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Asia is the world's largest and most populous continent. It contains 30% of the planet's landmass with a multitude of cultures, peoples and traditions. Asia believes in home rule and welcomes a diversity of nations.

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Asia contains 7 nations, the 2,044th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Stationary in Asia

Long-term World Census surveillance revealed which nations have been resident in their current region for the longest time.

As a region, Asia is ranked 1,750th in the world for Most Stationary.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of WhimsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Dogs of War”
2.The Cloud of RainAuthoritarian Democracy“Wet wet wet”
3.The Federation of Republic of VitaliaNew York Times Democracy“🌱 Life and Culture 📖 · 🌷 जीवा च संस्कृति च 📚”
4.The People's Republic of DjadjoekstanCorrupt Dictatorship“Гарод Джаджуки Народ”
5.The Islands of MoluccasRight-wing Utopia“Unity in Diversity”
6.The Dominion of DannykillsIron Fist Consumerists“Tick Tick Boom”
7.The Empire of Land of Rising SunNew York Times Democracy“Dai Nippon Teikoku”

Regional Happenings


Asia Regional Message Board

CCTV Xinwen Lianbo

Today, vacationing Meritocrats were hastily recalled from their Summer break for an Emergency Session of the Assembly by the Council of Experts after the Qudrathi Empire's sudden and aggressive moves to invade Taiwan following its repatriation to the Earth Federation. By the Taiwan Communique of 2016 between the Earth Federation and the Chinese Confederacy, the Meritocracy maintains both robust civilian and military presence on Taiwan. In an unanimous motion, the Assembly of Meritocrats has declared that an attack on Taiwan is an attack on the Confederacy itself.

In response, the Council issued the following statement: "The Chinese Confederacy will not tolerate this display of unprovoked aggression. We urge the Qudrathi Empire to withdraw their forces and seek a peaceful settlement to whatever their grievance may be. While the Meritocracy does not wish to enter a conflict with the Qudrathi Empire, if forced to do so, no effort will be spared to safeguard Harmony in the Asia-Pacific."

In preparation, the Central Military Commission has ordered all forces to enter full-combat readiness and the Navy has established a Military Defense Zone around Taiwan and in the South China Sea. Admiral Liu, Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission, when questioned today on the Military's preparedness had this to say: "Our Air and Naval forces along with A2AD assets both on shore and at sea are prepared to stop any aggressor in the Region. Additionally, as we speak the Marine Corp and the Army are fortifying our positions in Taiwan and on the Coastal Mainland should full-blown confrontation occur. Make no mistake, our flag was stained red with the blood of our Patriots. From time to time, we must all be prepared to renew this sacrifice. We will exchange blow for blow and are ready to fight to the end!"

In the Ping'An district, black Hongqi Sedans can be seen in and out of embassy compounds, no doubt carrying high-level diplomatic officials caught off-guard by this chaotic development. Foreign Minister Li tried to reassured the public when caught exiting the Ministry's steps: "Look, we have to remain calm. We are working this situation out with our diplomatic contacts to avoid any further escalation. Whatever differences we have, we can resolve them better across a table than across battle-lines."

Keep your television on CCTV as we continue to bring updates from this developing story.

The earth federation


The Holy Emperor was attending the Holy Imperial Senate today in preparation for his meeting with the security council shortly after to discuss the Formosa development.

On his way through the grand halls of the senate, he couldn't help but look up at the beauty of the place; the marbled walls, priceless art and sculptures, regal golden works intertwined with precious carved stones and wood. A true sight to behold.

As he neared the council's chamber doors, the two senate guards saluted and opened the doors for him.

On entering, the Imperial Ministers were already their, chatting with one another.

With the doors closing behind him with a thud, he spoke...

The Holy Emperor of Qudrath:

"Gentlemen... I trust you have not been waiting too long... lets be seated and begin."

The men soon dispersed to their respective seats with the aides following behind them.

The Holy Emperor of Qudrath:

"so, where do we begin?", he said as he looked around...

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Communication & Information:

"Well Sire, we have had communique coming in from two nations thus far in response to the QBC broadcast.

