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Central Eastern Europe RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The ☦Orthodox State☦ of Letonija

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A Christian region with a rich history and wide European diversity.
No matter what the time will bring we will always be loyal and respectful to our region.

"The society which scorns excellence in plumbing as a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy: neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water."
- John W. Gardner

ALLIANCE: Central Europe, Nordic Lands
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    MOVEMENT: the Anti-Assembly (c)

    BulletinCampaign by Nordic gaul . 840 reads.

  2. 1

    Flags of the Orthodox State of Letonija

    FactbookLegislation by Letonija . 27 reads.

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    ☦Letonian Orthodox State Faith Guard ☦

    BulletinPolicy by Letonija . 13 reads.

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    Governor General of Upper Brasilistan appointed

    BulletinNews by Wolgadeutschen republik . 20 reads.

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    Photo of the Day: Republican Army marksman guards an airfield in San-Aleppino

    BulletinNews by Wolgadeutschen republik . 28 reads.

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    Just Another Day in Central Eastern European Radio

    BulletinNews by Letonija . 16 reads.

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    Photo of the Day: Republiksheer, Luftwaffe and Raketenwehr continue combined arms operation in CEE

    BulletinNews by Wolgadeutschen republik . 15 reads.

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    The Special Letonian Zombie Plague Extermination Force Uniform

    BulletinNews by Letonija . 16 reads.

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    New Rifle to win lives in All Hallow's Eve survival?

    BulletinNews by Wolgadeutschen republik . 10 reads.

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Embassies: Nordic Lands, Poland, Esquarium, Antifa, France, VCG, United States of America, Israel, Zarathustra, Scandinavia, League of Christian Nations, United Federation of Planets, Ozzy, The Supreme Union, The Illuminati, The Sea Of Love, and 23 others.Hollow Point, Nelborne Union, United Poland Union, Turkic Union, The Embassy, The Bar on the corner of every region, Bus Stop, Archdymia, The Gordo Alliance of Got Beef, Gypsy Lands, Warhammer 40000, Union of Nationalists, Christian Nations Union, Lardyland, Velika Slavia, SECFanatics, Non Aligned Movement, Novo Brasil, Kingdom Of Austria, The Reich, Roumania, Long live the British Empire, and Alternate History and Future.

Tags: Anti-Communist, Anti-Fascist, Democratic, Featured, Independent, Isolationist, Monarchist, National Sovereigntist, Neutral, Religious, Small, Social, and 1 other.Theocratic.

Regional Power: Moderate

Central Eastern Europe contains 7 nations, the 2,039th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Stationary in Central Eastern Europe

Long-term World Census surveillance revealed which nations have been resident in their current region for the longest time.

As a region, Central Eastern Europe is ranked 4,192nd in the world for Most Stationary.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The ☦Orthodox State☦ of LetonijaIron Fist Consumerists“God Save the Tsarina”
2.The Infinite Empire of DarthStassenFather Knows Best State“Honor et Gloria Imperatori”
3.The Duchy of MasoviaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Księstwo Mazowieckie”
4.The Roman Empire of the Sunrise of WallachInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Veritas Vincit”
5.The Kingdom of MyranthiumFather Knows Best State“Regium Myranthicum Per Omnia Saecula Saeculorum”
6.The Republic of VoluntuaDemocratic Socialists“Benignity, Industry, Faith”
7.The Principality of MoraviaAuthoritarian Democracy“Pravda vítězí”

Regional Happenings


Central Eastern Europe Regional Message Board

Orthodox State Police and Orthodox Security service has issued arrest warrant for person called Max Barry who every year in October turns on the Brain Scorcher and causes zombie issue.

To be honest I think that this Z-day thing has become a bit annoying...

If it had a real effect: all the dead and all zombies resurrect like Christ the Lord - what is the point of playing and try to save them. Our region is too small to compete in top 100 anyways. If there really would be drop in population because of this event there would be a point to this. The nation population grows like bacterias despite data says majority of nation goes missing. I know this is not a simulation game, but these population numbers are ridiculous.

I'd appreciate it if you could vote in my Presidential Election. Below are the links to my Factbook pages for the election (which shows polling) and political party factfiles (so that you make an informed vote) as well as the voting paper (the electronic poll) itself.

