I-”

“I was sorry to hear about your father, by the way.” The Emperor adds.”I was sorry to hear about his passing.”

“Thank you, Your-”

“He was a friend to me in a time when they were too few. Ah, loyalty is a fickle and precious thing, Nemura. Your family has been a bastion of the crown for many years.” The Emperor traps Nemura with his gaze.

“Of course, Your Majesty. The Ito family’s ties with the crown run deep.”Nemura says, clearly flustered.

“Indeed they do.” The Emperor narrows his eyes in thought for a moment before smiling and looking down at the open book laying before him. “Well, I suppose we should get to business.”

Nemura hesitates before nodding awkwardly, unsure of how to properly respond.“You wanted to- to- You wanted my opinion on...”

The Emperor looks back up at Nemura with a somewhat bemused expression. “Yes, your opinion on how the Peers would react to… Well, I’m planning to send in the military to help solve the situation in Manchuria. To aid the transition, if you will.”


“Yes, to relocate the families of the involved farmers. Most of those farms are government property; why should these people be allowed to live there and not work? I’ll use the shelters that are left over from my father’s time to house them and we can find people who are willing to work and hand the farms over to them. Then we let the people left in the shelters go.”

“My apologies if I’m speaking out of turn, Your Majesty, but displacing these people from their homes is hardly any better than-”

“Nemura, you are one of 51 Peers.”The Emperor’s tone is icy.

“Of course, my apologies. I’d imagine a few would take issue with the order, but I’m sure you’d have majority support from the House of Peers. The Nagita and Ohishi families might oppose it, given their, ah, interests in the Manchurian agriculture industry- Wouldn’t want the shakeup, I’d say. Representative Saito would most likely oppose it, but-”

“But he opposes anything I do… Ah, what I would give to remove him. In any case, thank you Nemura, you may go.”

Nemura blinks, startled by the abruptness of the dismissal.“Th-thank you, Your Majesty.”Nemura says and stays, clearly waiting for an opportunity to speak again.

“Do you have something else to say?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”Nemura speaks quickly, then winces as he realizes his stupidity.

The Emperor, growing impatient, speaks curtly.”Well, spit it out.”

“Yes, Yo- I mean to say, I have information that... That there’s a member of the house, Your Majesty, a member- no, a leader of the Freedom Party who is growing displeased with the way they’re operating, and…”

The Emperor is clearly interested now.”Go on.”

“And he would like a meeting with you, Your Majesty, to discuss possible cooperation.”

“Thank you Nemura, I’ll look into it. You’ve given me some valuable information today… I’m certain you’ll be an exemplary member of the House, just like your father.”

Nemura barely hides a smile as he bows and turns to leave.”Thank you, Your Majesty.”

IASA launches BREEZE (Bioinspired Ray for Extreme Environments and Zonal Exploration)

As space exploration marches onward, IASA has announced that it plans a deep study of the atmosphere of Earth's closest twin Venus. Unveiling a mock-up model of it's latest project called the Bioinspired Ray for Extreme Environments and Zonal Exploration or BREEZE for short, BREEZE is an inflatable robotic flier inspired by ray fish that would float and glide through the upper layers of the atmosphere of Venus at 50 to 60 km (31 to 37 mi) in altitude. It would be solar powered and be able to vary its altitude through the use of tensioning cables to alter the volume of the craft. According to the project leads, the BREEZE craft would be able to use the zonal winds like jet streams to circumnavigate the planet in four to six days – charging up on the 2-3 days on the day side and exploring the night side. Instruments carried could include mass spectrometer, nephelometer, visible and near-infrared high resolution cameras, magnetometer, and anemometer, as well as sensors for measuring atmospheric pressure, temperature, and density, and others. Also revealed is what IASA is calling Power Beaming for Long Life Venus Surface Missions. Aimed at exploration of Venus, the Power Beaming study will look at providing electricity to Venus surface missions. In this an "atmospheric platform" (a balloon) would be mounted with solar panels, batteries, and a radio frequency or microwave transmitter. The balloon would float in the upper layers of the Venusian atmosphere, where the sunlight would charge the batteries.

