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Regional Power: Very High

Commonwealth of Liberty contains 189 nations, the 87th most in the world.


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The Most Influential in Commonwealth of Liberty

World Census experts spent many evenings loitering in the corridors of power in order to determine which nations were the greatest international diplomacy heavyweights.

As a region, Commonwealth of Liberty is ranked 36th in the world for Most Influential.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United States of ParamounticaCivil Rights Lovefest“E Pluribus Unum”
2.The United Kingdom of CanoviaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God, Queen and Country”
3.The Federal Republic of Germany of Bayern KahlaNew York Times Democracy“Unser Deutschland, schφn, groί und ruhmreich”
4.The United Commonwealth of Iran of PaseoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For Iran!”
5.The Biden-Harris 2020 of Enchanted OasisLeft-wing Utopia“Dump Trump”
6.The Transvaal Empire of The Confederate Prussian EmpireDemocratic Socialists“Fόr Sόdafrika, fόr den Kaiser”
7.The Indian Republic of NosautempopulusCivil Rights Lovefest“Satyameva Jayate”
8.The Carthaginian Empire of AstarinaCivil Rights Lovefest“Carthage endures”
9.The New Holland Republic of Victoria HarborInoffensive Centrist Democracy“van velen, ιn volk!”
10.The I hereby resign of MolboviaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Allāh, al-Waṭan, ath-Thawrah, al-Waḥdah”
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Philanialle wrote:GEN. Yamamoto

“...I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant 
and fill him with a terrible resolve...”
— ADM. Isoroku Yamamoto, Attack on Pearl Harbor — December 7th 1941





Dai-Nippon Teikoku Buntai

Emblem of the IJAF.


3 January 1868

Service branches
Service branches

Imperial Japanese Army
Imperial Japanese Navy
Imperial Japanese Air Force


Imperial General Headquarters


Supreme Leader


Minister of Defence

GEN. Takashi Yamamoto


Military age

16 – 45


18 – 22 Months

Active personnel


Reserve personnel




Deployed personnel




USD $299 Billion

Percentage of GDP



Foreign suppliers

Annual exports




Bōei Daijin

Seal of the Ministry of Defence


General Takashi Yamamoto
since 28 May 2020


His Excellency


The Prime Minister
attested to by the Emperor

Member of
Member of

National Security Council
Defense Council

Reports to

The Prime Minister

Term length

No fixed term


9 January 2007

Personal Details


February 21, 1954 (age 66)
Kyoto, Philanialle






Yumi Yamamoto


Saori · Sakura · Akira

Alma Mater

National Defense Academy of Japan




The Imperial Japanese Armed Forces are made up of the Imperial Japanese Army, the Imperial Japanese Navy, the Imperial Japanese Air Force and the Home Guard (Boeitai). They are in charge of defending the Divine Ruler of Japan, the Japanese Empire, its subjects, and its interests.



The IJA is organized in four Home Island Military Districts: Northern (Hokkaidō, Tōhoku regions), Eastern (Kantō, Chūbu regions), Central (Kansai, Chūgoku, Shikoku regions), Western (Kyūshū & Okinawa). Following the acquisition of North Borneo as a special territory of the Empire of Japan, a fifth Military District based in Kuching has been created.

The IJA is the only military branch to oversee civilian groups that can be mobilized in conflict to serve as aides, logistical suppliers, home guard, or last lines of defense. The Boeitai serves as a paramilitary home guard (organized in tonarigumi units), while the Seinendan and Yonen Gakko youth groups are also indirectly administered by the IJA and serve as a pool of young cadres and military officers, as well as a global paramilitary youth guard to prepare school-age male children to military life and the mandatory military service. Both groups are also trained to respond to disaster emergencies, such as earthquakes and tsunamis, and often provide a needed on-the-ground help to assist the military when such events occur. They are also trained in maintaining public order and assisting with ration distribution duties under the Army's Emergency Wartime Plan. The Kaikosha, a veteran's association, is jointly administered with the IJN and the IJAAF.

The IJA was issued its first ICBM capacities in 2008.


