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Cereskia wrote:canada


Im here for a bit until I can plan my revenge on Only Girls, also canada is my favourite country.


Hey guys! Come on over to the XKI, Owlograd from Europe is serving us all doughnuts! Doughnut party!

There appear to be problems at TapaTalk. If anyone else has problems with access the forum, please let me know.

EDIT - Tapa claim it was just a "server glitch". Should be OK now.

Hey there!


Hope everyone is having a happy Friday Eve!

Weekend was too short :(

Stormaen and Nouveau canadia

Ah, that's a shame Soliysk.
Hopefully it was short because of the good things.

Nouveau canadia and Tontaun

Aloha from TRR, Canada!

I've got a foreign affairs update for you!

Eastern roman america

I'm back... that is, if any of you remember me...
Technically I was never gone, just gone from Canada.
Anything happen since... what was it... pg 436?

Woobactac, then.

A new force flyer arrives! See what we've been up to!

February Force Food of the Month, TSSU Debacle, and the brand new Cad Talk in this February edition of the Force Flyer!

RECIPE OF THE MONTH by Tigslarlowducken

  • 1-quart heavy cream

  • 1 vanilla bean, split and scraped

  • 1 cup vanilla sugar, divided

  • 6 large egg yolks

  • 2 quarts hot water


  1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Place the cream, vanilla bean and its pulp into a medium saucepan set over medium-high heat and bring to a boil.

  3. Remove from the heat, cover and allow to sit for 15 minutes. Remove the vanilla bean and reserve for another use.

  4. In a medium bowl, whisk together 1/2 cup of the sugar and the egg yolks until well blended and the mixture just begins to lighten in color.

  5. Add the cream a little at a time, stirring continually. Pour the liquid into 6 (7 to 8-ounce) ramekins.

  6. Place the ramekins into a large cake pan or roasting pan.

  7. Pour enough hot water into the pan to come halfway up the sides of the ramekins.

  8. Bake just until the creme brulee is set, but still trembling in the centre. This should take approximately 40 to 45 minutes.

  9. Remove the ramekins from the roasting pan and refrigerate for at least 2 hours and up to 3 days.

  10. Remove the creme brulee from the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before browning the sugar on top.

  11. Divide the remaining 1/2 cup vanilla sugar equally among the 6 dishes and spread evenly on top. Using a torch, melt the sugar to form a crispy top. Allow the creme brulee to sit for at least 5 minutes before serving. Propane gas torches are highly flammable and should be kept away from heat, open flame and prolonged exposure to sunlight. They should be used only in well-ventilated areas. Follow the torch manufacturer's instructions for use.

TSSU ISSUE: Our Response as a Union by Union Dispatch Office

"The Union of Force has terminated relations with TSSU following a breakdown in relations. Force was provided with incontrovertible proof of the Council's corruption, willingly and deliberately co-ordinating to manipulate their elections to deliberately prevent certain individuals from making it into government, going so far as to encourage candidates not to run for certain positions so that votes could be consolidated into one preferred individual, instead of splitting the vote, potentially allowing the unwanted member to win. There was also proof provided of court corruption, as trials were manipulated to achieve results that the Council wanted, and instead of even remotely owning up to their faults, the council immediately attempted to arrest the individuals who provided the proof. Force had attempted to hold negotiations to allow for the relations to be ended on good terms, however, the Council instead opted to be egregiously rude, and as such, relations were terminated immediately, rather than allow our members to be abused in such a manner."

Hey there, it's your old pal Cad here to give you some informative relief from the mess we're all in. If you're reading this, then you're browsing the internet and are probably a regular consumer of all things online - but did you know you can browse the web smarter, even to the point of helping charities and protecting the environment while not taking out any money, all at the comfort of your own home! Here are some of the ways you can help the world while using the internet:

    • Link🌿 Ecosia is one of the best ways you can help the environment while searching the web! This search engine, which displays results powered by Bing, spends the money it earns from ads to plant trees and invest in green campaigns and infrastructure - over 80% of their profits actually go towards planting trees in places like Madagascar, India, Kenya, and others, and they've planted millions of trees already! Their services also run on renewable energy - and are CO2 positive! They also don't sell your data to advertisers and anonymize your searches within a week! Their financial reports can also be found Linkhere for ultimate transparency!

