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Congrats on being home!!

- XKI Delegate Kuriko

Thank you very much!

Other than myself, who else has their primary or only nation here?

Oh geez. I didn't mean to deny the embassy request from The Embassy but once we have established an embassy with United States of America, we will have a connection to them.


Hey, welcome to California!

10 billion Goldensonians.

If anyone here is not a past, present, or future resident of the state of California, including those who frequently visit the state of California twelve times a year or more, I ask you to please kindly depart this region.

If anyone here is a puppet nation, please kindly depart this region.

Too bad Oregon does not do embassies like the other neighboring states do.

It is unfortunate.

Hello! I'm a puppet of Ransium many years ago before California lost its original delegate, I founded this nation to be a puppet in California. Unfortunately, I left this nation CTE and when I tried to move back California had been locked. Anyway, I'm glad to be back to a free and open California again :)

While I welcome you, puppets are not allowed in California. That being said, I will use the "eject" command to kindly remove you from the region.

I've waited long enough. I'm commencing ejection of all known puppet states at my temporal discretion.

Hello everyone



hello :)

Post self-deleted by The hotel-california.

The hotel-california wrote:On a dark desert highway


The triarchy of casanovia

Hello, I am a nation located on the coast of California. I would like to have some sort of role in this region if possible, thank you.

Welcome to the region. What sort of function would you like to do Casanovia?

The triarchy of casanovia

I'm not a 100% sure, what are my options?

Post self-deleted by Republican iran.

Republican iran

Let us create the utopian world that noone has ever seen!
Glory to the Californians and nations within!

Greetings, our raging expansion of regions have recently came to California!

Welcome new people!