The first came in from Sebytania Television One as an address from Comrade President Sharapov. He has highlighted his concern for a safe and smooth transition of Sebytanian Citizens on Formosa back to Sebytania. This is as one expects. A couple points to he mindful of;
1) Peaceful transition of Union Citizens
2) His recognition of Imperial right to Formosa
3) His request that Sebytanian citizens on the island after the evacuation deadline be allowed to remain as Sebytanian nations
and lastly,
4) This communique is from their national broadcast company and not as an Official Government Communication from the President's Office through Diplomatic channels.

With point 4 in mind, we are uncertain whether these are their Official Government's Position on this matter."

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Regional Strategic Defence:


Until we are certain about their Government's Official stance, we will have to keep an eye on their actions and ready ourselves for opposition from them."

The Holy Emperor of Qudrath:

"Agreed, but President Sharapov is a straightforward guy and I trust his words to be genuine.

I am instructing you all to grant his requests and assist in the repatriation of all Sebytanian nations back to their Naval escort. All courtesies are to be afforded to them.

We have a long standing relationship with The Soviet Union of Sebytania and President Sharapov and I don't want to give them any excuse to question our friendship and comradery with them."

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Regional Strategic Defence:

"What we should be concerned about is someone closer to Formosa."

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Communication & Information:

"Which brings us to the second communique I mentioned.

The Confucian Meritocracy of Chinese Confederacy (CMCC) has openly renounced our right to Formosa and has made clear statements, and I quote, 'an attack on Taiwan is an attack on the Confederacy itself' end quote."

The Holy Emperor of Qudrath:

"WAW (sarcastically)

I'm surprised their Council of Old Wind-bags was able to call an assembly. Those aging fossils are relics from an era long past.

I suppose the fact that they are still alive is a testament to their ... whatever...

I'm sure they have readied their forces for any eventualities."

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Regional Strategic Defence:

"What we should be concerned about is someone closer to Formosa."

The Holy Qudrath Minister of National Security:

"Their military has ordered full combat readiness and they have taken up a barricade around Formosa to prevent our landing."

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Regional Strategic Defence:

"Our Holy Imperial Naval Pacific and Formosa Fleets will be nearing them soon. Sat/Com indicates they will be in visual range within the hour or so.

My instruction to them thus far was to remain in International Waters until further orders. It's better that we remain in International Waters and let CMCC throw the first punch.

That will only be worse for them... Internationally Diplomatic-wise.

We have the Holy Imperial Naval Arabian, Indian and Ceilonian fleets are prepped and roaring to go. They will escort the Holy Emperor onboard the Holy Imperial Diplomatic Battle Cruiser (Sea Falcon One) to Formosa."

The Holy Emperor of Qudrath:

"Make no mistake gentlemen.

Formosa will be mine once more and their isn't a nation alive today that can stop it from happening.

Qudrath's Military capability is second to none in this region.

I levelled Mt Fuji to a valley in the past during the Great Asian War. That was the final blow that brought about the end to that war.

If the CMCC and their old wind-bags have forgotten that, then I am more than happy to give them a history lesson and demonstration they will never forget... at least for the rest of their short lives."

This those sobering words, the hall became quiet and the fear of the Holy Emperor could be seen on all faces their. It was now that the memories of that great war came flooding back to them in tidal waves. This Emperor was born in the fires of that war and his cruelty and bloodlust flows in his veins along side his blood and unyielding nature. Truly, one of the last great conqueror of this region and one of the few superpower nations.

In the silence the Holy Emperor stood and gave instructions to a Praetorian Guard standing nearby to prepare his transport to the Holy Imperial Diplomatic Battle Cruiser.

As he left, the Holy Imperial Ministers all slowly composed themselves to normalcy and began making their necessary preparations for the upcoming events.

End of Scenario
End IC


OOC: When studies aren't killing me, work is. Don't expect any super-active RPing from my part.