Presidential Election Factbook
Read factbook

Political Party Factfiles

Australia One Party
* Logo:
* Founder: Mitchell Parker
* President: Mitchell Parker
* Leader/s: (See other entries)
* Colour: Yellow/Gold
* Mergers: Australian Conservatives, One Nation, Liberty Alliance, Rise Up Australia Party, Katter's Australia Party, (Palmer) United Australia Party
* Ideology:
- Main Faction: Social Conservatism, National Conservatism, Fiscal Conservatism, Autarky, Australian Nationalism, Anti-globalisation, Anti-multiculturalism
- Rural Faction (additional ideologies): Agrarianism, Economic Nationalism
* Political Position: Right-wing
* Slogan: Australia First
* Coalition or Bloc: Australia One Coalition

Australian Christian Party
* Logo:
* Founder: Mitchell Parker
* President: Daniel Nalliah
* Leader/s: (See other entries)
* Colour: Purple
* Mergers: Christian Democratic Party, Australian Christians, Democratic Labour Party
* Ideology:
- Main Faction: Christian Democracy, Christian Right
- Minor Faction: Christian Left
* Political Position: Centre-right
* Slogan: God for all nations
* Coalition or Bloc: Australia One Coalition

New Australian Labour Party
* Logo:
* Founder: Anthony Albanese
* President: Wayne Swan
* Leader/s: (See other entries)
* Colour: Red
* Mergers: None
* Ideology:
- Main Faction: Democratic Socialism, Social Democracy
- Minor Faction: Unionism, Social Liberalism
* Political Position: Centre-left to Left-wing
* Slogan: People first
* Coalition or Bloc: New Left

Australian Greens
* Logo:
* Founder: Bob Brown
* President: Adam Bandt
* Leader/s: Richard Di Natale
* Colour: Light Green
* Mergers: None
* Ideology:
- Main Faction: Green politics, Progressivism, Pacifism, Multiculturalism, anti-capitalism, Feminism, Anti-USA, Pro-abortion
- Minor Faction (additional ideologies): Communism, Anti-white racism, Feminazism
* Political Position: Left-wing to Far-left
* Slogan: A Future for All of Us
* Coalition or Bloc: New Left

The Socialist Party
* Logo:
* Founder: Fiona Patten
* President: Robert Knight
* Leader/s: Shared Leadership
* Colour: Pink
* Mergers: Socialist Alliance, Reason Party, Australian Progressives
* Ideology:
- Main Faction: Socialism, Marxism, Anti-capitalism, Left-wing Populism, Drug liberalisation
- Minor Faction (additional ideologies): Communism, Civil libertarianism
* Political Position: Far-left
* Slogan: New age socialism for a New Age world
* Coalition or Bloc: New Left

The Republican Union
* Logo:
* Founder: Malcolm Turnbull
* President: Peter FitzSimons
* Leader/s: Malcolm Turnbull
* Colour: Soft Pink
* Mergers: Republican Party of Australia
* Ideology:
- Main Faction: Australian Republicanism, Globalism
- Minor Faction: Australian Nationalism, Social Liberalism, Populism
* Political Position: Big Tent
* Slogan: For one of our own
* Coalition or Bloc: New Left

The Left Alliance
* Logo:
* Founder: Greg Jericho
* President: Ranjana Srivastava
* Leader/s: None
* Colour: Mint Green
* Mergers: None
* Ideology:
- Main Faction: Left-wing Populism, Globalism, Communism, Anti-white racism, Feminazism
- Minor Faction: Left-wing Nationalism, Social Democracy, Social Liberalism, Grassroots democracy
* Political Position: Far-left
* Slogan: Left is deft, right is...
* Coalition or Bloc: New Left

Centre Alliance
* Logo:
* Founder: Nick Xenophon
* President: Nick Xenophon
* Leader/s: Rebekha Sharkie
* Colour: Orange
* Mergers: None
* Ideology:
- Main Faction: Centrism, Social Liberalism, Populism
- Minor Faction: Grassroots democracy, Economic Nationalism
* Political Position: Centre-left to Centre
* Slogan: Working in Australia's interests
* Coalition or Bloc: None

New Liberals
* Logo:
* Founder: Christopher Pyne
* President: Julie Bishop
* Leader/s: None
* Colour: Teal and Light Blue
* Mergers: None
* Ideology:
- Main Faction: Economic Liberalism, Social Liberalism Centrism, Classic Liberalism, Moderatism, Libertarianism
- Minor Faction: Conservative Liberalism
* Political Position: Centre
* Slogan: A fresh start
* Coalition or Bloc: None

