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    שלום, MERHABA, 你好, مرحبا, 여보세요, CZEŚĆ, नमस्ते, & こんにちは


       𝘾 𝙊 𝙈 𝙈 𝙊 𝙉 𝙒 𝙀 𝘼 𝙇 𝙏 𝙃   𝙊 𝙁   𝙇 𝙄 𝘽 𝙀 𝙍 𝙏 𝙔  

        NOVEMBER 2023


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Commonwealth of Liberty contains 161 nations, the 130th most in the world.


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The Most Beautiful Environments in Commonwealth of Liberty

World Census researchers spent many arduous weeks lying on beaches and trekking through rainforests to compile a definitive list of the most attractive and best cared for environments.

As a region, Commonwealth of Liberty is ranked 2,394th in the world for Most Beautiful Environments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Dominion of VorelaLeft-wing Utopia“The Land of Eternal Sunshine”
2.The Commonwealth of BausclandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Stand Fast”
3.The Federal Republic of Columbia UnitedLeft-wing Utopia“Liberty, Equality, Diversity, and Justice!”
4.The Queendom of CeldonieInoffensive Centrist Democracy“United in Diversity”
5.The Central American Federation of Jersey RepublicCivil Rights Lovefest“La unidad es fuerza”
6.The Provisional Administration of GhedelandLeft-Leaning College State“Science, Culture, Paix”
7.The Transvaal Empire of The Confederate Prussian EmpireDemocratic Socialists“Für Südafrika, für den Kaiser”
8.The United Kingdom of CanoviaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God, Queen and Country”
9.The Duchy of AlbynauNew York Times Democracy“Semper humilitas”
10.The Korean Kingdom of RutanniaLeft-Leaning College State“하나의 국가”
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Adriatic Republic of Delos Santos wrote:Well, I'm leaving NS for good. I'm erasing my NS history from the cloud. Best wishes, Thailand

Sayonara :(

Finally I can put MindaRyn in my rps whenever I want and I don’t have to worry about Paramountica knocking on my door with a demand to retcon the rp!




    Earlier this evening, the Foreign Ministry announced that High Chancellor Anetta Komarudin, head of state and head of government of the Commonwealth of Indonesia, has invited His Excellency President Denis Sassou N'Guesso of the Republic of Zaire to a bilateral meeting in Jakarta. The High Chancellor hopes to further develop and nourish the relationship between Indonesia and Zaire as, in her own words, 'a strong relationship will benefit both parties'. The High Chancellor's invitation to President N'Guesso is part of her initiative to connect Indonesia with the world, and to show the world that all nations should and will be treated equally. The High Chancellor and the Indonesian government ardently awaits His Excellency President N'Guesso's response.




      Earlier today, the Indonesian government announced the purchase of 125 KAI KF-21 Advanced Multirole Fighters for $1.4 Billion USD from the Kingdom of Korea. The $1.4 billion purchase is part of the military's expansion and modernization program, with this particular order being received by the Indonesian Air Force. The KAI KF-21 is a Korean advanced multirole fighter designed for all types of combat, from air to air to ground assault. Chief Air Marshal and Supreme General Hadi Tjahanto stated, 'the KAI KF-21 fighter is the perfect jet for our nation. It is relatively cheap, extremely powerful and flexible, as well as being reliable. We believe this was a great purchase and we look forward to working with Korea in the future'. Indonesia plans to use the KF-21 jets in combat operations against the ISF, which has been silently growing in Indonesia for a few months now. The first jets will be delivered in spring-summer 2024, with final delivery being expected in early 2025. The KF-21 was chosen in the end over the Paramerican F-22 Raptor because of the KF-21's decent price to performance. The Indonesian government is also rumored to be planning other military purchases from foreign nations.


      NOVEMBER 2023

      The use of Phosphate based (and other) fertilizers in Sub-Saharan Africa remains abysmal compared not only to north African states but the global average. This in large part contributes to the low yields per acre compared to other agricultural regions, a direct contributor to famine and decreased farmer independence. The African Plant Nutrition Institute (APNI) itself estimates that outputs of grain alone could be tripled in the following countries by increasing use of fertilizer to recommended and healthy levels :

      - Malawi (3 additional tonnes per hectare compared to current 1.5 tonnes)
      - Tanzania (3.8 additional tonnes per hectare compared to current 1.5 tonnes)
      - Zimbabwe (4.5 additional tonnes per hectare compared to current 0.5 tonnes)
      - Mozambique (4.5 additional tonnes per hectare compared to current 0.8 tonnes)
      - Nigeria (5.1 additional tonnes per hectare compared to current 2.1 tonnes)
      - Ethiopia (5.4 additional tonnes per hectare compared to current 3.2 tonnes)
      - Kenya (5.4 additional tonnes per hectare compared to current 1.8 tonnes)

