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Founder: The Armed and Unified Community of International Antifascist Action

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NationStates Antifa is the military unification of Anti-Nazi/Fascists. The dedication of past and present organisations / individuals to deny fascism a platform to spread hate, tyranny, intolerance and oppression.

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Generational Leaders

GEN I: The MT Army / Anti Nazi Alliance (2004 - 2006) (Ongoing Support to the Present).
GEN II: Genesis Defense Project / Shadow Warriors (2007 - 2009).
GEN III: The Red Fleet / Korean Peoples Army (2010 - 2016).
GEN IV: The Red Fleet / Ruining Nazi Sandcastles (2016 - 2018).
GEN V: The MT Army / The Red Fleet (2018 - Present).

Region administrator: Vippertooth33.

DISCLAIMER: Not affiliated with real world Antifa.

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Of The Capital Territories, The NSIA Museum, The Dagobah System, La republica de cuba, The CRR Civil Rights Region, Deutsch Wehrmacht, The Fifth Empire, Reich IV, Dictatorship Alliance, Leninists Unite, Aryan Nation, Region of the Polish, Alliance of the Axis Powers, Borneo Island, Vaterland Partei, Exterminatus Innocentus, Nationalist Union of Associated States, The Socialist Party, Eldarian Federation, World Fascist Assembly, The United Nations of Reapers, NAZI EUR0PE, GGR Middle East Conquered Land, Nationalist Federation, Axis Powers, Zenith Trifecta, Reichland, The New Nazi Germany, The New Realm, The Aryan Army, Fascist European Nationals, The Holy Fascist Alliance, 4th Reich, Kontinent der Einsamkeit, Rechtsstehend Aufstand, Nazi Amerika, The Greater Prussian Empire, Nazi Party USA, Death Haven, Das Konigtum, Holy Germatic Order of German People, The National Socialist Party Of Saxonia, St Johns, Kingdom of the Nazis, Das Konglomerat, Holy American Empire, Wurttemberg 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Union, The Unity Of Socialist Nations, United Global Socialist Union, Soviet Armed Forces, Grand Alliance Of Socialist States, Allied Socialist States, The Socialist Counties, United Falangist Front, Thule Gesellschaft, Republic of Costa Rica, Grand Revolutionary Army, Seine, Bophuthatswana, National Socialist Saffron Party, Grand Soviet Empire, Columbia River, The League Of Dictatorships, The International Communist Union, Grand Council Of Fascism, National German Dictatorship, Nazi World, League Of White And Aryan Empires, The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, Nationstates Fascist Union Reborn, The Greater Germanic Reich, Anti Nazi Alliance, Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, CRFI, SRBT, Right Wing Uprising, The Anti Judaizing League, Hail the Trinity, The SPLC, Fascist Norway, White America, Nazi England, White National Socialism, Greater German Reich, Peoples Republic of Iceland, Coalition Of Authoritarian Governments, White Man Land, 4th International, The Red and Black, The Leftist Assembly, The Isles Of Collected Shenanigans, The Nazi Confederation Of Europe, The Safe Haven Of Fascism, 1984 Was An Instruction Manual, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Land of Evil Oppression, Jewish Defense League, Hippiedom, Victims Of Capitalism Memorial, United Nations Of Communism, NSV, Democratic Left, Fascist Neurope, The Axis, The Red Sea, Volksgemeinschaft, Aryan Nations, Islamic Jihad, Horst Wessel, Right Wing Union, Alliance Against Nazis, Kolonien Der Macht, Union of International Fascists, The URAP, The Fascist Empire of Arma, The Bereich for Total Superiority, The NSIA, Nazi German Empire, Alliance Of Dictatorships, Bunicken, Kingdom Of The French Empire, Reich Of Germany, HMS Royal Recruitment Centre, Unified Global League, Fascio Ordinem, United Dictatorships, Congress of Armed Proletarian States, UNSR, The Falangist Union, National Legionary State, Fascist European Powers, Fascism Region, League of Ultra Right Dictatorships, The National Socialist Pact of Steel HQ, The United Kingdom Of Great Britain, Nazi Latin America, Communist Party USA, Alt Right, The Nationalist Bloc, The Fascist Nations, United Empire Of Islam Liberation Front, Holy Nazis Of The World, The Facist Nations, Sixth Reich, Blackwater Bay, The Circle Of Socialism, Italian Somalia And Eritrea, Italian Libya, The Federal Commonwealth, The Free Confederation, United Peoples Federation, Alliance Of Fascism, Saxon Shores, The Soviet Region, The United Fascist Alliance, League Of Fascists, Amazing Fascists, The Northern Isles, The Ultimate Reich of Axis Powers, Konserwatywna brytanii, Laotis Infinita, United States Of Iberia, The Teutonic Reich of the German Nation, Axis Nations Alliance A X A, Empire Of Italy, Region Of Fascism, Alt Right