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Welcome | добре дошли | Welkom | اهلاً وسهلاً | Bienvenido | 欢迎 | Selamat datang | स्वागत है | Hoş geldiniz
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Welcome to Anteria, home to premier NationStates Roleplay, Worldbuilding, and International Brotherhood! Together, we create our own world and cohesive narrative in which members from all four corners of the world can call their own.

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Current Roleplay Date: June 2022

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Regional Power: Very High

Anteria contains 269 nations, the 78th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Welfare Programs in Anteria

Governments ranked highly spend the most on social welfare programs. Nations ranked low tend to have weak or non-existent government welfare.

As a region, Anteria is ranked 4,323rd in the world for Largest Welfare Programs.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Confederation of Inner Mations AststanScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Per Aspera Ad Astra”
2.The Armed Republic of True SpainCorrupt Dictatorship“Everything for the people, nothing by the people”
3.The Mutation Island Hive of Vengeful Queen ChryssiMother Knows Best State“Hail the Vengeful Queen!”
4.The Grand Republic of AlbithicaLeft-wing Utopia“Liberty, Endurance, Unity”
5.The Rescue Rangers of New ExcalibusLeft-Leaning College State“Rescue Rangers, away!”
6.The Democratic Republic of FalloaNew York Times Democracy“You Can't Stop Progress”
7.The Flying Penguin Monster of WellsenfaileDemocratic Socialists“For the Empire, For the Victory, For Wellsenfaile”
8.The Garden of DentuinDemocratic Socialists“🍀”
9.The Democratic Republic of United States of New AtlantisScandinavian Liberal Paradise“We are doing it today!”
10.The Federal Republic of Gran RugidoLeft-Leaning College State“In Unum Progredientes”
1234. . .2627»

Regional Happenings


Anteria Regional Message Board

It has been ruled unconstitutional for the country of Fichmanistan to be known as "The Socialist Republic of Fichmanistan" by the High Court. The country will be revert to its original name "The Republic of Fichmanistan". Conservative MHP Joseph Laurence when asked about the ruling called it "The judiciary doing its joining by balancing the communist executive".

The Beginning of A New Era

A royal marriage has been arranged between the Second Kingdom of Flatstone and the High Ilanean Kingdom. The marriage will be between Dag Von Stone, (representing the House of Von Stone and the Northern Ivili Clan) and Siobahn Yurnaicht (representing the Yurnaicht Clan and the High Kingdom of Ilanea). The marriage has been scheduled to take place on the twenty-seventh of September; This date was chosen as it is celebrated as the Stonish Day of Unification in Flatstone. Additionally, the marriage will be hosted amongst the outskirts of Luidahal, an Ilanean city.

The marriage will begin with a welcome and introduction section preformed by the High Druid (of Ilanea), Maria Druiga. This will be followed by readings, preformed by any of those invited, relatives of either the bride or husband, and any Ilaeni or Stonish officials that have something to say. Once this has concluded, the During this portion of the event, the High Druid will read to the Husband and the Bride each of their vows. Subsequently, both will take part in a traditional Ilaeni ritual known as handfasting in order to symbolize the binding of the two together. This will be done under the cover of a sacred oak tree, with the High Druid present to ask the gods to bless their marital union.

With this, the marriage itself will come to an end, and a celebratory feast in which all attendees are encourage to partake in will take place. The wedding itself is an open-invitation event, meaning that all who wish to attend may do so.

As of this announcement, the current attendee's are as follows.

- Aleni
- Shadoveil
- Syrgystan
- Senefpat
- Kakland
- Senelan
- Fallooplesburg

Brought to you by the Asthearian Herald

Alvrin Oslin awarded the Phoenix Medal
Last night, at the Astherian Herald anniversary party, its leader formally announced his retirement. Several people made speeches about how Alvrin Oslin has served the country, and newspapers from the 1960s were brought up from the archives. The last speech was delivered by Prime Minister Alma Sazorasy. The Prime Minister talked about how essential Oslin and the Herald had been during the Second Asthearian Revolution. His speech ended with him presenting the Phoenix Medal, awarded for helping the Asthearian people gain freedom, to Oslin, making him the first to receive it in the last 38 years.
At the end of the party, Oslin announced that his successor would be Vildan Arvos, the Herald’s head of publishing. Arvos, who is only 27, said that he was “proud to be chosen for this role” and would “do [his] best to live up to [Alvin Oslin]’s legacy”.
This will be the last article written under the guidance of Alvrin Oslin, and Vildan Arvos has promised to make changes to the way the newspaper is written. Oslin will still visit the Herald offices from time to time, and has received a free lifetime subscription.

