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Founder: Aukumnian founder

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Welcome to the Aukumnian Imperium! ~ From the 14th of August, 2018 to the 22nd of September, 2019.
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Recent News 📰
  • Aukumnia is closing. Thank you to everyone. You were all great <3.

  • Read the final statement from the Emergency Government Council.

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    Master Dispatch

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    Political Parties

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    The Aukumnia Times | Issue VII

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    The RMB Guidelines

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Embassies: Wintreath and The Fallout Wasteland.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Founderless, Independent, Minuscule, Password, Regional Government, Role Player, Social, and World Assembly.

Aukumnian Imperium contains 2 nations.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Mining Sector in Aukumnian Imperium

World Census experts measured the volume of stuff removed from the ground to determine which nations have the largest mining industries.

As a region, Aukumnian Imperium is ranked 5,584th in the world for Largest Mining Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Zorn of Die Konigin der NachtIron Fist Consumerists“Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen”
2.The Time-Honored Kingdom of CuthfordLeft-Leaning College State“Dark and Light, we all must keep the balance strong”

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Aukumnian Imperium Regional Message Board

Imperial republican states of america

Red Wolf Alliance

Coastal republican states wrote:I know yall.... kinda died. As the Director of Roleplay Affairs of TDR, would anyone here be interested in joining our RP?

Not dead, just located elsewhere now.

Coastal republican states

Coastal republican states wrote:I know yall.... kinda died. As the Director of Roleplay Affairs of TDR, would anyone here be interested in joining our RP?

Not located elsewhere, just dead
Thanks for the offer

Matthew bad

The latest Force Flyer is out!


Controversy in the Court, General Elections, an N-Day loss-turned-victory, trouble in the Warzones, and a newly reinvigorated RP

Controversy in the Court Part 1 by The Chariot

During our recent, quite notable ministerial elections, two court cases were filed: Libertatis Regalis vs. Salibaic, and Libertatis Regalis vs. Greatest Elysium. While it is no secret that Libertatis is not the biggest fan of the defendants, these court cases have brought his distaste into the limelight.

Libertatis vs. Salibaic was an old court case that technically never came to a close, due to it being privately settled. Libertatis filed it once again due to his claim that Salibaic was, again, twisting the words of others and being dishonest. This move would bring backlash to Libertatis, the recurring nature of it making some feel it was unfair. Once the case was accepted, Salibaic, clearly frustrated, agreed to take any punishment or condition levied at him, pleading guilty in the case. He was given a 3 month ban on voting.

Shortly after filing Libertatis vs. Salibaic, Libertatis filed a case against Elysium as well. Elysium was a major supporter of Salibaic, and his campaigning is what got him in trouble. In the roleplay Discord, Elysium told Of Sgrub to vote, with the implication to vote for Salibaic. While this would not be a problem normally, at the time, Of Sgrub had ceased to exist, making him a non-citizen. Depending on constitutional interpretation, Elysium’s actions could be illegal. This, by extension, could also make actions by current Minister of Communications Loomburg in the past illegal, which could bring up further questions on the constitution.

Controversy in the Court Part 2 and General Elections in Force by Lashnakia

On October the 1st, Candidacy Announcements were officially opened for Prime Minister of Force. This was set to be a historic race, as neither Lashnakia or Libertatis Regalis, who had been criticised regarding his activity in the cabinet that term, were running. Libertatis Regalis has had 4 terms as PM, while Lashnakia had been the only person to have served as PM for a long time other than Libertatis Regalis, and he had previously stated he was planning to run. However, Lashnakia released a statement announcing he was going to step back from Governmental Affairs, and was not going to be running. With Libertatis Regalis running for the House, this produced the most wide open election for Prime Minister, really and truly, in Force history. Initially, 4 candidates made announcements stating their intention to run, however Zamperial later dropped out of the race in favour of a seat in the House of Representatives, who had only 4 candidates, and 1 ended up later being disqualified for not answering mandatory questions. Back to the race for Prime Minister however, the race was beginning to heat up. Lashnakia News Service made an offer to all three candidates to participate in a debate away from the usual questions posed on the forums. Two of three candidates accepted the offer, those being The Chariot and Salibaic. Due to technical issues, the debate was held in a voice channel, and was not published, however the substance of the debate still proved interesting. Among the main highlights, was The Chariot setting out his plans to abolish to Defense and Communications Ministry’s, Salibaic saying he would have more commitment in the job than his opponents. Both candidates seem to dismiss Salibaic’s previously infamous past, and set their sights on the future. Salibaic laid out his ambitious plans for Roleplay in both debates, while The Chariot argued his pro-independent defense policy. Had New Legland accepted the offer to participate, there could’ve been more of a debate on that, due to a differing position on defense policy. Both candidates gave slight criticisms of the outgoing PM’s activity, while not wanting to stir up conflict. Away from the LNS Debate, the normal debate questions didn’t seem to provoke much difference. Salibaic laid out his plans for RP, seemingly confident that could generate the activity the region had been lacking. Salibaic and the Chariot both stated their intent to cooperate in the case of an ally cutting ties and spreading false information about Force. Both candidates wanted to revamp Roleplay, although the Chariot had a more Culture-focused approach, and also wanted to bolster the military, which had previously had massive problems with activity. This election’s main focus was clearly on the dramatic dip in activity and how to fix it. In the days preceding the debate, Salibaic was comfortably leading in the polls, and the debate didn’t seem to swing voters any other way exactly. However one day after voting began, Libertatis Regalis dramatically took Salibaic to court, for similar charges to the case he took him to court for around 6 months ago. He also took Elysium to court for alleged voter fraud. There was drama in the cabinet, as Deputy Prime Minister Lashnakia dramatically resigned, citing his ‘displeasure’ at the PM’s decision to bring a court case, among other comments which ignited a rather fiery clash between the former Prime Minister. Despite all this controversy Salibaic was still elected Prime Minister, with 9 votes to The Chariot’s 6. The cases are still ongoing, as we wait for the Jury to rule on the case, we reached out for comment among those involved with the case, and the new PM’s previous opponent, The Chariot.