Confederacy, The REAL Nazi Europe, New World Reich, Fascists Region, Union Of The Greater Nationalist Colombi, KanzlernReich, Nazi German 3rd Reich, Global Union, The United Dictatorships, Eurabia, Church of Magadalene, Nazareth, The Islamic Caliphate, Aryan Alliance, Nazi Nationstates, The Greater Finnic Reich, National Socialist Germany II, The National Socialist Pact Of Steel II, GroBdeutsches Reich, United Fascism, Garda De Fier Headquarters, Jammu and Kashmir, The Right Wing Union, PANR, Baltic States Alliance, Iron Europe, The Federation of Anarchist Communes, The New Nazi Empire, The Christian Nations, Elite Region of Global Command, Greater Germanania, The Fascist Sithan Empire, Union Of Nationalism, Fascist Alliance Of Eastern Europe, Taliban, Military Archives Of The I S M, Stormlands, Nazi America, State Union of the Nationalist Order, International Dictators Coaliton, United European Right, United White America, Fascist States, The Nazi Terrorist Group, Nazi Party Axis, Iron Order, International Fascist Bloc, A Territory of The Iron Order known as X, The Fascist Agenda, Global Fascists, The axis mediterranean powers, The Alternative Right, Nazi Imperialist Japan, Nazi Pacific, National Socialists Party, united socialist states of indi, Union Of Dictators, Allahu Akbar, The Elite Region of Global Command, Nations for Total Fascism, Neo Fascist Alliance, The Totalitarian Nations, Union of Dictatorships, The New Nazi Regime, The Axis Powers Of Europe, The Bearded Beasts, Aryan Scandinavia, The Great Tyrannical Nazi Dictatorship, Deutsch Amerikan Empire, The Klu Klux Klan, Alternative Right, NationalSozialistische Aktion, Die Republik Von Deutschland, Celery Lobotomy, Holy Murica, National Socialist Coalition, Extra Commie and Death to Fascism, The Kingdom Of America, CAIC, Teh Iron Order, United Nations Of Fascists, Nationalsozialistche Volkstaaten II, Nazi UK, Alliance Of Fascist Nations, Union Of Slave States, The Fascist State, NSLeft, Kingdom Of The Spanish Empire, The Fascist Party, Dictatorship, Nazi Deutschland, Fascist Nato, I A T O, The Hole To Hide In, Apartheid Africa, The Alliance of the Fascist Nations, The Confederated States of America, The Great Empirestate of Fascist Nations, Volksreich, Muslim Brotherhood, Fascist HQ, Falangist Union, Reichsfolk, New Fascist Order, Axis Powers of Italy, Knights Templar, Fascist Legion, Iron Fist Union, The Order of the Iron Wreath, The Bolshevik National Party, The empire of united german kingdoms, United arab republic, Psycho Dictators, The CALM, Communist Empire, Klu klux klan, United Fascist Regimes, National Sozialist Reich State, Nationalist Conservative Republic, Union of Fascist Nations, Communist Region, The New Order of Global Command, The Nazi Worker League, Resistance against ANTIFA, Anti Fascism, The Fatherland of Germanic Powers, World Axis, fascist allied states, The Anti Comintern Pact, Imperial Fascist Order, Fascist State, Fascist Union of European Nations, Wehrmacht Of The Bunicken Reich, Neo Reich, Skinheads, Nationalsozialistische powers, Central Fascist League, The Capital Empire, the 1st european reich, The Union Of Tradtionalism And Truth, The United Fascists, Nazi German Reich II, New Fascist Italy, The Great Fascists, The New Conglomerate, Nazi UK And Ireland, l e n i n, Worldwide Fascist Federation, United Socialist Soviet Republics, THE TRUMP WARRIORS, Nazys, United Fascists, The Central Power, UOTAP Raider Bootcamp, The Peace and Freedom Alliance, The Union of Sovereign Fascist Regimes, Union Of Ultra Right Noble Tyrants, New Fascist Alliance, SCUT, Unified Fascist Embassy, The Fascist Military Bloc, The Iron Volk, Far Right Convention, United Imperium Of Nations, The Axis Reforged, United Fascist Delegation, Sjaelland, Fascist Victory, The Fascsist Alliance of North America, Aushwitz, The Dictators Alliance, STCE Pong Club, Axis Of Fascist States, Far Left Military Nations, Anti Antifa Alliance, Holy Apostolic Church Of The Golden Dawn, Alliance Of Grand Powers, The Nazi Republic Commonweath, The Eternal Imperium Of The Opheliac, The Fatherland Front, Warzone Iron Order, The Mercian Connection, The Axis Powers of Northern Europe, The Fascist Accord, Northeastern Antarctica, Bunicken Military Training Region, Rafstord, The Confederation Of Soviet States, World Progressive Community, Fifth International, Anarcho Communist Utopia, Kekistani Refuge, International Nazi Cooperation, Shrektopia, Fascist Of The East, The Confederated Fascist States, Straights Of Gibraltar, Nazi Rehab, Nazi Nationstates II, The Fascist Coalition, The Grand Union Of Fascists, VICTIMS OF DIVERSITY MEMORIAL, Hyboria, Der Riese, The Socialist Realm, Fascist Empire, Reconquista, Anti Fascist Action, The True Sacra Arcana, Vekta Helghast Controlled Lands, Golden