Sebytania Television One

We interrupt our regular programming to bring to you breaking news. As Qudrathi forces approach Formosa Island, the Chinese Confederacy has voiced its opposition. In a previous broadcast, President Sharapov voiced his concern for our fellow Sebytanians residing on the island, what seems to have caught the attention of international press were his seemingly supportive words for the Qudrathi cause. The Union has been called in for an unscheduled meeting today, but we've received no information beyond that from official sources. Tatiana Tarov is on site at Revolution Square in downtown Segety. Tatiana, what does it look like over there?

"Thank you, Boris. The few protesters in the area seem to be calm, and the military presence in the area is slightly elevated. The main objective of the military seems to be supporting the SSS in keeping the numerous journalists at bay. As you can see... Hold on, the doors of the press balcony are opening! Ivan, get a good shot!"


A man, dressed in a light-grey suit as usual, stepped out after four SSS agents, followed by another two. His voice was amplified by the loudspeakers installed around the square, something Sebytanian live journalists were used to but what kept the audio specialists of foreign media busy year after year, trying to eliminate the echo.

"As you may or may not know, the Union has gathered today to because of the events revolving around Formosa Island. First of all, I'd like to say that we are far from finished with our meeting, this statement is just to ensure the people know what's happening behind those heavy doors.

While I did say that in my opinion Qudrath has fair claim to the island, that was and is my opinion, however the Union may decide otherwise.

Even my stance on the matter was simplified in the previous statement, as I was mainly concerned about the safety of our fellow Sebytanians. Formosa Island occupies an important strategic location, and due to this, I'd like to see a permanent EASTO presence on the island even if the area is under Qudrathi control."

One of the agents shadowing Sharapov whispered something to his ear, careful to cover his mouth to prevent lip-reading.

"It would appear that my presence is required inside."

Sharapov turned back towards the balcony doors, took a step, then stopped abruptly. He turned back towards the square and said:

"Oh, and one more thing. Some people call this whole ordeal an act of imperialist aggression. If that's the case, well, most of you know where I stand on that kind of stuff."

After referring to his past as leading the revolution, a topic he rarely mentioned, Sharapov gave the public a dry smile, lit a cigarette and walked indoors, escorted by the clone-like SSS agents.


Back to the studio, this is Boris Smirnov. We will keep you updated about the ongoing Union meeting. But now, we'll return to our usual programming, episode 3 of season 1 of Brave and the Pretty...

OOC: Yeah, I can probably write like once a week. Max.

Secret IC:

Council Meeting Minutes

Undisclosed Fortified Location

Members Present

President Xi - Chairman of the Council of Experts; Chairman of the Central Military Commission; President of the Meritocracy
Premier Wei - Vice-Chairman of the Council of Experts; Premier of the Meritocracy, First-Meritocrat of the Assembly of Meritocrats
Councilor-Expert Li - Minister of Foreign Affairs
Councilor-Expert Shi - Minister of the Interior
Admiral Liu - Minister of Defence; Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission

Each member seated around a large round table under bright florescent lights surround by large LCD panel displaying new feeds, situation reports and satellite maps.

Xi: I call into session this emergency meeting. Thank you for attending on such short notice gentlemen. Let's us start with an update from Admiral Liu on our current preparations.

Liu: Thank you Mr. President. Reports from our 1st, 3rd and 7th fleets in the South China Sea observe a large Quadrathi presence. However, they have come to a stop around our Military Defense Zone in the South China Sea.

Wei: I'm a little surprised they didn't come in with guns blazing with all their boasting.

Liu: Heh. Sir, I don't think they could, even if they tried. With an antiquated military that's barely half the size of our forces, we have the material, supply and morale advantage. The South China Sea, by all intends and purposes is a Chinese lake.

Shi: And what of the mainland and Taiwan? You do realize half our economy is on the Coast right? What are you doing to defend those?

Liu: You needn't worry about that. If somehow, they land, whatever they have left - and not much - will have to storm our fortified landing positions.

Shi: And if those don't hold?

Liu: Well, we have mobilized reservists and dispersed them throughout the Urban centres, it will be a mano-a-mano fight in the streets.

Shi: Citizens? Your backup plan is to arm hipsters and baristas?

Liu: They will give the Quadrathi a hard enough time. We're playing on our own field while their lines will be stretched thin. Even if all resistence is elimiated on Taiwan; we have rigged every facility to blow; we have missles ready to scortch the whole island. It will be a lot of blood for an island of ash.