      In fact, for all of Africa the estimated Fertilizer consumption was :

      - 5,300 Tonnes of UREA type Fertilizer (compared to 170,000 tonnes worldwide)
      - 1,061 Tonnes of DAP type Fertilizer (compared to 34,000 tonnes worldwide)
      - 922 Tonnes of Potash Fertilizer (compared to 68,000 tonnes worldwide)

      This indicates that Africa as a Continent is miles behind the rest of the world, and is descriptive of why Morocco has never been able to fully exploit its Phosphate reserves. Put simply, African growth in terms of Fertilizer usage is decades behind what it should and could be, mainly due to regional and corporate corruption. This is tragic as much of Africa actively suffers from soil quality depletion and extremely low productivity of smallholder farms. There is a lack of agricultural dealers across the continent, forming part of the problem as sourcing fertilizer has become one of the major issues, rather than the overall availability as Morocco itself holds more than enough to supply the entire Continent and more (and has done so reliably for decades, with over 10% of the Moroccan GDP produced through this extraction operation as Morocco owns a monopoly on the worlds Phosphate reserves).

      The Spanish Colonial Commission has made it their top priority to promote and invest in Fertilizer usage and refining (one major lack in sub saharan nations is the ability to blend their own fertilizers which would be much more efficient than Morocco exporting the finished good). Towards this goal, new Blending Plants in Equatorial Guinea shall be established at a cost of 920 million USD in order to increase production of said product in that area, mainly for exportation. Spain shall assign 420 million to an attempted establishment of a similar production plant in Zaire (Alzarikstan) which would depend on the approval of said government.

      In the Galla (The Galla), the SCC shall attempt to establish a Plant with a budget of 380 million USD to serve the Eastern African Sphere. In all cases, Moroccan Phosphate would be utilized, as no other reliable source of said Phosphates on the same scale exist anywhere on the African Continent. Lastly, to serve the middle eastern sphere, where Phosphate based Fertilizers from Morocco have little representation, a smaller plant shall be constructed worth a total of 320 million USD.


      NOVEMBER 2023

      -The Alpine Confederation- - Alzarikstan STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP CONFIRMED

      The Ministry of the Economy announced a comprehensive strategic partnership with -The Alpine Confederation- that would surely propel development of Zaire to the next level. In exchange of an increase of metal and other mineral exports to Switzerland, ABB Industry and Infrastructure Solutions has agreed to export the following products to be used for the producing materials geared toward mines and other industrial capacities including electrification infrastructure such as power lines, generators, and converter systems:

        Electrification Infrastructure
        ABB robots, controllers, software and our complete line of robot products
        ABB conveyors for palletized and free transfer of components
        Digital gage software (DGS) for advanced measurement applications
        Full portfolio of robotic wash components including regenerative and vacuum drying methods
        ABB robotic 2D and 3D vision software

      Regarding transportation development, Nestlé has been approved for operations in Zaire pertaining to agricultural operations. Within the Swiss request, Zaire shall increase exports of Zairean food (and Diary) while AEBI (which is owned by Nestlé in RP) Farming equipment will be given to Zairean farmers. In return Nestlé will place quality food in Zairean supermarkets, and continued farming equipment export will be headed to Zaire from AEBI. Additionally, Novartis and the Roche Group shall receive Caffeine and other edible medicine products from Zaire, and in return Novartis will mass export Zaire medications to Zairean pharmacies and hospitals.

      Regarding maritime and transportation strategic infrastructure, Zaire has approved the The Libreville-Dar es Salaam Rail line that is proposed by the Swiss Royal Railways (SRR) which will automate mineral and passenger distribution via connections and upgrades to all existing lines in Zaire. In return, the SRR would like an increased export in ready rail steel from Zaire. The Adecco Group (a staffing company) shall also open multiple staffing offices in Zaire, with a staffing website just for the Bantu People's Republik. Migros has also been approved to open multiple stores in Zaire while in return Migros will advertise Zairean civilian produces such as convenience goods, shopping goods etc. and assist in the exports and production of Zairean convenience goods and shopping goods. Holcim (a cement company) has been approved by the Zairean government to receive increased cement and asphalt material exports and in return Holcim will assist Implenia and Artemis (swiss constrution company and congolgotmate) in Planned Zaire-Swiss Infunstructure projects such as the Grand Butembo Highway, the Greater Zaire Highway network, Artemis Real Estate and Hotels Yambe-Tanga, and Point Denis Park and Resort.