dawn of national socialism, Anti Nazi, Anti Nazism, Nationalsocialist Union, Neo Nazism, Atlantic Europe, The Communist And Fascist Alliance, The TRUE NSright, Confederation of Fascists Nations, The New TEBE, Berlin Wall, The Royal Fascist Powers, Fascist Realms Alliance, World Trade Organization, Fascist Christian America, Fight against ANTIFA, Aryan Army, Brasil, Kekistani Puppet Storage, The Fourth German Empire, The Mariner Trench Army, Fatherland Front, American Wall, GDR, Die Rote Fahne, State of Georgia, The Great Fascist Legion, American White Anti Libel League, New Reich, Greater Fascist Bloc, Neo NATSO Party, Nazi Moon, Anti World Assembly, Aryans, The Nazis, The Island Union, International Arms Treaty Organization, Reactionary Imperialist Army, United Kekistani States, The League Of Anglo American Nations, Nacht, Fascist World Union, Central Europa, Marxist Proletariat Union, Alt Right Paradise, United Fascist Nations, Germanic Reich Party, Kehlsteinhaus, The Allies, Dictators, New Deutchland, The German American Bund, Bolshevik Federation, AryanNations, The URAP Resurrected, The Black Sun, The Taliban, Byzantine Roman Empire, Villa Bunicken De Florentine, The Holy German Empire, Peoples Hall, White Nationalist Assembly, The Islamic Jihad, Wehrmacht Of The Reich, Nationalsozialistische Volksmarine, The Fascist Alliance of New Europe, Viertes Reich, The Anti Antifa Alliance, Holy German Empire, Osterreich, German Labor Front, German Army, Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschland, Protektorate, Kolonien, Nationalsozialistiche Asien, Aryan Taskforce, Aryana, Germany WWII, The Germanic Reich Party, Germanic Reich, Al Qaeda, Wehrwolves, The New Fascist Empire, Germany Fourth Reich, White Europe, Fascist Bloc, Greatest German Reich, The Germanic Reich, National Socialist German Reich, Nationalsozialistischen Deutschen Reich, The Greatest German Reich, National Socialist Party of NationStates, Deus DEFINITELY Vult, Legion Of Dictators, The Great Reich, The Prussian Federation, The Great Fuhrer Reich, North Bavaria, Outpost West, Lebensraum, Outpost South, The War Room, Fascist Memes, Fascist Lands Of The Pacific, Nazi Forces, United Fascist Bloc, Nova Jane Austinus, New Axis Powers, Union of the Fascist States, NSRight, The Communist Bloc, The National Axis Powers, Fascism, Fascist And Communist Entente, Terran Blood, Svea Rike, Neo Fascist Union, Reestablished Axis Powers, URF Home Base, The Region Of Allied Nations, Soviet Republic Federation, Kekistani Republic, London Pact, Confederation Of Nationalist Nations, Military, United States Of Fascist Countries, FurherReich, Stormfront Pact, Citadel, The Alliance of Anti Fascist Nations, Reformed SFFP, Reformed SFFP Roleplay Region, The Psycho Reich, The Anti MT Army Pact, The Arrow Cross Party, Arrow Cross Party, Anti MT Army Pact, Mussolini, Benito Mussolini, The New Fourth Reich, Hartfelden, Populist Fascist Union, New Fascist Regions, DasFascists, The Union Of Fascist Powers, Femdom State, Loki, Nazi Protection Agency, Traditionalist Confederacy, World Communist Alliance, The Blue Legions, The Purity League, Garda De Fier, Neo Nazi Alliance, Nazi League, The Confederacy of Imperialist Nations, New Fascist Coalition, The German Front Lines, Reichskanzlei, The Spainish Empire, Good Guy Alliance, Nazi Germany 1930s, The Greater Austro German Riech, Imperial Catholic Nazi German Reich, The Right, NationStates Fascist Party, The Unified Imperial States, The British National Socialist Superium, Legion Of National Socialism, The Kingdom of Great Britain, The Iron Fortress, Aletheia, Fascist States of America, Farkasfalka Kamra, APU, South Bavaria, Northern Redlands, The Arctic Circle, The Greatest Reich, Sembawang Fascist State, The Fascist States Of Canada, The North German Fascist Alliance, The Greater Reich, Novus Imperium Aurum, High Fascist Peak, The Hinterlands of Korr, NSUN, New United Order Of Fascism, European Axis, The National Socialist States, The New Iron Fortress, Nationalist Action, The Nu Reich, Fatherland Europa, La Venganza de Antifa, The La Venganza de Antifa, The Revenge of Antifa, Neues Heiliges Romisches Reich, High Peak of Fascism, Atron Internum, The Aryan Federation, The Nordic Union of Powers, Vetus Imperia, Allied Fascist Nations, The Fascist Dictatorship, Nazi Galore, The Black Land, the new old fascist party, AUGUSTO PINOCHET, AltRight Confederacy, Identity Evropa, The Nationalist Alliance, Iron Fortress, Southern Poverty Law Center, The European Authoritarian Collective, National Socialism And More, Wissenschaftliche Abteilung, Anti MT Army Union, Axis Forces, Royal Order, Nationalsozialistche volkstaaten, The Identitarian Movement, Identitarian Movement, Identitarianism, The Red States, The Male Coalition, The