    • Link🌊 OceanHero is similar to Ecosia in which your searches help fund an environmental cause, only this time, their profits go to cleaning the oceans of plastic waste! Its search results are also powered by Bing, and they've partnered with Plastic Bank, which has plastic collection hubs in Indonesia, Haiti, and the Philippines. As proof of their efforts, you can view how much plastic they've collected with their certificates Linkposted here. While it's not recognized as a default search engine on most browsers like Ecosia is, you can still add it and use it as smoothly as most other search engines.

      • You can install the Chrome extension for OceanHero Linkhere or their mobile browser app Linkhere, or like how I did with Ecosia, add it on Linkthis fancy customizable widget on your phone I use which allows you to switch between search engines right on your home screen!

    • Can't choose between saving the forests or saving the oceans? Why not have a little bit of both and more with Link🌈 YouCare, a search engine where you choose where your donations go! The money you help generate from ads can go with the million of meals they've helped make for shelter animals, the three-hundred thousand square cm of coral reef planted, the 13k kilograms of plastic removed from oceans, four thousand hours of schooling to the disadvantaged, twenty thousand trees planted, 4 million litres of drinking water contributed, and 3,000 minutes of cancer research funded.

      • You can install the Chrome extension for YouCare Linkhere or their mobile browser app Linkhere, or like how I did with Ecosia, add it on Linkthis fancy customizable widget on your phone I use which allows you to switch between search engines right on your home screen!


    • Every time you open a new tab, it's just the boring old search engine and some sites you might have recently visited. If you're okay with changing these new tabs, there are a bunch of extensions that have a similar mission - display small banner ads whenever you open a new tab and the revenue they'll receive will go straight to various charitable causes. Many of these extensions also add much more customizability and convenience to your new tabs - not to mention they look clean and aesthetically pleasing!

      • Link💜 Tab For A Cause has raised over a million dollars just from showing small ads whenever you open a new tab! They've partnered with 10 different charitable organizations for causes such as ending world hunger, giving clean water, addressing poverty, defending human rights, educating children in third-world countries, saving the environment, and even combating mass incarceration. Their list of partners can be found Linkhere and their financial reports Linkhere

      • Link🌐 OpenTabs works similarly but focuses more on two causes - addressing poverty and saving trees. They've saved over fifty thousand trees and provided over a hundred microloans. You can also find their financial reports Linkhere as they're all for transparency and privacy.

      • Link💕 GiveHearts, while less polished than the above two, works similarly to Tab For A Cause but is partnered with over two times more non-profits! In addition to the causes supported by Tab For A Cause, they also help support mental health initiatives, health and research, animal welfare, and various other humanitarian charities. A full list of their partners can be found Linkhere.


    • If you commonly shop online, especially during this pandemic, you might want to consider looking into some extensions which help generate revenue for saving the environment while you place an order online - for no additional costs or fees!

      • Link🌱 refoorest is a bit different from the next two extensions, as not only is it partnered with different shopping websites, but also various other websites in which simply visiting them generates money to put towards planting new trees! It displays partner websites on your search engine while you browse so you know which one can be opened to help the environment. Some of their partner websites include Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart, Target, and EBay, so if you commonly visit those websites, consider installing reforest!

      • Link🌲 TreeClicks is a big one, as it is partnered with over 50,000 online stores such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Target, Tesco, Ikea, Adobe, Honey, Quora, Disney+, iTunes, heck even Grammarly! They impose no additional purchase fees and instead earn money by receiving advertising fees from the partner store for bringing you in to shop with them! They've planted thousands of trees, primarily in India, so if you want to plant a tree with your next delivery, add the TreeClicks extension today!