Once the batteries are charged, the balloon would sink into the lower atmosphere, where the opaque clouds prevent surface landers from using their own solar panels for energy. The balloon's transmitter would then beam energy to a lander, which is equipped with special rechargeable, high-temperature molten salt or solid electrolyte batteries, or a solid oxide regenerative fuel cell system that can survive the surface temperatures of Venus that are high enough to melt lead. The balloon would then ascend and repeat the process.


Tewynblustri, Kernow Province

14:00 August 11th, a scheduled Alt-Right Cornish protest begins, carrying Cornish flags & singing Cornish patriotic songs, police immediately arrive and block Cornish protesters from advancing.
14:40 August 11th, What was peaceful, quickly turns into a riot, a Cornish protester throws a makeshift grenade at the officers, 3 are killed & 8 are injured.
14:50 August 11th, Fighting breaks out between now rioters & the police, Cornish nationalists go in apartment buildings and shoot any guards inside, they go to higher floors and shoot at the officers from above.
15:10 August 11th, Martial law is declared in the Kernow province, casualties on both sides reach 100+ as fighting continues.
15:30 August 11th, Prime Minister Isaksen orders the military garrison from Pennsans to go to Tewynblustri.
15:50 August 11th, Cornish rebellion leader Myrmen Treneer declares the Cornish National Government, Tewynblustri falls to the CNG.
16:00 August 11th, Prime Minister Isaksen declares the CNG a terrorist organization.
16:40 August 11th, CNG Forces continue to advance as the Pennsans garrison has not arrived yet. Porthperan is captured by the CNG.
21:20 August 11th, CNG's total troop number reaches 10,000 as many Cornish nationalists take to arms as militia, Pennsans garrison arrives at the frontlines, fighting would continue into the night.

Tana Farm, Hima Province, Manchuria

The man behind the wheel hums to himself as the car rumbles softly over the gravel of the overgrown road, brushes through the tangled branches hanging over it. He swears as he drives over a large pothole in the road. The food in the back of the car tumbles forward. He hopes that his wife won't be upset if the bread is a bit squashed.

The man comes out of the forest. He pulls into his driveway, thinking it odd that the children aren’t playing in the newly mowed hayfield. He steps out of his car and heaves the two loaded grocery bags out of the trunk. The man stops humming to himself midway to the front of his house, looking worriedly at its dark windows.

Entering the house, he flicks on the kitchen light, illuminating the empty room. He scans it quickly and sets down the two bags. After taking his shoes off he walks into the small living room.

“Aimi? Koibito, where are you? Where are the kids? Aimi?”

The man carefully steps around the low table in the center of the living room, peering out of the back window in search of any sign of his family. Not finding any, he picks up his pace, poking his head into each room of the house. As he comes to the bathroom, he’s breathing fast, calling “Aimi! Aimi! Nia, Taitu?!” They're all supposed to be home. They only have one car, the one he used. As he twists the doorknob to the last room in the house, his mind races. Where could they be?

“Aimi, are you in there? Where are the-”

The man opens the door and sinks to his knees.


“Nia, come in. You too, Taitu! It’s getting late!” A woman dressed in a purple gown calls to her two children from the front door. She leans out and gestures with her hand for them to come in. Neither of the children responds. “Nia, Taitu, it’s too late to be outside- we’re having dinner as soon as your father comes home.”

Nia looks up at her mother briefly, then runs to tackle her brother. Both of them fall into a heap of dust and laughter. Their mother sighs exasperatedly.

“If you don’t come in right now there’ll be no daifuku after dinner…”

Hearing this, Taitu shoves his sister off of him and looks at his mother worriedly. His sister marches up to their mother, glaring at Taitu all the while. After a few more moments, Taitu follows timidly behind. Stepping through the front door and into the kitchen, their mother begins pulling out napkins and setting them on the table. The two children stumble inside, once again scuffling. She turns to them and squares their shoulders so that they’re facing her.

