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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Iymârivshen of Lesser Velutaria (elected )

Founder: The People's Republic of Zhengan

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Welcome to Anteria : a casual, modern-tech, closed-World Region, open to all Ideologies and Nations alike!
Est. September 28, 2015
Featured Region: 2/1/2017 and 8/25/2018 | ⛔ Please refrain from targeting this region for recruitment ⛔

Endorse our delegate Lesser Velutaria for regional stability.

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Regional Power: High

Anteria contains 326 nations, the 45th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Avoided in Anteria

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, Anteria is ranked 7,425th in the world for Most Avoided.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Eternal Forthright Republic of The Trilla Gang MafiaCapitalist Paradise“Trilla 'till the End.”
2.The Island of Novaya ZemljaAnarchy“A Change in Plans”
3.The United States of BertaviaCorporate Police State“God Bless Bertavia”
4.The Galactic Empire of FagolandaPsychotic Dictatorship“We grow outwards to the stars and inwards to ourselves.”
5.The Demented Wasteland of Adorable BunniesCorporate Police State“We're your friend!”
6.The People's Republic of ZhenganCompulsory Consumerist State“Worker's Revolution Through Capital”
7.The Crown Plutocracy of NeuewlandCorporate Police State“Xiimt opisja ridit nixani”
8.The Constitutional Monarchy of NorkantionCorporate Police State“Freedom is not given, it is achieved”
9.The Iymârivshen of Lesser VelutariaCapitalizt“Velutaria prevail”
10.The Conglomerado Corporativo of PrybourneCapitalist Paradise“¡Que se rompan los martillos y se doblen las hoces!”
1234. . .3233»

Regional Happenings


Anteria Regional Message Board

Noveni Lakato-Kivisia / Nouv'ni Lakatê-Dajdan
The Government off Lakkatha-Kivisia has clarified about the control over the peninsula
They say that the map in question is outdated and only the northern portion shall be under Lakkathan Authority, whit Jaqindan support, the few fitting regions within the Peninsula would be used as a training ground for Jaqindan soldiers and also lakkathan special divisions.
The port under construction completed and used only for military purposes.

Csatorna Köztér Bombázás | Bombs Detonated in Csatorna Canal Square!

A horrible tragedy has been reported in the Vescarian city of Csatorna, capital of the Satornia region and the country's only major port. According to witnesses, multiple IEDs were detonated in the city's "Canal Square". One of the bombs was detonated within the Commonwealth Civil Waterway Management headquarters, for which the plaza is named, and two others were detonated out in the main plaza. So far, 19 people have been reported dead, with upwards of 70 civilians injured. While the nation mourns the catastrophe, however, no known insurgent groups in the Commonwealth have declared responsibility for the attack. Nevertheless, the blame is secondary, as Miklos Nersyis and the Constituent Assembly have declared today and tomorrow to be set aside for mourning the incident. Though, they will still allow for police investigations to bring the perpetrators of this attack to justice, whoever they may be.


The Suspects

PRI agent Remus Hacreii sat in his office, staring intently at the new papers on his desk. The bombing was only 7 hours ago, but the investigation teams had already compiled a list of likely subjects for him and his organization to look through. The paper was direct and to the point, with no introduction to the list other than a short, vague title: The Suspects. Remus look a good look at the list. It was longer and more in-depth than he expected, as it laid out each of the various organizations that could be behind the attack and evidence to support their case.

-Syndicalist Red Guard: The SRG were, on paper, the most likely candidate for the bombings, given their long history of terrorist attacks against the Commonwealth. On the contrary, little evidence currently exists to confirm that they're the perpetrators. The most we know of those deceased, at the moment, is that many in the plaza were known leftists, save for the CCWM employees, courtesy of various investigations into their lives. It does not seem likely that the SRG would deliberately attack potential sympathizers, let alone disillusion those sympathizers with the organization in an attack such as this.

-Order of the Three Arrows: A Plagyor ethno-fascist organization, with a very small yet fanatical following. However, they were the ones responsible for the South Canal Crisis, so they could still be at fault for this attack. In particular, the leanings of the victims may play into their guilt. The OTA is a staunchly far-right organization, so killing off even the moderate left would be a "gain" for them. We still don't know for certain, but we c

After that, it seemed the page was torn. Perhaps it was just a small list? Or, maybe, Remus thought to himself, that the investigation teams had more suspects, but someone didn't want him to see who... This would require further digging, for sure. But, for now, all that was certain was that suspicion and deceit were in the air...


