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2.The Pirates of XyanthCapitalist Paradise“If there ain't a buck in it, then pack it in.”
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Xyanth wrote:No my naive twit, we have a problem with a couple generations of thugs that like to run, resist arrest, interfere with arrests, and in general fight with police.

I support having a generation that can stand up to police, that's you bootlickers who don't.

Xyanth wrote:I don't have a lot of time here, let's just touch on the highlights of your stupidity...

I will use your later quote from your response to address you here, "You should address the mirror with that statement, not me."

Xyanth wrote:Let me turn you on to some real videos from inside the CHAZ/CHOP

Watch your freakin' heros demonstrate the freedom and joys that come with no government, no bill of rights, and no police.

First things first, they're not my heroes. Also the videos I saw were real. I even told about a Facebook page that's public and can be Googled with the videos. You can also go to Converge Media. I know you're too stubborn and basking in you own ignorance to look for videos yourself so I post them for you.

Xyanth wrote:Seriously, son. Grow up and get a clue here.

You're the one being a big baby with this whole conversation. All I said was I hope they stay in operation long enough for me to visit and see it in person. Then you went on ranting about them getting their butts kicked and all that, and all I said was that I hope not because I would like to visit and check it out in person, I was not trying to get in no pointless discussion with you about it because I already knew you were against it and we had different takes on it, and I know there is no convincing you at this point; you just like to waste my time, and get a kick out it.

You asked us a question about how long do we think it will last, and my response was hopefully long enough for me to eventually visit. That was my answer to you and no further discussion was needed.

Xyanth wrote:My guess is that you are all talk and no do. It is also highly likely you are seeing just a hint of the Mad Max universe that what will come to pass without someone making and enforcing the the rules

Here you go talking nonsense again. Let me tell you something, I live in Philadelphia aka Killadelphia. Shootings happen everywhere in this city, especially in my neighborhood and my friends neighborhoods.

I walk at night where crimes tend to happen the most, because I go to work at that time. I gotta pass junkies who look at me like they want to rob me, just to get to my bus; and they one day just might try to rob me, so I carry some stuff on me to let them know I am not the one to be screwed with.

The cartel is heavily involved in the black drug markets here, and I know you heard about that shipment of cocaine on that cargo ship, which obviously they had an involvement in. The drug dealing business is high and deadly here; they had a drive-by shooting over that, on the corner of my block just two years back, a few hours before I had to get up for work. My friend just told me they shot someone on his block yesterday.

Hell, a missing female's dead body was found in a dumpster in Germantown!

This city is already lawless dips**t, no matter how pretty and different they try to make it seem, so don't try make it seem like I ain't trying to live there because they got a little bit wild stuff going on, I live in a city full of wild motherf***ers doing wild s**t, so none of that going on in CHAZ phases me.

Now what you got to say now?


Landlordia wrote:Now what you got to say now?

I say you protest too loudly.

Those who turn their backs to reality are doomed to have their noses rubbed in it.

*Sends you a diplomatic cable*


Was away for most of the discussion of CHAZ, police brutality, etc. Apologies for typos, on my phone and I have auto-correct turned off.

I would like to chime in and state that there is a problem with unaddressed police brutality that exists alongside of legitimate use of force by cops. The two get confused and conflated often. Over 1,000 people a year are killed by police and thats been the case since this data has been tracked. The majority of those deaths are justified.

Blacks are over-represented in these deaths (28% of deaths, 13% of population) on the basis of population. However, on the basis of crime victimization surveys, and FBI statistics, blacks are represented equally based on crimes committed. I'm black. I'm not saying every black person is a criminal. Far from it. The majority of people of every race are law abiding and peaceful. We are discussing the extreme groups of different populations. A small difference in criminality rates at the edge cases can result in large discrepancies in numbers. If 1.5% of the white population is pre-disposed to criminality, and 3% of the black population is, we are still talking about a tiny minority within largely peaceful populations.

The majority of people killed by police are white, which makes sense, because white people are the majority within the population.

The problem I have is that when police negligently kill someone that posed no threat, the police are treated completely different than the average citizen.

A 16 year old boy was shot and killed by a police officer when he answered the door holding a white Wii remote. The officer was not responding to a violent threat and no threat was presented. His name was Christopher Roupe, the cop who shot him saw no charges, this was manslaughter at the very least.