Asthearian delegation to attend royal wedding
After the announcement earlier today of a royal wedding between Dag Von Stone of Flatstone and Siobahn Yurnaicht of Ilanea, the Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister have announced that an Asthearian delegation will be attending. The wedding, which will take place on September 27th, is open-invitation, and several other countries are also attending.
This seems to be a move to create more alliances between Asthearia and other nations. Alma Sazorasy has already expressed interest in joining the Thrismari Union, and he says that he hopes that attending the wedding will bring Asthearia closer to Flatstone and Ilanea.
He said that he probably won’t be able to attend, but Foreign Affairs Minister Pirris Alkrom will, along with the Asthearian ambassador to Ilanea and several other government delegates.

I am back in Anteria after my nation had been put into the boneyard. I will try to not let this happen again.

| '24 Minutes, with Ionnes Afmödy' is a popular late night talk show in Vultesia, hosted on the V24 Network. It satirises Anterian affairs to a live audience |

Hello, hello, hello!

Thank you, you're all far too kind, I've missed you too!

No, no I'm not Ionnes Afmödy's Gran Rugidoan cousin, José El Modo, it's just the tan from my…round the world trip! But more on that, a little later, we've got a lot to cover and only 24 minutes to cover it.

You ever have that friend, maybe at university, maybe work, that's useless with the opposite gender? You introduce them to every potential bachelor or bachelorette in your social circle, and their social circle, and the work social circle and still, nothing?

[Murmurs and chuckles from the audience]

Eventually word gets around, maybe they're not the best looking, maybe they've got all the charisma of a wet lettuce, but you just can *not* find them a match with anyone you know. Well, it seems this issue is one that's plagued a certain Lethian heiress. Indeed, it seems she's so popular at home, that she couldn't find a good man in her home Kingdom, nor within the newly minted NSCP -so much for help there- no, the lady couldn't even find a willing suitor on the entire continent of Thuadia!

[Audience Laughter]

Ms.Yurinaicht has had to travel over two continents and six time zones to be wed to one Dag Von Stone, who, in case you hadn't guessed, hails from Flatstone.

The wedding will, we've been told, will be conducted by an Illaeni shaman, and honestly, with her travelling so far, and he, ruler of a nation with devout religious legislation and insular faith, allowing a foreign clergy to officiate, it's hard to tell who's coming out of this looking more desperate. Sad! Five diedrs say old Daggy boy will be overthrown for encouraging heresy and witchcraft.

Seriously though, the Stonish can't be that willing to cough up the big bucks for this newest addition to their royalty, they've rolled the wedding into a preexisting national holiday to save costs! I may as well book my daughter's wedding on Heroes of the Principate Day and tell her that the fighter jet flyover and parades of tanks are in her honour!

[Raucous audience laughter]

Best of luck to the newlyweds, God knows that'll be an expensive plane ticket if it goes belly up. Anyhow, speaking of oddly religious hermit states, Senalan have been having an interesting time these past few weeks.

It seems their ego has taken a bit of a bruising since the First Citizen pulled them onto the world stage.

[Afmödy effects a caricatured Senari accent]

*This not Vultesian doing, this because snake wanted international trade'

[Audience laughter]

Yeah, alright King Cobra, because foreign journalists were positively flocking to you before Princeps Basztyn arrived; I've just finished a world tour and there was barely an airport listing their capital!

'Vultesian man isn't the reason we international now!'

Guess we just have to chalk the Senari's historically unprecedented new relations with Lethia and Bakyern, comments on Flatstone, notes on international organisation and more all came directly *after* the Princeps' trip to a freak coincidence then?

Yeah, no, decades of insularity and all of a sudden boom, international thoughts and prayers. That's one big, green badge wearing, ginger moustache having coincidence.

[Audience laughter]

Who knows, maybe now their foreign policy is growing legs they'll be worshipping lizards soon too.

[Raucous audience laughter]

An interesting thread running through all this though has to be that Ilaeni habit of offering their 'support' to nations on the other side of Anteria, first Rohyn -we saw how that went for them- then Senalan, now Flatstone. I suppose its easy to sign deals of friendship and letters of condemnation from your windswept island's thousands of miles away from anything of note.

You know why the Principate and Kentalis have never pretended to want to rush to one another's aid despite our century of friendship? Because professionals have standards.

[Audience cheering]

One nation, however, that believes its own hype more than an Ereskanese Hill farmer with his grandfather's VultR-55, is our good friend to the north, Anavero.

Anavero…man alive what even is that place.

[Audience laughter]

You've got a civil war being managed by a dictator who seems to have got all of his soundbites from Blood & Iron loading screens. A navy trying to spend money on an aircraft carrier without little details like, yunno, a fleet to protect it. An army that could supposedly crush the Pact, but can't beat some upstart citizens and the rainbow alliance.

[Afmödy effects a caricatured Anaveroan accent]

'Comrades! We will sweep the evil Vultesians and the Pact from Anteria!'

My guy, you can't even sweep your own rigged elections without half your nation taking up arms against you ahaha!