Anti Communist League, Land of Israel, Generation Identity, Identitaere Bewegung, The United Fascist Union, Nazi Depostic Europe, Fascist And Nazi International Alliance, Alliance Of Axis States, Republic of Mali, The Fascist Regime, Greater Reich, Nazi Party Of NationStates, Vippertooth33, Teutonic Castle, The Antifascist League, Teutonic League, anti antifa and mt army region, The Global Holy Roman Empire, Antifa Fleet, The United Nations of 9pol, CTFU, The Scorpio Order, fascists4fun, Alliance Of Dictators, Greater Empire Des Aurum, The Internationale, The New Old Socialist Party, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea 50s, The MT Navy, The Confederacy Of The Klan States, Teutonic Empire, Long Night Of Solace, League of the United Tribes of Dakia, The region of kek, The Anti MT Army Coalition, Hungarian Fascist Nationalist Union, The Iron Confederacy, The Fascist Defense Force, Qin Liu Dinasty, Nazi States, The Pact Of The Centuries, The Empire of Aztlan, Union Of National Socialist States, The Free Commonwealth, Nazi Nations, Drittes Reich, Free American Empire, The Eternal Reich, Authoritarian Union, National Socialist Angvar, The Revived Greater German Reich, Regime de Vichy, French State, The Nationalist Alliance Reborn, Grand Conference of Fascism, Imperial Austinus Britannia, Etat Francais, The Free Republican Commonwealth, Supreme Fascist Union, Philleppe Petains United French State, Bless, Region Of National Socialists, The Left Nationalist Pact, Nationalist And Fascist Republics, The Fascists, Reich Europa, Incelia, Dictatorship Covenant, Dictadura Imperialista, True Fascism, Nazbolgang, Nazistan, 9cord Anarcho Fascist State, The Dictators, Right Wing Party Of The Yellow Empire, Die Goldenen, Germanischer Allianz, The Imperial Tuetonic Alliance, The Imperial Catholic Nazi German Reich, Die Wehrmacht, National Socialist Empire, National Socialist America, The 4th Reich, The European Confederation Of Fascists, Greater National Socialist Reich, Fascist Allied Nations, Legion Of Fascist States, Katonai Akademia, Borenzoist Archive Region, Slava Angmar, Burnsville, Statist Alliance, United Borenzoist Powers, Franco Espana, Unified Imperialists, Holy European Order, Germania World Capital, Echo Base, Ultra Axis, Micro Union, The Union Of Fascists And Monarchies, Sereg Farkas, Farkas Lovagok, Greater American Reich, Nazi Occupied Czechoslovakia, Altenia, I r o n P a c t, Europa Pact, The Union of Fascists States, The National Socialist American Legion, Wintercrest, The United Authoritarian League, Union Of Fascist Realms, The Flotilla, The Fascist Workers Union, Nazismo, Redlandia, Coalition of National Socialists, Strike Force, The New Weimar Republic, Strike Force United, Confederation of Independent States, The Argentine Reich, The Free Nations Region, Regia Marina, The Realm of Totalitarian Regimes, The warsaw pact, United Islamic Nations, The Republic of Northern Powers, daesh isil isis, Regional Fascist Alliance, Mordkan Raxus Empire, The United Nations Of The Vile Swamp, Soviet Communism Region, Royal Alliance Organization, Neu World Order, Black Sun, Nazitopia, New Found Axis Powers, International Fascist Federation, The Grand Union of The Fascist Nations, National Socialist States of America, axis powers alliance, Axis Powers III, The United Federation of Fascist States, Global Axis, The National Socialist American Front, Politically Incorrect, Nations of the New Right, The Chimp Zone, The Union of Dictators, National Socialism Paradise, Vaterland, Wolf Pack, Lycanis, Fascist Agenda, Fascist Coalition, Axis Powers II, The Dark Riders, Dictatortopia, Union Of Fascism, Zeit des Nationalsozialismus NS Staat, The Axis Forces Of The Eagle Reich, Apartheid South Africa, Raxulan Bunicken Reich, Christianity Union, Alliance Of Freedom, Federated States Of Conservative Nations, League Of Democratic Nations, The Alliance Of Axis Powers, Democratic Socialist League, Arsenal, The Alliance Of Socialist States, The Conservative Guard, Democratic Assembly, The Third Coalition, GroBdeutschland Reich, The Greater Loyalist Reich, Wolfpack, Eagle Base, City State Berlin, G7 Alliance, NationStates Monarchists, The Imperium of Valkmar, Yorktown Federation, Order Of National Socialists, The Coalition Of Reichs, Fascism United, The Eco Fascist State, Centralized Union Of States, Alternate Europe, Royal Assembly of the Third PCWZ Empire, Thule Society, The Right Wing Coalition, The Galactic Vanguard Empire, Fascist Axis, The United Nations Of 9cord, The Nazi Alliance, Nuevo Amanecer, National Socialist Ministries, The Nationalist Empire, and Legion of Light.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Defender, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Invader, Password, Serious, and Small.