Shi: And the coast? The Mainland? You're talking about the Emperor of Quadrath. He leveled Mount Fuji if you've forgotten.

Liu: As I said, we'll give'em hell. Our strategic forces are prepared sir, to trade blow for blow with Quadrath. We will level city for city. MIRV, Hyersonic Glide Vehicle, and strategic bombers are already on stand-by. There'll be nothing left of them.

Shi: You're mad Admiral! The cost to lives and treasure would be enormous! All for what? To keep an island?

Liu: Not just an island sir! The Chinese people have been on Taiwan since Ancient times! It is our sacred duty to protect ever last inch.

Shi: And trigger a thermonuclear war to do it?

Liu: If that's what it takes! Some of us, at least, are not cowards!

Wei: Enough! Settle down. I have met the Emperor of Quadrath at the Conference of Sendai. He is aloof, but he is a reasonable and rational man. He stopped his ships because he is hoping we'd make the first move. He knows that Sebytania has a presence on Taiwan. If he strikes Taiwan, he strikes EASTO.

Li: Quite right. President Sharapov is a compassionate man. He cares deeply for his citizens. A peaceful evacuation of Sebytanian civilians from Taiawn was a wise move in face of such an abrupt presence of Quadrathi Forces. But Sebytanian forces still remain on the island.

Wei: And what is Sebytania's position exactly?

Li: We have made our concerns known to them through EASTO channels. The Union is currently in deliberation. Much like us. One thing is for sure however. If Quadrath sparks war, then the Union's deliberation will decidedly shift.

Liu: Well that makes it easy. We will entrench on land and harass on the sea. We will strangle Qudrathi lines and starve them home.

Shi: You make it sound like this is a walk in the park. You realize our trade lines run through the Taiwan Strait and the SCS? With the military standoff, nothing is moving south. We are losing billions, industrialists and investors are spooked.

Liu: They can be damned. Putting profit before country, they should all be shot!

Wei: Enough Admiral! Shooting our own in a war? Have you lost your senses?

Liu: I apologize sir, I'm merely stating that business ought not to be a consideration in times like this.

Li: Well not quite. I suspect this whole thing is about business. After the failure of his Asia tour, the Emperor must feel quite isolated from the rest of Asia. Afterall, he aligned himself closely with the now failed "Asian-Union". The Minster of the interior will know of course, that our trade with Quadrath is not insignificant. Our economy accounts for roughly half of their oil and refined exports. Exports that are currently not flowing through the SCS.

Liu: What's your point? I thought this was a strategy meeting, not a investor conference call!

Shi: His point, Admiral, is that Quadrath wants engagement, not war.

Liu: They want Taiwan!

Li: Well. Maybe, they could have a piece.

Liu: What? This is treason!

Li: Not for nothing.

Wei: Please Admiral! What are you thinking Minister Li?

Li: Well. Clearly, there is an opportunity here for lasting peace. If we invite Qudrath in. Then they won't have to rattle their sword any more.

Liu: You're talking about Chinese Citizens become subjects! Slaves!

Li: Not under Quadrathi control. Remember the Shanghai Cooperative Organization?

Wei: That org that became defunct after the collapse of the AU?

Li: Yes, what if we reactivated it? Admitted Qudrath and put Taiwan under the SCO Administration with EASTO and Qudrath. Free open ports for trade. Regulated joint command for military operations.

Adm Liu: So we give away half the farm because they showed up with a shotgun. Now they live next door and guess what? They keep their shotgun?

Li: Well. We can ask for something in return to EASTO. If Quadrath wants in on Taiwan, EASTO should reclaim Socrota. Both islands will be run under the SCO. Prime spots to facilate trade. Mutual military presence ensures the peace.

Wei: How do we know they will buy this?

Li: We don't, but it's heck of a lot better than war.

Liu: One that they can't win! We should be fighting instead of appeasing! I can't believe my ears. Mr. President! Please, stop this nonsense.

Xi: Admiral. We have heard all view points. I now ask for a vote in the Council.