Training and discipline in the IJA is the harshest, as the Army is widely considered to be the most conservative and reactionary element within the IJAF. Displaying superior courage, fighting until death, and notions of romantic nationalism of all-or-nothing 'decisive engagements' are still widely present, and taught to all officers, troops, and even to youth groups not yet able to serve. This has created a highly fanatical and determined manpower, still coordinated and able to apply complex field maneuvers, yet more likely to take risks. Several mid-level officers have also grown to develop strategies and tactics of their own, often unwilling to obey commanders. Due to this, discipline as been reinforced as part of a drive to avoid over-belligerency on the part of officers, in the mid-2010s. Training does not make use of technological assets for 3/4 of troops. It emphasizes survival techniques, scouting-like activities, small-unit survival, close-quarter combat, trap-laying, and attrition 'holdout' tactics. Although most equipment is modern, Boeitai and youth groups are mostly issued outdated weaponry dating from WWII, but kept in often pristine condition.

Mirroring its state of mind, the IJA's doctrine remains conservative, and founded on the essential defensive mechanisms needed to defend Japan's coastal, mountainous, forest and cold regions. Recently, urban and jungle warfare has been emphasized in the North Borneo special territory. Troops are asked to 'make one with the land' and be able to act, when needed, in quasi-guerilla tactics and uneven warfare. This is due to Japan's notable lack of manpower when faced with much larger neighboring countries. However, mostly modern weaponry is still issued to the IJA.




The IJN is organized in four Home Islands Naval Districts: Kure, Maizuru, Sasebo, Yokosuka, Ōminato. Each Naval District has its headquarters located in its namesake city. Following the acquisition of North Borneo as a special territory of the Empire of Japan, a fifth Naval District based in Kuching (South China Sea Naval District) has been created to oversee the crucial area ranging from the Strait of Malacca to the South Chine Sea. In addition to the Kuching Naval Base, the IJN, IJA and IJAAF also maintain fortified bases in Ranai City (Riau Islands) and Maeda Reef (also called Swallow Reef) in the Nansa Islands (Spratly Islands). These specific chokepoints are specially reinforced and manned to not only exert power projection, but also withstand potentially surprise attacks from Japan's potential regional rivals.

As a token of its seniority and prestige, the IJN was issued control over all hypersonic flight assets in 2008, except ICBM means of delivery.


Training in the Navy is the most rigorous, as officers are consistently asked to apply large complex tactics, and compelled to put in practice excellent coordination and seamanship, even across immense distances and with a high number of units. A career in the Navy is seen as highly prestigious, and esprit de corps is throughly present within its ranks, not only compelling its officers to defend Japan at the utmost of their capabilities, but also to overshadow the Army and the Air Force in doing so. Although little practiced nowadays due to a lack of conflict, this state of mind, inherited from pre-WWII tradition, has resurfaced in the 1990s and is now dominant.

The Imperial Japanese Navy is key to Japan's territorial defense, trade route defense, and power projection. As a result, emphasis is placed on developing and producing the most technologically advanced and most resilient material for it, while keeping a large force of more obsolete cruisers and destroyers at its disposal. As Asia's foremost blue-water Navy, the IJN conserves Kido Butai Aircraft Carrier formations. Due to its large size and a high number of small, yet mobile aircraft carriers, it emphasizes long-distance and small-unit confrontations. Its large size allows it to establish wide areas of sea and air denial zones. Its large number of landing craft also enables it conduct shock land attacks, by concentrating firepower along a determined area.




The IJAAF is organized in five Air Districts: Northern (HQ at Misawa Airbase), Central (HQ at Iruma Airbase), Western (HQ at Kasuga Airbase), Southwestern (HQ at Naha Airbase), and North Borneo (HQ at Labuan Airbase).


Air Force training is extremely demanding, and training time is on a average 30% longer than that in most modern Air Forces. As the youngest branch of the IJAF (created in 1952), the Air Force has a comparatively lower esprit de corps when compared to the IJA and the IJN. Its doctrine is modern, and emphasizes pilots' training and proficiency in combat over numbers. IJAAF jets are often very maneuverable, but less able to carry large payloads and often less protected.


    Air-to-Surface Missiles



248 nuclear warheads have been produced and are currently in service. They are primarily delivered by submarine and by air. Four Harushio-class submarines (diesel-powered) carry 12 Trident I missiles each.

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Net Worth




$50 Billion



Tadashi Yanai

$24.9 Billion



Masayoshi Son

$24 Billion




$20 Billion



Takemitsu Takizaki

$18.6 Billion



Nobutada Saji

$10.8 Billion



Hiroshi Mikitani

$6 Billion



Yasumitsu Shigeta

$5.4 Billion



Takahisa Takahara

$5.2 Billion



Akira Mori

$4.7 Billion


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Joγo Filipe had sent Luis a private note permanently severing him from the royal family meaning he was essentially a commoner at this point, now relying soley on Tsarina Catherine II's Bulgarian Romanian Republic income.