Antifa contains 9 nations, the 1,875th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Beautiful Environments in Antifa

World Census researchers spent many arduous weeks lying on beaches and trekking through rainforests to compile a definitive list of the most attractive and best cared for environments.

As a region, Antifa is ranked 12,039th in the world for Most Beautiful Environments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Armed and Unified Community of International Antifascist ActionLeft-wing Utopia“International Antifascist Action!”
2.The People's Republic of Zulankan RepresentativeLiberal Democratic Socialists“Representing North Korea in Antifa”
3.The United Socialist States of The Internationale in AntifaIron Fist Socialists“The Internationale unites the human race!”
4.The Wanted Antifa Kingpin of Mr WalrusLiberal Democratic Socialists“In The Flesh.”
5.The MT Army Leader Vipper of The Ripper33New York Times Democracy“The MT Army, Serial Nazi Hunter”
6.The Free Land of FJA AmbassadorLiberal Democratic Socialists“Freedom and Justice for All! Love, Not Hate!”
7.The Queendom of KoGB AntiFa representativeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God Save the King”
8.The Republic of Courelli in AntifaAnarchy“Nobilitatis virtus non stemma character”
9.The People's Republic of DaoineLiberal Democratic Socialists“Fascism shall not stand!”

Regional Happenings


Antifa Regional Message Board

Wow, you've been busy! Glad that FJA could help, as little as it was.

FJA Ambassador wrote:Wow, you've been busy! Glad that FJA could help, as little as it was.