      • Link🌳 EcoCart can make your purchases carbon neutral by simply clicking a button at checkout! They receive a small commission fee for bringing you in to shop in their partnered online stores such as FootLocker, Sephora, Levi's, Bose, Freshly, Kohl's, Vans, Petco, and 10,000 other online stores! The revenue they receive goes to creating wind energy, providing clean drinking water, and planting new trees. Not only that, but your purchases can also earn you EcoPoints which can be redeemed for coupons, gift cards, and even planting more trees!


It's your friendly neighbourhood Cad here with another article giving you some relief from the things going down around us. Surely you've heard of YouTube, and there's a good chance you're still amidst a pandemic, so why not read some of my recommendations for you to find some high-quality content on YouTube so you have something to fill your free time with!

  • LinkOverSimplified - there's a good chance you've already watched an OverSimplified video, as even if there's not a lot of videos available, the beautifully animated and comedic "in-a-nutshell" type videos are widely popular and viewed. Need to learn about some historical events in a short period of time? Brush up your knowledge on OverSimplified!

    • Popular videos include WW2 Oversimplified, The Cold War Oversimplified, and The American Revolution Oversimplified. My personal favorites include The Emu War Oversimplified and Three Kingdoms Oversimplified

  • LinkHalf As Interesting - HAI creates amazingly animated satirical education videos, each only 5-6 minutes long! They are extremely entertaining yet surprisingly informative as stories and trivia are summed up in a short amount of time.
    • Popular videos include Why Photos of the Eiffel Tower at Night Are Illegal, The Secret Protocol for When the Queen Dies, and The Man Who Time Travelled 0.2 Seconds. My personal favourites include What Is The Shortest-Lived Country in History and Why Saudi Arabia Imports Sand

  • LinkWendover Productions - this channel is run by the same person who runs Half As Interesting, and is also home to similar content, just a bit longer as videos here are over 20-25 minutes long, as well as a couple of hour-long documentaries. If you've run out of HAI videos to watch, Wendover Productions is sure to have more to your liking!

    • Popular videos include How Aircraft Carriers Work, China's Geography Problem, and How Submarines Work. My personal favorites include How Overnight Shipping Works and How Embassies Work

  • LinkPolyMatter - while run by a different person, PolyMatter has beautifully designed and animated educational videos covering multiple trivial subjects, similar to HAI. These videos last 10-15 minutes each and have truly quality content as each video is animated to the smallest detail.
    • Popular videos include What Do iPhones Really Cost, Why Bing Isn't A Failure, and How Cruise Ships Work. My personal favorites include Why Starbucks is Actually a Bank and What is Tencent

  • LinkA Hill To Die On - while not home to as many videos, this channel is also run by the same person who runs PolyMatter, and obviously, is home to similar animated content.

    • Popular videos include Why Fahrenheit is Better, Morning vs. Night Showers, and Tomatoes are Vegetables. My personal favorites include The Case Against Timezones and Netflix Ratings Suck

  • LinkVox - while you might have already heard of Vox News, you might not have realized they actually create a whole lot of content aimed at fulfilling their tagline, "explaining the news". These videos are extremely well-edited, informative, and contemporary as it addresses many recent events you might not be informed about. Their videos are a shining example of video journalism as they have several different series addressing several different things.
    • Popular videos include The rise of Vladimir Putin, Inside Hong Kong's Cage Homes and The Israel-Palestine Conflict. My personal favorites include How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump and From white supremacy to Barack Obama: The Democratic Party

  • LinkCompany Man - this channel focuses a lot on providing context and information on different well-known companies, their histories, competition, and even some of their downfalls in well-made animated educational videos.

    • Popular videos include The Decline of Chuck E Cheese's, The Rise and Fall of Krispy Kreme and What is Vevo. My personal favorites include FedEx vs UPS and Comcast - Why They're Hated

  • LinkSlidebean - Slidebean is a service that has allows aspiring entrepreneurs to create pitch decks, but their channel is surprisingly full to the brim with quality content mostly addressing companies and start-ups, their success stories, why they failed, and even some informative videos for aspiring start-ups.
    • Popular videos include How Zoom defeated Skype, How Spotify Beat Apple, and The Death of Yahoo. My personal favorites include Twitter Killed Vine and Why Microsoft keeps Failing at Being Cool

  • LinkCity Beautiful - this beautiful channel focuses on cities, city planning, transportation, and logistics made easy, informative, and beautifully edited. A professional Urban Planner runs it, so you know you'll get the quality content you deserve in the 10-15 minute long videos they regularly produce.