An unarmed businessman was made to crawl on his hands and knees towards an officer in his hotel while sobbing and pleading for his life. He was shot when his shorts fell down, and he died. His name was Daniel Shaver. The cop was acquitted and is currently collecting a pension paid for by taxpayers. This was also manslaughter at the least.

In 2014 the police shot and killed Daniel Boyd for camping in a public space. In the video they threw a flash bang grenade at him, then shot him when he turned his back on the explosion, he was unarmed other than a camping knife the length of my thumbnail. While he lay on the ground paralyzed and gasping for air they sicced a dog on him and then shot him with several bean bag rounds from close range. No charges.

In 2011 Kelly Thomas was beaten to death. He was initially uncooperative to being searched and arrested but submitted after being tased. The officers however ignored him and beat him unconscious, and then continued to beat him until he was brain dead. The officers (and the entire PD) lied about having sustained broken bones from a fight for an entire month, until it came out that they had no injuries sustained. They were all found not guilty at trial.

I could keep going on forever. These cases saw barely any media attention. And police reform should have been focused on more accountability for these cases. But marxists have taken over something they dont understand or have amy interest in and are using it for their own end goals. No police at all (lol), just social workers getting 6 figures to timidly stand on the sidelines. I have several guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, I already carry everywhere I go, I'm not worried about myself. But I wonder if they're prepared to live in the world they desire, at least the Marxists that don't have private security anyways (MN city council already has their own private security). I do worry about my Mom, but she's finally come around to the idea of learning to shoot and I took her to the range during my last visit. I'd like to buy her a .22 so she has something when I'm not there. I feel sorry for people who don't have the means or the interest to arm themselves and train, one day the mob will be after them.

A .22 is only going to piss off whoever she might have to pop.


I strongly urge you all to vote against the latest ration of waste material up for vote at the WA.

Your feelings on Abortion are not important here. What is important is this resolution gives the WA the power to come into your nation, build up to five abortion clinics and then bill that nation for them and the "free" services obtained at those clinic going forward.

That is an overreach that is a stretch even for the meddling trolls in the WA.

Here's the link: page=ga

Vote against it.

Nine (9) unarmed black people were killed by police officers (black and white officers) in 2019. But one should be careful as "unarmed" does not mean "did not attack" or "was not on drugs". Both white and black people get drugged up and attack - and they get killed, by both white and black police officers.

As for the recent case in Minneapolis - the obsession with RACE (fanned by the Marxist movement "Black Lives Matter" - which has no problem at all with looting and burning black owned stores and murdering any black person who tries to stop them) has distracted attention from the actual case.

The victim and the police officer knew each other - they had even worked security together.

Something is very odd about this case - and all the race-race-race talk is distracting attention from actually investigating what was behind this.

It reminds me of the mass shooting in Las Vegas - the discussion turned to "gun control" so quickly that no one (as far as I know) bothered to investigate why a retired man murdered a lot of people. The entire discussion was about guns-guns-guns - the man firing actually firing the rifle was forgotten about.

the problem with a lot of these cases is "agenda driven journalism" - ever since Schools of Journalism were created and then became the standard way to become a reporter (the old way was working one's way up ) the idea has grown that the job of a journalist is the Progressive Cause - "make the word a better place", USING any event fr this purpose and being interested in "giving a voice" to the "good people" whilst not really honestly reporting what the "bad people" are saying.

The reporter (sorry "scientific journalist") is filled with a desire to make the world a better place - and arrives at the scene with their mind already made up. The idea tat the truth may not be what it appears to be, no longer occurs to them.

After 14 months waiting for the Durham report the word now is "it is too close to the election for prosecutions" - that never stopped the left when they when they were prosecuting people.

It appears that Attorney General William Barr, supposedly the toady of the President, has betrayed the President - kept the investigation going on and on, and is now going to do nothing before the election. If (if) that is true (and I hope it is not true) - then it is very hard to see how President Trump can win.

With hindsight (20-20 vision) President Trump should have cleared out the entire "Justice" system on January 20th 2017 (an incoming President can do that) - then there would not have been the framing of General Flynn. Roger Stone and-so-on. For a supposedly cynical man, President Trump was oddly innocent in his view of the Feds - the FBI and so on are just people, and people are normally driven by agendas (political and other) that have nothing much to do with justice.

"President Biden" will be a nightmare - a puppet controlled by the far left (censorship, one appointment to the Supreme Court will see dissent described as "Hate Speech" - and all the rest of he far left agenda), but that is what is likely to happen - due to the Durham-Barr betrayal.

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