Lemlar wrote:Joγo Filipe had sent Luis a private note permanently severing him from the royal family meaning he was essentially a commoner at this point, now relying soley on Tsarina Catherine II's Bulgarian Romanian Republic income.

Catherine Sets luis up with a royal fund now that hes a member of the Bulgarian family which gives him large amounts of flowing cash.

Bulgarian Romanian Republic wrote:Catherine sets luis up with a royal fund now that hes a member of the Bulgarian family which gives him large amounts of flowing cash.

Luis sends a large portion of that back to Brasil to fund the republicans, in protest from the note.

Lemlar wrote:Pujol reminds Emperor Amadeo to steer very clear of the town of Sveti Stefan as despite the Brasilian imperial family being forcefully removed from power, all physical assets remain in Brasilian hands. Luis had met with Pujol and given Pujol himself all overseas properties and holdings. Meaning, Pujol now has a net worth of 95B USD. Pujol has decided to keep the imperial palace in Sγo Paulo for himself. Pujol also would like to meet Amadeo regarding the Brasilian and Italian ties.

The Imperial government declares that the city of Sveti Stefan still being under Yugoslav control in Montenegro, region not covered by the operations of the Imperial Armed Forces, but that if necessary would occupy the region to prevent any kind of menace against the Imperial integrity concerning the conflict in the Balkans.

Catherine, still in Moscow, leaves the Kremlin pulls the hood over her head gets in a dark limo , drives off to st Petersburg, no one knows where she's going or what she's up too her ladies stayed in Moscow to make sure she wasnt followed.

The car stops she get out with her hood up and slips down.a ally .

Relations between Bulgarian empire and italy

The italian kingdom as been important to me land of my birth so ties between us are important

Bulgaria–Italy relations are foreign relations between Bulgaria and Italy. Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1879. Bulgaria has an embassy in Rome, a general consulate in Milan and six honorary consulates (in Ancona, Florence, Genoa, Naples, Turin and Treviso).

Italy has an embassy in Sofia and an honorary consulate in Plovdiv.They were both members of the Axis Powers during World War 2, allies of Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire. Both countries are full members of the European Union and NATO.

    Founded May 2020;
    Hubs- Sofia Airport
    Focus cities- Burgas Airport- Varna Airport
    Frequent-flyer program -FLY MORE
    Subsidiaries-Bul Air
    Fleet size -9
    Parent company -Balkan Hemus Group EAD
    Headquarters-Sofia, Bulgaria
    Revenue-Increase €148.4 million
    Net income-Decrease -€1.8 million

Imperial Bulgarian Air is the flag carrier airline of Bulgaria, with its headquarters at Sofia Airport in Sofia. The company is owned by Chimimport AD and is a leader in terms of local market share.

The airline operates short and medium haul aircraft to destinations in Europe, Middle East, and Russia. Focus cities in Bulgaria are Burgas and Varna. the company carries a total of 1.267 million passengers on 5,995 flights

The Airline operates 22 routes from Sofia Airport, including two domestic routes to Bourgas and Varna

The Airline performs charter flights for over 60 leading tour operators, air transport brokers, airlines, and other companies of the aviation and tourist industries. During the summer season the airline mainly operates flights from Bourgas and Varna airports to destinations in Germany, Israel, Lebanon, Poland, and Russia. In addition, the company operates charter flights from Sofia airport to popular holiday destinations in Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, and Turkey.

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Catherine in Russia

Catherine looks back making sure she's not followed as she slips down another alley in st Petersburg, she knocks on a door the guy opens it hands her a note, she quickly sticks in her handbag and moves up another alley ,

She carefully moves unnoticed through the alley ways of the city before crossing the town square in a haste to the old winter palace where she quickly ducks inside.

Bulgarian Romanian Republic wrote:Catherine in Russia

Catherine looks back making sure she's not followed as she slips down another alley in st Petersburg, she knocks on a door the guy opens it hands her a note, she quickly sticks in her handbag and moves up another alley ,

She carefully moves unnoticed through the alley ways of the city before crossing the town square in a haste to the old winter palace where she quickly ducks inside.

Catherine is met by Joγo Felipe who asks,
“What the heck are you doin here Aunt Catherine?”

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