We don't muck around with regards to Nazis and Fascists on NationStates ;)

Thank you for your assistance not only over the past year, but over the many years of working together.



Antifa Leadership Spy Announcement:

A number of you may be aware that recently Antifa has had issues with operational security. Specifically, we have had leaks of sensitive information that lead to a small number of defeats earlier in the year. While initially we considered that it was the result of accidental leaking, we were open to the possibility that there was a spy in our ranks. The MT Army undertook an investigation to this end.

Based on what information was leaked, the spy would have had to be in a leadership position. For obvious reasons this was highly concerning. It was also somewhat hard to believe, given how dedicated all of Antifa is to fighting the fascist menace. However, as the leaks continued, we had to confront the reality that it had to be deliberate.

Using counter-intelligence resources hidden within Nazi ranks, we were able to confirm the existence of a spy. Nazi leadership was discussing how their source was highly placed in Antifa. We were also able to obtain samples of their communications with their spy.
We do not want to give the fascists any tips on how to improve their opsec, so this public statement will not contain details of how we made this determination, but we will provide an explanation to the Antifa leadership group. However, we were able to pinpoint when and where the leaks were made, and through a process of elimination we were able to determine the identity of the spy.

The spy was Khanter w molchaniye/Khanterwinters, military leader of The Kingdom of Great Britain (KOGB) and one of our most stalwart and active soldiers.

Upon initially making this determination, we reached out to Miss Madeline, a representative from KOGB, who put us in contact with their leader King John. They initially found it hard to believe, a sentiment which we shared. Khanter had been such a dedicated fighter, and we could not understand his motivation. Regardless, KOGB heard us out and was of great assistance in our investigation. Even though one of their own was being accused, they listened to us, examined the evidence we provided, and provided valuable evidence themselves.

The body of evidence overwhelmingly points to Khanter. As such he has been removed from the leadership group, and is expelled from Antifa.

Though this was an unfortunate chapter in our history, it is also an opportunity to improve our operational security and information cleanliness. As a result of our investigation, Antifa’s security has been greatly improved, and we were reminded of how trustworthy so many of us are.

This goes double for KOGB. We had the opportunity to work closely with John, Maddie and their head of internal security Charles Lancaster, and got a great sense of them as people and as a group. We’re looking forward to continuing to bash the fash with good allies like these.


NPO did a refound tonight, and CCD lost yet another embassy as a result. Hail Pacifica!

9cord Anarcho Fascist State

The Federation of Anarchist Communes has been retired: page=rmb/postid=35919203

As such; they have withdrawn their Antifa membership, but their contributions to fighting the good fight over the past 4 years will never be forgotten.

The Federation of Anarchist Communes will be listed as a "Significant Former Member Region":

The following regions have made a commitment to standing up against Hate and Intolerance (Alphabetical Order):

Member Region


Antifa Puppet

Freedom and Justice Alliance


FJA Ambassador

In The Flesh

Warm Gun

Mr Walrus

Mariner Trench (The MT Army)


The Ripper33

North Korea (Korean Peoples Army)


Zulankan Representative

The Communist Bloc (Peoples Revolutionary Armed Forces)


Praf outpost 1

The Free Nations Region


Firebirds squad

The Kingdom of Great Britain

Miss Madeline

KoGB AntiFa representative

The Internationale


The Internationale in Antifa

The Midnight Order HQ

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The Red Fleet


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Wintercrest antifa representative

Note: Representatives are encouraged to post successful Anti-Fascist operations and refounds, achieved by the region they represent, within the Antifa Regional Message Board.

Embassies between Antifa and the successfully taken or refounded fascist region is also encouraged.

Please do not post operations or refounds that are not related to the Anti-Fascist fight.

Significant Former Member Regions

- Alliance Of Armed Nations.

- Argentina.

- Genesis Defense Project/Libcom.

- Good Guy Alliance.

- Regional Defense Committee

- The Federation of Anarchist Communes

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The MT Army Notice:

I will be unavailable for the next five weeks (possibly checking in sporadically).

During my absence Golden Hind will be acting in the role; "Leader of The MT Army" with support from Sweeze II "Second in Command of The MT Army".

A mix of old and new leadership to keep the trench functioning at its best.



Antifa Voluntary Member Regions Update

A big welcome to our two new Voluntary Member Regions: The Midnight Order HQ and Wintercrest.