“Why don’t you two help me set the- Your father’s home! Quickly, get out the plates, I’ll go help him with the bags.” With that, the two children look at each other in a brief moment of understanding and hurry over to the window, eyes locked on their mother.

As she runs to the car, Aimi begins to make out its details more clearly. It’s the same color as her husband's, but it certainly isn’t his. She slows as she reaches it, looking at the vehicle with barely concealed apprehension. The front doors on either side of the car pop open and two men dressed in green step out. Aimi steps back as she sees their military uniforms.

“This is Tana Farm?” Asks a tall man with a gruff voice.

“Yes. Wh-”

“Let’s go inside, we’ll tell you-”

“Tell me now. What are two soldiers doing in my driveway at 6:30 in the evening?”

“We’ve come to relocate you.”

“To- To do what? Is this some kind of joke?” Aimi’s voice quivers as she speaks, but she looks the man in the eyes with a defiant expression.

The other man pulls out a large gun from its holster on the side of his hip.

“Does this look like a joke to you, hon?” He huffs and points to the black car. “Get inside.” Aimi gasps and backs away towards the house. She shakes her head.

“M-my things are inside, let me go get them first. Where are we going anyway?” Aimi stalls desperately, hoping in vain that the children are going upstairs.

“It doesn’t matter to you. Any family?”


“Then go quickly- and make sure you come out on this side of the house.” The officer pats his gun.

Aimi turns and sprints back into the house, relieved to find her two children standing in the kitchen, watching her mutely.

“Follow me upstairs, Mommy has to go somewhere for a bit. Your father will be home soon, ok?” When she gets no reply, she repeats herself. “Ok?”

The two children mumble something resembling “ok” in unison, and Aimi grabs both of their hands. As soon as she has both of them safely in her grasp she sprints down the hall, nearly dragging her children behind her. She takes them up the stairs to the second floor and into the small bathroom opposite the stairwell. She shoves them in and lifts them into the bathtub, carefully closing the curtain in front of them.

“You promise me that you’ll stay put, to matter what you hear? Promise me!The children nod. Taitu’s eyes swell with tears as their mother leaves the room, locking the door behind her.

To be continued.

The Riksdag

2 members of the Riksdag would engage in conversation about the current status of Iceland.

“I strongly believe the Icelandic deserve to have independence”

“Haha a dream that will never come true my friend”

“You see the Icelandic don’t need independence we just need to quell the revolts in the territory and regain a foothold in the region, I can assure you.

“We will bring this up in the next meeting then”


Oubreaks of Smallpox Reported in Minority Communities and Ghettos

Earlier in the day, the German National News station reported that several communities of near total minority populous had been effected with numerous cases of smallpox. The ministry of health has declined to comment on the cause of the situation saying that it is still a mystery at this time. Rumors have existed for years that the government was housing a strain of the virus for medical research purposes but those allegations have been vehemently denied by all government officials who have been asked. A quarantine has been put into effect around the surrounding areas to prevent anyone from going in or out of the risk zones and armed guards have been stationed at all checkpoints. The Fuhrer addressed the situation in an address to the nation;

"Citizens of the Reich, it has been brought to my attention that outbreaks of smallpox have been spreading in our minority communities. I would like to take this time to remind everyone that there is no need for panic. All effected areas have been put under mandatory quarantine. Anyone found to be violating that quarantine will be seen as a threat to the people of this country and will be shot on sight. There is no deviance that this outbreak will have any impact on our larger cities and communities. For those watching from around the world; know that this is what we mean when we say that these minorities are a threat to society. In this modern age we have cured smallpox and this would not be an issue if these families hadn't refused vaccination. They refuse to help themselves. The communities that are effected are riddled with crime and drug usage. These people don't want to help themselves and now demand the help of civilized society. Medical supplies will not be allowed into the effected areas as long as the quarantines are in effect, the risk is just too high. When we have more information, we will update you all. For now, long live the Reich."

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