Old Liberals
* Logo:
* Founder: Tony Abbott
* President: Mathias Cormann
* Leader/s: None
* Colour: Blue
* Mergers: None
* Ideology:
- Main Faction: Liberal Conservatism, Economic Liberalism, Classic Liberalism, Fiscal conservatism
- Minor Faction (Additional Ideologies): Right Libertarianism, Social Conservatism
* Political Position: Centre-Right
* Slogan: We're for the people
* Coalition or Bloc: None

West First
* Logo:
* Founder: Tony Crook
* President: Julie Matheson
* Leader/s: None
* Colours: Dark Green and Black
* Mergers: Western Australia Party
* Ideology:
- Main Faction: Western Australian Regionalism, Populism
- Minor Faction (Additional Ideologies):Centrism, Social Liberalism, Secessionism
* Political Position: Big Tent
* Slogan: Fair GST
* Coalition or Bloc: None

Tasmanian Union
* Logo:
* Founder: Steve Martin
* President: Rob Waterman
* Leader/s: None
* Colours: Bottle Green, Brown and Yellow
* Mergers: Jacqui Lambie Network
* Ideology:
- Main Faction: Tasmanian Regionalism, Populism
- Minor Faction (Additional Ideologies): Centrism, Veterans' Rights, Anti-Islam, Secessionism
* Political Position: Big Tent
* Slogan: Putting Tassies first
* Coalition or Bloc: None

Read factbook


Voted for you. Good luck!


I am expressing our thanks and gratitude for the diplomatic relations between us and for that you kept a good behaviour with us.
I want to thank you for your friendship.

For those who don't know me, I am Koguria the Governor Chancellor of Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy, founded by DACOROMANIA, a region which is now in "stand-by" after a critical issue and it was classified now as out-dated. Not my fault, but by foreign intervention. And he closed my region with password.

My region's founder moved to create a new other region. If you want keep forward relations with him you can proceed a new embassy with him, just that he do not "collect" embassies.

Best Regards.
And a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I watch with wide-eyed wonder, the Buddha's stoic stare
As he gazes out serenely, without spirit left to care
The gold-haired thin ascetic's head is buried in the sand
Of the mystic's sterile desert-- seeks to be one with the land

And your women feeling equal to the men who fill their lives
Disdain the age old titles of "motherhood"and "wife"
Their mild mannered husbands grant their anarchistic flight
By the weak-willed neuter feelings of their limp-wrist corporate lives

Your churches all are classrooms of humanistic thought
Who preach of economics and salvation which is bought
They measure good in dollars, no longer martyrs' blood
And promise "pie" not of the sky, but lying in the mud

I watch the West now dying
Its twilight time has come
As its melody plays sadly
Of that which has become

The politician tells you, that there's nothing left to fear
"Peace on Earth -- goodwill towards men," as he grooms his doomed career
Opponents you thought vanquished, have come to take their fill
As they hover on the sidelines, preparing for the kill

Your well-fed soldiers stand in line, amid the morning rain
But the pulse-beat of their fathers spread so thin through their veins
The ancient vow to valor, lies shrouded in the mist
Of the years of tranquil living, that have robbed them of the test

Iconclastic artists, with little left to say
Spawn their works of chaos, with such thought-provoking names
The patrons of pretension, give unmitigated praise
As they join the faker's chorus, for fear of losing face

I watch the West now dying
Its twilight time has come
As its melody plays sadly
Of that which has become

The money hungry merchant, descends to greater greed
As he tried to take advantage of the conditions he helped breed
The rich are dressing ragged, as the poor put on their best
They all don mask of falsehood, as they live their lives in jest

The parents treat their children, as though expensive toys
Provided for dull moments, a diversion to employ
Professors set the standards, "Equality!" nothing less
As they level all their students, making sure none is best

Young all shake their fists, that the "old" pollute the land
As they fill themselves with posions, from the other hands
And they all sing praise to progress, and the new days that will come
As they dance the deadly dervish, of their mind's delirium

I watch the West now dying
Its twilight time has come
As its melody plays sadly
Of that which has become

Читать дальше: Changes - Twilight Of The West - Текст Песни

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Hi guys! So glad to start having embassies with you!

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