Votes Commence:

Resolution on Negotiations with Qudrath under the SCO Framework

Premier Wei: FOR
Foreign Minister Li: FOR
Interior Minister Shi: FOR
Defense Minster Liu: AGAINST

3-1 FOR. Chairman Tie-Breaker Vote not required.

Xi: The resolution passes. Gentlemen. I hope this overture works to bring the Quadrathi to the table. But I adjourn knowing that we are prepared to meet any challenge. The meeting is now concluded. Godspeed to each of you.

Location: Southern Waters of the South China Sea - Southern-most Boundary of the 12-dash Military Defense Zone - 1st Fleet Flag-Ship - Supercarrier CCS Azure Dragon - Bridge

Comms Officer: Admiral, incoming transmission from the Central Military Commission: Priority One:

For immediate and continuous broadcast on all open frequencies:

Quadrathi Forces. You are approaching Chinese Confederate Exclusive Military Zone. Further encroachment will result in military confrontation.

By Order of Council, your civilian representatives are invited to discuss terms of peaceful de-escalation to this standoff.

Negotiations are proposed on the Island of Hainan. Your emissary vessel will be granted safe, escorted passage through the MDZ.


International Waters of Formosa Island.

***As-salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah***

It is a hot day in the South China Sea. Actually, with the arrival of the two Imperial Naval Fleets, things heated up a bit more. It seems to be a stand off.

The South China Seas is usually a very busy commercial sea passage, however, the waters was unusally calm because of the CCMC's blockade.

The Holy Imperial Navy's Flagship of the Pacific Fleet is the command vessel during this mission. Onboard the bridge was the Pacific Fleet's Commanding Admiral, who was survielling the surroundings and strategizing with his command officers.

A communications officer walks over to the officers and salutes... on gaining their attention he delivers a message...

Junior Communications Officer - Pacific Fleet Flagship:

"Admiral, there is a communication from Sea Falcon One (Imperial Battle Cruise One: the Holy Emperor's Private Yacht - and you guessed it.. its a repurposed Imperial Naval Battle Destroyer Class Ship)

The Holy Emperor is arriving within the hour and requests that all command officers meet with him for a breifing and SitRep."

Pacific Fleet's Command Admiral:

"Very well. Inform the Holy Emperor that all will be done as requested ...oh and have a personnel transport shuttle ready for us to go to Sea Falcon One the minute it arrives. We have a plan of attack and we are eager to relay the plans."

The Coms Officer saluted in acknowledgement and left to his orders.


The Communications Cheif had just relayed the CMCC's broadcast to the Holy Emperor.

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Communication & Information:

"They are swift moving these days, aren't they."

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Regional Strategic Defence:

"Is that a tone of sarcasm in your voice Minister?"

The Holy Emperor of Qudrath:

"No.. I agree... it is does seem unusually hasty for them to invite a contingent over to discuss the matter.

I must admit... it is unsettling. We know the CMCC likes to show the lenght and breath of their so-called military might, but all they have is numbers. Its not match for our technological advances.

Anyway, we will meet with them after I have met with the Admiral and his Command. He says he has a plan of attack and I an interested. I would really like to see the cost of this battle, that is .. if one was to ensue.

Send a message to President Sharapov that his evecuation vessels must be here soon."

End of Scenario
End IC


Sorry guys, I really thought I'd have more time during the summer at least, but seems like not. And now it's almost time for my biannual relocation to the other side of Europe, as well as the subsequent increase in workload. The sudden decision to run a marathon next year doesn't exactly help :D

Sebytania wrote:OOC:

Sorry guys, I really thought I'd have more time during the summer at least, but seems like not. And now it's almost time for my biannual relocation to the other side of Europe, as well as the subsequent increase in workload. The sudden decision to run a marathon next year doesn't exactly help :D


The earth federation


RIP Qudrath, again.

It also seems that I'm no longer delegate. Nor do I have interest in being one, like previously stated.

The earth federation

Farewell Qudrath...

At least the terror of Taiwan is over. Haha.

This is probably our last transmission.

Thanks NK, TA, Seb, Ceil, CC, Vit, Q, etc.

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