    • Popular videos include An Urban Planner Plays SimCity, How did planners design Soviet Cities and The Reason our Streets Switched to Cul-de-sacs. My personal favorites include An Urban Planner reviews Minecraft Cities and An Intro to Urban Wastewater Systems

  • LinkPeople Make Games - while they don't produce videos as regularly as the other entries on this list, PMG makes fascinating videos looking into the video game industry and makes them beautifully edited and entertaining enough for you to stick around in their 15-20 minute videos.
    • Popular videos include What Happened to the Queen's Golden Wii, How Neopets was sold to Scientologists and The First non-Valve Game on Steam. My personal favourites include Why Subnautica Owes Its Success to This Button and Inside Second Life's Most Expensive Brothel

Now before I end this already long article, I know the headline claimed Informative quality content, but if you want quality content that's not exactly educational, feel free to look into the following channels: Let's Game It Out, Slimecicle, The Try Guys, Household Hacker, RTGame, Michael Reeves, and OfflineTV

Production Team for this Month

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Renegalle - Beekeeper of the Worker Bees of Force
Salibaic- Junior Beekeeper of the Worker Bees of Force
Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm 1234567890-- Minister of the Media
West Kronisia- Assistant Editor
Tigslarlowducken - Culinary Expert
Caduceo - Writer
Union Dispatch Office- Writer

We're hiring for new positions! Learn More...
For more information, contact Spirit Glaceons through Discord (Moon#9758)
or apply for LinkCivil Service!



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Devil Heart, Nouveau canadia, and Ngai Ti Empire

The February 2021 Edition of Monthly Tabloid is out. It may be a new start or an end to something. Please do read and upvote.

February 2021|| Issue VIII

The Monthly Tabloid
India Official Newsletter

Editor: Indusse
Writers: Whole India, Indusse.

Editor's Desk

Dear Readers,
Due to the tight real-life schedule and fewer writers again we aren't having a good issue of the newsletter. I hope this will get upvoted. We will be back with a better issue soon.
Thanking you,

A Small Goodbye Letter

Written by Indusse

Well... I have something to say to all of you here. It's been quiet a some time but still I am not able to keep it with me. So, there has been a big deal all around India and it's Indian/Hindu Nationalism behaviour. There has been a lot of destruction and failure in the region due to the topic addressed. I hereby agrees that everything happened just because of me and yes, saying sorry is not going to get us what we have lost. When Hindu Puri was the delegate of the region, the Government then imposed Hindutva as the region's official ideology and it remained as one till the end of his reign. I was opposing that decision then, but most of you including those who are slowly moving against what happened right now supported the regional Ideology then. I have never imposed any ideology as the region's official ideology still, when I slowly leaned to the right wing everyone started attacking me. The Leftist says "You are a wretched right wing fascist, get away from me.", Whereas some of the right wing says "You are a complete Commie, get Lost." This isn't just what I'm facing, but most of the so-called Centrists face this. Well, I would like to say that I will be resigning from my Delegate post after the new constitution is adopted and the elections are done. It seems I have been a failure, no.. I am a failure. So, anyone can stand for the delegate elections when it's been announced, let it be a leftist or a rightwing nationalist. I'm not going to say anything, elect whom you want to and obey what they say. I will be still around in the region and yes, will be enjoying minimal power as the founder. If you find that someone is misusing the power even if it's me you can bring it up to the founder. Well, after the new leader is been elected I want them to continue with the sports events, The Monthly Tabloid Newsletter, Podcasts, Roleplays and Events. No one should find themselves isolated here. Try not be rude and hyper reactive. Try to act mature and don't get angry for every small thing. Don't eject or ban your opponents or misuse the power. I will be ending this post, by wishing whoever succeeds me All the best.