Now Respublica Hyliana , what a time they've been having, a real roller coaster.

If you're not familiar with the Republic of Hylia, according to their Twatter account they're a Gendarmerie carefully disguised as a nation state. Which is wild considering they can't crack down on the internal strife that seems to pop up about twice a week….

**Speke's president, Andrzej Szymanski, visits SpekeX factory**

Speke's president has been spotted touring the SpekeX rocket production line with SpekeX's "Rocket Man" (CEO), supposedly trying to secure more funding for the next coming years to aid further technological advances.

"What's up Spekes! I'm gonna be touring the SpekeX factory today, and then later I'll hold a press conference, feel free to come and ask some questions, regarding space exploration preferably. Anyway! Imma head off and tour this massive factory!" - @AndrzejSpeke, president's Twatter account.

*picture linked with the Twatter post of the president arriving via rail to the city.*

Queen's Times

Royal Election 2022: Moea Achieves Historic Victory

Two hours ago, we had the announcement that Moea achieved the most votes in the elections and will now be coronated as Queen of Tethale. Moea has managed to secure a winning 37% of the vote in the 2022 Royal Elections, against her 2 sisters.

After achieving her results, Moea told the public "I am very pleased with the results of the election, of which i got over 124000 votes. I thank every one of you that decided that we need a change to how us as a nation function and I hope to convince the others that did not vote for me the same."

What do we know Moea is going to do to the country when coronated?
Moea's biggest campaigning point was the creation of a democratic council to work with the Royal Council, which would hold the majority of power in her Tethale. This would mean that regularly elected officials would be able to hold both the legislative and executive branches. We know that she plans for these elections to take place every 5 years for the two prior mentioned branches of government.

A lot of Tethics believe that her ideas are radical, and that sentiment is echoed by Fylata, who recieved 35% of the votes: "I am upset about the results of the election and am upset about the effects that Moea's radical policies will have on our great nation."

Swcha, who achieved 28% of the vote made a statement saying, "Thank you to all of my supporters for voting for me in the recent elections. We got a gigantic number, and I could not be more proud of myself, all of you and my two sisters, who stole the show. I wish Moea luck in ruling the nation."

the coronation has been announced for exactly a week from now, on the 7th of July. We will be covering this, as well as the future plans of Princess Moea.

Other news:
2022 Royal Elections: Live Updates
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Trident News Network
Your daily news network, 24/7
Today's top stories are…

TIFAS Plane Shot Down Over Anavero
PINAL CITY - The Trident International Foreign Aid Service released information regarding the destruction of a humanitarian aid plane over the skies of Anavero. In a convoy of six planes, one plane was destroyed, resulting in the loss of seven Trident lives.

TIFAS was flying missions for nearly three weeks, though they have been canceled with this news. Authorized by Prime Minister Jeanne Milgorn, they flew in cleared airspace by the Dem. Rep. of Anavero (DRA). Reports from TIFAS show that “TIFAS was still warned about the dangers of flying with limited SAM protection, and was still ordered to continue missions despite the risk.” Further information in the report showed that most squadrons equipped limited amount of flares.

Current Prime Minister Jeanne Milgorn has been criticized around the board, especially important with elections being held today. “PM Milgorn’s actions were incredibly unsafe and irresponsible. The Anaverons have stated that foreign planes would be shot down, and yet Milgorn did not employ even basic protections against surface to air missiles which downed the plane and the valiant souls.”

Barglerin has promised to “end these reckless missions and assist the people of Anavero through safer and more efficient means.” Both candidates announced sanctions on the People’s Republic of Anavero (PRA), though they will take place depending on who is elected. Barglerin’s sanctions are far more severe, along with humanitarian support for the DRA through safe means.

Voting in June 2022 Elections Begin
ARDO - Today, thousands have rushed to the polling booths to cast their vote in the June 2022 election. Being held twice every year, this month's election will be a close one between incumbent prime minister Jeanne Milgorn, opposition candidate Grimpoplian Barglerin, and falling in popularity candidate Ismordo Letranii.

Letranii is projected to win a miniscule amount of voters, less than his original number of supporters due to the fatal flaw of skipping out on half the June 2022 debate. This leaves the majority of the population choosing between Milgorn or Barglerin.

Workplaces have rolling schedules, allowing the government sanctioned four hour break to vote. With a traditional custom of civic responsibility in the Union, we expect some of the highest turnouts for voting this month.

Other news…
- Trident Defense Force planning to debut new radar system in a month
- Opinion: Trident lives shouldn’t be going into Anavero

The Seas of Baht and Kaquaithe wrote:I am back in Anteria after my nation had been put into the boneyard. I will try to not let this happen again.


Radio and Television Freice in Common

    BREAKING: Leader of Kivunna Edia Kiarai to submit same-sex marriage legislation by end of July, government spokesman confirms.

- 1 July, 2022

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