An N-Day Almost Lost by The Chariot

Who does everyone hate? Liberals. Last N-Day we set out to destroy all of them. And so, All Nations Against Liberals was formed. Consisting of several large liberal-hating regions such as Force, Free Nations Region, Alvaria, Red Wolf Alliance, and Thaecia, it was a hugely successful alliance, even reaching number one on the leaderboards multiple times.

But then the liberal establishment struck.

One person from UPPERCUTS started sending hundreds of puppets’ worth of nukes, constantly sapping our shields. Bikini Bottom, from the liberal region known as South Pacific, nuked us like the liberals they are, all directed at a single nation. After putting up a valiant fight against the liberal establishment that permeates NationStates, eventually lost to the biggest, the baddest, the most liberal: the technologically driven fully automated gay space communist known as the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. We climbed the leaderboards once again, but this time up the radiation board. Thousands upon thousands of nukes barreled in, wiping out all but few of our nations. Would the liberals prevail once again? It seemed so; all was lost.

But then… in a plan proposed by grand destroyer of liberals, Cerdenia, the liberal-fighting force made a comeback. Secretly stockpiling nukes in Ousted Nations Against Liberals, we waited until the last second. Right before the event ended, all our nukes were sent out. A torrent of liberal-killing justice, ORAL’s position as a top ten faction was secured. With a little help from our friends over at the Augustin Alliance, the third ANAL coming managed to fend off the liberals. Amid the liberal NationStates, All Nations Against Liberals has managed to come out on top, showing that even under the suppression of the liberal establishment, justice will always prevail!

The Airspace-Grounded Federation by The Chariot

Everyone knows the Warzones are fragile. Unfortunately, it’s a fact that the Warzone Federation may have forgotten. Recently, the large, formerly GCR-backed coalition for Warzone stability collapsed, but not due to raiders, no. It was due to internal conflict.

Warzones are fundamentally unstable. This is due to a couple reasons: they have no founder, there is no cost to banning, and bans are temporary. This makes is common fodder for raiders and defenders alike, as even the more peaceful side of NationStates military considers the warzones fair game. It was exactly this fundamental instability that the Warzone Federation sought to resolve. Boasting impressive update numbers and gameplay-wide support, things were looking up.

Soon, however, a series of hurdles struck the Warzones. The defection of Ballpit, the controversy surrounding the banning of Dinoium, the repeated attacks against the warzones, and the nail in the coffin: Meat’s withdrawal. Meat had been occupying and defending Warzone Airspace with its military on account of the Warzone Federation.

After an unclear conversation between former President Alnorud and Delegate Domais, Airspace decided to withdraw from the Federation. Soon, Warzone Africa decided to follow suit due to concerns over election clarity. After weeks of military struggle, the Federation eventually gave into the secessionist Warzones’ demands: impeach Alnorud and recognize Domais as the delegate of Warzone Airspace. Even though this deal went through, the fractures of the war were far from being repaired. John Laurens was appointed president, which many thought was unjust. Warzone Europe seceded from the Federation, with Alnorud at the helm. Shortly after, John Laurens disbanded the Federation.

Roleplay Reset by Renegalle

Following a long hiatus of RP inactivity, due mostly to the statistics program being down and thus a long backlog of applicants, RP is finally back. The newly re-created Ministry of Roleplay and its Minister, Alemputo, have created a new map for the RP as well as a reset, where existing lore has been vanquished and new lore is coming into being. No significant RP events have happened as of yet, but with the new activity, there will be in the days to come.

For more information, contact Loomburg through Discord (TrueParanormal#7915)
or apply to join the LinkCivil Service!




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Ah, it appears as the founder account perished.


Hey there!

I’ll be sending this to all our embassy regions, however last month the mods cautioned for posting the Force Flyer on multiple RMBs, and told not to do it again. Now, if I understand it correctly, there are plenty of other regions that do similar, so I can’t see why we shouldn’t. However, to compensate for this we are going to ask your permission directly on your RMB if we may post our Force Flyer, as we believe it is our obligation to inform our embassies of what is happening in the region, and this is also an attempt to assure the mods we are not just spamming the Force Flyer everywhere. So, if someone with the appropriate authority to authorise can answer, may we have your permission to post our Force Flyer on your RMBs?

Lashnakia - Minister of Foreign Affairs for Force

Never forget.


Gil lodihr wrote:Never forget.


Just a heads-up for formality's sake; South Pacific will shortly be closing this region's embassy and consulate. Should anyone wish to discuss this, please shoot me a telegram.

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