Who was once your leader.

Decoding the Vedas
Part I: The Human Mind

Written by Whole India

The human mind is the thing that can be explored and many possibilities can become reality, but modern science is either ignoring it or has no intentions of considering it. The human mind has 16 dimensions! Psychology has reached this knowledge to some extent but not completely. Today we will be exploring these all dimensions from top to bottom. These 16 dimensions can be categorized into 4 mains. They are ‘buddhi (intellect)’, ‘Ahankara (identity)’, ‘Manas (Memory)’, ‘Chitta (Intelligence without memory, cosmic intelligence)’. These all dimensions together are also referred to as ‘Antahkarana (the inner cause)’.

Now you do have an overview of all, however, we digging more in-depth. The first layer of the human mind is buddhi (intellect). Buddhi is a sharp thing. When someone asks you do you want sharp intellect or blunt your answer will be sharp in the same manner is our buddhi. It’s a sharp tool. It can only cut things and you can’t use a knife to stitch in the same way you can’t use your intellect for everything. Logic doesn’t work everywhere. If you can think a little better than someone else, it is considered intelligence today. If someone says one thing and you can say ten things to that, you may be socially smart, but you are not any more intelligent. Unfortunately, in today’s systems of education and academics, everything is determined by this. If you can make more things out of it, you are considered intelligent, which is not true – you only have sharper buddhi. The buddhi will not take you beyond limits in any way, because it can only function based on the data that is already there. It is not capable of accessing anything beyond that.

The next layer of the human mind is ‘manas’. Manas has many layers to it. But manas is not just the brain – it is right across the body. Every cell in the body has a phenomenal memory – not just of this life but of millions of years. Your body clearly remembers how your forefathers were a million years ago. In every cell in the body, there is memory and intelligence, but no intellect. Intellect is only in the brain. Hence, when a man eats an apple the apple becomes a man and not a woman because the body has a certain memory and not the apple. In the English language, everything comes under one banner called “mind.” The idea that intelligence is only in the brain has produced human beings whose consciousness is seriously constipated. What is in the brain is intellect, not intelligence. Intelligence and memory are right across your body. But people have never been trained on how to use this intelligence. Instead, they use their intellect for everything. No wonder they are stressed out whatever job you give them. The whole weight is on only one dimension of the mind out of sixteen. It is like loading a sixteen-wheeler truck and trying to drive on only one wheel – you can imagine the stress! That is what today’s world is going through. People may be using other dimensions of the mind marginally, unconsciously, but they are not trained to use them. They have only been trained to use their buddhi or intellect. They are very smart. They know everything about everything, but they do not know how to figure their own life. They do not even know how to sit here peacefully and at total ease within themselves. If there is true intelligence, the first thing that you need to figure out is how to make life happen. You know how to make the world happen, but you do not know how to make your life happen. You do not know how to conduct your mind, your energies, your emotions or your body. If you ask people to become fit, they become tight. If you ask them to live in a more natural way, they become fat. Where is the intelligence? There is only intellect. Intellect looks good only in comparison. Suppose you are the only person on the planet, your intellect will not mean anything. Only because there are a few idiots around you, you shine. By itself, intellect will not be of any consequence.

The next layer of the human mind is Ahankara which is translated as ego but it is more than ego. From where do you get ego? You get it from your identity. Ahankara gives you a sense of identity. Once your ahankara takes on an identity, your intellect functions only in that context. It is important to function beyond the intellect because the intellect is seriously enslaved to your identity. Your intellect revolves around your identity. Your identity is a boundary that is set by you and your intellect makes sure you don’t cross the boundary. Our identities, such as belonging to a certain nation, community, or whatever else, are necessary for our survival in a particular society. But you cannot think beyond this because you are functioning only from your intellect, and the intellect takes its sustenance from ahankara. Only along the axis of ahankara, the intellect can function. The intellect cannot transcend this, because that is its nature. But there are other ways to know life beyond the identities we have taken on for our survival in the world. That’s why the first thing we need to realize is first we are human and not a rightist or leftist or socialist or capitalist. When we can transcend these ideologies, religions, castes and be human first that moment we have won a big trophy, but don’t be happy now the journey just begins. The larger the identity you have the better it is. That’s why in this culture students before education began students were told to say, “Aham Bramhasmi” which means I identify myself with the cosmos. And students were taught the same thing until all learned it so that the intellect doesn’t start corrupting things.