Long may your NationStates Anti Nazi/Fascist efforts be :)


Of their own self realization, former Nazi/Fascist region KASIERREICH has been in discussions with Antifa Administration about rehabilitating / redeeming their region.

They have been compliant with all our requests thus far, as such we have invited them to pile for their first Antifa operation in The National Socialist American Legion, a historically significant day indeed.

The future seems promising, their path is long, but I believe their intention is genuine.


FJA Ambassador, KoGB AntiFa representative, and Wintercrest antifa representative

The MT Army Update:

Congratulations to Sweeze II for her promotion to Third in Command of The MT Army.

I made this decision based on her years of dedication, loyalty and amazing technical abilities in combination with her passion and maturity for the cause.

Pr0xy has been re-instated as an MT Army Warrior after many years away from NationStates.

Glugs and Gi-krycek have been placed on the Retired Warriors list.

I would like to share some words in response to the most recent World Assembly Security Council Resolution Commending my main nation "Vippertooth33":

Link: page=WA_past_resolution/id=315/council=2


I would like to extend my thanks for having received this honor. It’s difficult to name everyone who deserves to be thanked directly. I've been playing NationStates for so long, and have fought beside so many good people, that it would be extremely difficult to list them all. When the MT Army was commended I published a list (page=rmb/postid=28889838) but even that can’t name everyone. Just let me say this: you know who you all are; you know how important you are all to me; I salute you. It goes without saying that without your love, friendship and support I would not be where I am today.

I also extend my thanks to the Security Council and all those who voted in support of the motion. Particular thanks go to Sargon Reman and Honeydewistania for putting together the resolution and campaigning for its success. I am truly honoured that my Anti-Nazi/Fascist accomplishments have been recognised in this way.

I started out as a wide eyed school kid learning about politics through NationStates, in a small region called Mariner Trench. At the time, Nazi regions and nations were engaged in widespread raiding, and seeing evidence of mass bullying and the promotion of hate lead me down my path. I decided to stand up for what was right, forming and leading The MT Army, and I’m proud of our past 17 years of success. In my real life, I've been lucky enough to travel widely, including through parts of Europe that were horribly impacted by the Second World War. Visiting historical sites, seeing the pictures from those times, reading accounts of the events and hearing the stories, helped me even better understand the real damage fascism can do. It further steeled my resolve to do my best to stop hate having a platform in our world today, including online. I'm proud to have contributed to achieving that on NationStates, and am humbled to be acknowledged for it.

17 years of dedicated action has proven that Anti-Nazi/Fascist efforts have been effective in curtailing Nazi/Fascist aggression and hate within NationStates. We have been able to build a strong coalition across lines and in doing so we’ve made huge inroads towards stamping out this evil wherever it dares to rear its head. I encourage everyone to continue to keep our communities safe and prosperous for all time.

I hope in the future there comes a time where The MT Army is no longer needed to help protect and serve the community from abhorrent threats. Until that day comes, I will not lower my guard, I will keep fighting, and I will continue in my pursuit of denying them a platform to spread hate, tyranny, intolerance and oppression.

Thank you, everyone.


Leader of the MT Army.

“When they bring us down with hate and fear and ignorance, rise up with compassion and courage and knowledge.”

New Reich of Bunicken Statement:

It is likely many have heard the news regarding the RL death of the player behind the nation Ladymorrighan (LM), founder to both the current Antifa operation in the National Socialist Ministries (NSM) and her community of New Reich of Bunicken (Bunicken).

This presents a strange situation for Antifa given our current occupation of a deceased players region and the potential future target of Bunicken on the horizon.

We have fought many versions of Bunicken regions in the past and LM had spent a large portion of her NS career promoting fascism. Things did change for Bunicken and LM about a year and a half ago when the majority of the NS Fascist community ostracized them. We have noticed the decline of fascism within their community, perhaps out of necessity to try and integrate into the broader NS community.

However Bunicken remained a genuine target for Antifa mainly due to LM presence and an embassy with Genua.

We are determined to finish our operation in NSM given its historical significance to the Nazi/Fascists in NationStates.

However, Antifa high command cannot unanimously agree on a potential raid on a LM-less Bunicken due to the ethical dilemma presented by profiting from the IRL death of LM, especially in the light of waning fascism and as such, Antifa as a collective will not be attempting a raid on Bunicken.

I have been in contact with the de-facto leader of Bunicken, they are planning on simply shutting their region down as a memorial, dedicated to their deceased friend, whilst the population moves to a new region.


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