Thousands of nationalist flag-waving protesters demonstrated in towns and cities across Gida and Iymit region in wake of the Jaqindan concession of the Jyta Peninsula, inciting deadly riots and violence in the process. They demanded for the immediate return of the Lakato-controlled Jyta peninsula alongside other demands such as transparency of activities in so-called "closed regions" across Yaxinda.

The ensuing chaos and mass rioting that occurred resulted in numerous cars and buildings being torn to the ground by angry mobs, smashing windows and throwing rocks and other assorted things in the process. Protesters chanted anti-military slogans and furiously swore at the government for "abandoning Jaqindan integrial dignity". Local Yeqin SF (Security Forces) units and police forces reportedly had to use brass rounds and loud music blasted from speakers to dispel the crowds.

Jaqindan state-run publications quickly denounced the protesters for "mass rioting, assault of Yakindan soldiers and threatening stability and progress in Yakynda". State officials reported a grand total of 4,000 to have been arrested.

Henry awoke to beeping sound and a searing pain in the right side of his face. He opened his eyes and looked around, it was dark except for an overhead light and a machine next to his bed. He struggled to turn his head to the left and instantly regretted that he had as he saw a pile of filled body bags.


New aircraft carrier takes to the seas

FAIRTHAM, Montaro State — The Amrelian Navy’s newest and second aircraft carrier, the ANS Ammiras, is ready to take to the seas after more than six years of construction and months of sea and air trials. It docked Friday afternoon at her home port of Fairtham Harbor in the Gulf of Lannahechee and was welcomed by large crowds as well as Consul Nehemiah Allen, who praised the ship and its crew. “This great addition to the Navy will not only strengthen Amrelia’s military capabilities, but shows the world that we are committed to forging a new and positive role on the international stage. The Ammiras will be able to support allies, deliver humanitarian aid, and fight any future campaigns.”

Construction began in 2014 and cost nearly ₴4.5 billion. Thousands of people were involved in the assembly, which took place in six shipyards from coast to coast, largely at the head of Aldworth Systems, Amrelia's largest builder for its naval ships.

The Ammiras is the second ship in Amrelia's Willington Class of aircraft carriers, the first being the ANS Traisfurt. A 65,000 tonne ship, it can carry up to 50 aircraft and more than 800 sailors during wartime. A third aircraft carrier, the ANS Aedirn, is currently under construction and is not set to be completed for another year or two.

Zhousheng pulls out of Neferheim
Zhousheng, having 2 VojPol patrols stationed in Neferheim, decides to pull out. While the 23rd patrol withdraws completely and will get into Zhousheng through aerial routes in next 3 days, 22nd patrol would be temporairly stationed in New Sebronia, being prepared to return to Neferheim if the government stops escalating a hypothetical conflict with Jaqinda.

Kentalis pulling out most of its troops in Neferheim
Both the 5th and 8th Marechaussee Division are pulling out of Neferheim due to its aggressive behaviour against Jaqinda. Earlier this week, Neferheim shot down a Jaqindan airplane. Due to this action, the Kentalian chief of staff had decided to pull out 2 of the divisions.

Foxomexran Response to Neferheimer Downing of Aircraft

In light of the recent trend from many nations in the Initiative for Global Peace to pull peacekeeping forces out of Neferhrim, or otherwise criticize their actions, President Wilson Harrison has spoken from the G25 Summit to reaffirm Foxomexran interests in maintaining their forces in Neferheim.

"... Foxomexran forces will remain in the country until such time as Neferheim asks us to leave. We remain firmly committed to assisting their people, and based on currently available information, do not believe their actions last night were of issue...

...I understand that some in the government of Jaqinda have demanded compensation and a formal apology for the dead, but if Jaqinda claims no ownership of the plane, to whom do they want compensation paid?"

Sekidean Union has new members!
Earlier today, Sekidean Union (consisting of Canton River Delta, Elenias, Gadorien, Great Golden Raj, Monte Blanco, Polder Eiland, Prei Meas, Slovanska Kraj & Zhousheng) officially welcomed new members: Kentalis and Suoden. This expansion made Sekidean Union total of 11 countries strong.
For refence, see: , where lies a topological map of the whole Sekidean Union

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