The last layer of the human mind is the chitta. Chitta is mind without memory – pure intelligence. This intelligence is like cosmic intelligence – simply there. Everything happens because of that. It does not function out of memory – it simply functions. In a way, what you call the cosmos is a living mind, not in the sense of intellect but in the sense of Chitta. Chitta is the last point of the mind. It connects to the basis of creation within you. It connects you with your consciousness. Chitta is always on – whether you are awake or asleep. Your intellect comes on and goes off. Many times it fails, even when you are awake. If Chitta or the intelligence within you was not always on, you could not stay alive. Try to conduct your breath with your intellect – you will go crazy. Chitta is keeping you alive, keeping you going, making life happen. If you touch this dimension of your mind, which is the linking point to one’s consciousness, you do not even have to wish for anything, you do not have to dream of anything – the best possible thing that can happen to you will anyway happen. Your Chitta is your destiny, if you get it then it is a great achievement. You can even be the master of your destiny. There is a yoga offered by Isha foundation known as Chitta Shakti, by it, you can be the master of your destiny, Keep in mind it’s a powerful tool use it wisely.

TMT is looking for journalists interested to write articles and other features in the newsletter, Podcast Host Submissions are also invited. Contact the editor for more details.

Read dispatch

I love Canada's Regional flags. I wonder who created them? That person is really creative and awesome. :)


Devil Heart, Parkplace, and Nouveau canadia

Anyone is welcome to suggest a design. We have had many contributors. I probably do the majority, plus ParrrrTay, Matilda Love, Stormaen, Casuras and Coriolanus Snow at least. I'm not sure where the current one came from.

For some of the history, see

Soliysk, Nouveau canadia, and Ngai Ti Empire

Post self-deleted by S Mova Derat.

S Mova Derat wrote:Hi from the XKI! So, you may not know it yet, but there's this really good guy out there and his name is Owlograd. He's just an outstanding member of our community, and he has inspired many people, but he now has pancreatic cancer.
So, just... thought I might show this around. We're trying to support him.


I apologize to Canada on behalf of XKI for this misuse of shared RMB posting between our regions to advertise on the RMB of friendly regions. I have spoken privately with S Mova Derat to ensure this problem does not replicate itself.

Hoping everyone is having a good day here :)

HumanSanity wrote:I apologize to Texas on behalf of XKI for this misuse of shared RMB posting between our regions to advertise on the RMB of friendly regions. I have spoken privately with S Mova Derat to ensure this problem does not replicate itself.

Hoping everyone is having a good day here :)

Yes. I'm sorry to everyone. I had momentarily forgotten, and I will make sure that this does not happen again. I apologize if my mistake has done any damage to anyone here.


Post by S Mova Derat suppressed by Almonaster Nuevo.

HumanSanity wrote:I apologize to Texas on behalf of XKI for this misuse of shared RMB posting between our regions to advertise on the RMB of friendly regions. I have spoken privately with S Mova Derat to ensure this problem does not replicate itself.

Hoping everyone is having a good day here :)

Yes. I'm sorry to everyone. I had momentarily forgotten, and I will make sure that this does not happen again. I apologize if my mistake has done any damage to anyone here.

/\ Duplicate post removed, nothing more.

Thank you for the quick action Human Sanity and apology from S Mova Derat.

Although this is not the right place for it, your motivation was commendable. Your concern for your friend is natural and understandable. Your apology is accepted. Please convey our kind regards to Owlograd.

Fragile snowpiercers
are the messengers of spring.
Snowdrop Canada.

Happy Spring! I am excited for the warmer weather!

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