      7th Stage of the Swedish Insurrection - Preparations Part 2
      12th April, 2023

      Previous Post

      Map of the Frontlines on the 12th of April, 2023

      Lappland Front Consolidates Control

      The forces in the North were able to converge with eachother a few months ago. However, their situation was tenuous and they could have been beaten back if they failed to stabilize. Luckily for us the forces of the Lappland Front were able to fight back the offense by the SUDF and consolidate their control of the area. The surrounded SUDF forces were overrun with the last of the forces preforming a last stand in the hamlets of Maunu and Siikavuopio. The forces were decimated with almost the entirety of the 7th Lappland Company being killed. Only a couple either surrendered or jumped the border to Finland.

      On the eastern side the forces were able to start pushing on National Road 99. This push was mainly accomplished by most of the 191st Mechanized Battalion. They were able to beat back the defenses of the SUDF in the area and take the villages of Kuttainen and Paittasjärvi. Currently, they have even mostly taken over the town of Saivomuotka, although there is still some resistance from the SUDF in the town.

      Tärendö Captured with Pajala in our Sights

      With the SUDF's attempted encirclement prevented in the battle of Ullatti, the SUDF in the assault had been on the back foot with the forces being pushed back to Tärendö. The SUDF was defending the town for almost 3 months before the city finally fell. One of the main factors in their downfall is the experience the Armed Forces in the assault have with the new mixed Land-Air strategy that the government is attempting. The JAS 39 Gripen as well as some other vehicles are used to support the Army through Close Air Support, Air Interdiction, and Aerial Support.

      With Tärendö taken, the path to the town of Pajala is clear. The Armed Forces are already planning to attack Pajala, with most predicting a swift victory. When Pajala falls, National Road 99 will be wide open to take. With the control of National Road 99 secured, Planera Jörmungandr will be easily achieved. With Planera Jörmungandr successful, the doors to Yggrdrasil will be opened and our victory shall be assured.

      Reports on the Behavior of the SUDF

      With the SUDF falling in more and more dire straits, the forces have changed in response. One of the biggest changes is the desperation and ferocity of these fighters increasing as their situation grew worse. The amount of surrenders have dropped a large amount and many recent battles had the SUDF fighting to their last breath. Another strange change is their new fondness for the "Red Three" also sometimes called the "Red Triumvirate". It has been mentioned occasionally before, but they have recently started being mentioned far more frequently than before. While we do not know what the Red Triumvirate actually is, most believe that they are the group that is leading the SUDF. If that is the case then they most likely are made up of some of the S/SAP and V party members who left the Riksdag during the 2022 Stockholm Riots.

      A worrying fact is that the SUDF'S cruelty is seemingly getting worse as they get more and more desperate. There have been recent cases of SUDF forces ignoring civilian lives in the pursuit of an attack on the armed forces. We have also found labs used by the SUDF with it seeming that they were trying to make certain chemicals. It is feared that these rebels are slowly turning into nothing more than terrorists. We'll just have to see what these forces do as their situation gets even more desperate.


      21 NOV 2023

        The Imperial Grand Council has finally announced the conclusion of the famed Fikre Reforms, which have been ongoing for about two years since the unification of the Gallan race and the subjugation of Kenya. Led by Professor Fikre, a member of the Grand Council and esteemed professor of law, there have been numerous changes that will fundamentally change how the Empire functions. Some of the most important changes include:

        • The Imperial Army has been organized to increase to 600,000 soldiers. There will be an expansion in the Imperial Rocketry Force, with an emphasis in missile defense of strategic locations and the Gallan coastline. Imperial Paratroopers will be expanded to include two rapid assault brigades of 5,000 troops each. New doctrines of war will emphasize smaller division sizes with increased mobility and communication, and independence in the field. Galla's invasion of Kenya was marred by logistical hiccups due to rigid command structure. Once the army has sorted itself out, this will no longer be the case.

        • The abhorrent treatment of Kenyan citizens and service members will come to an immediate end, with a state corporation being formed to investigate cases of abuse. Fikre stated that "Treat men like beasts, and they will turn into them." Kenyan members of corporate & state police have been thrown into meat grinders again and again in efforts to pacify the area. Gallan commanders who ordered these suicide missions will be sacked, tried and jailed for their failures. Compensation will be offered to families who have lost members to these practices.

        • Kenyans will be allowed directly into the Imperial Grand Council. This was a deeply controversial move, due to Kenyans being of a different race than Gallans. However, activists and politicians argued tirelessly that as subjects of the Empire, individuals have a right to be represent their interests in legislature according to their merits. As such, Kenyan intellectuals and elites have been inducted. A smaller set of councils have been set up in the Rift Valley & South Coast Provinces, to grant Kenyans a platform on which they can cooperate with the Gallans.

        • Africa's first national digital currency is in being adopted! The E-Vitissi, more widely refereed to as EVs, has been rolling in with the help of the People's Republic of China. Digital currency was already quite common in the Galla & Kenya before unification, but their economies have since merged and become more integrated. The EV will revolutionize the Gallan market, allowing for fast and easy conversions from other currencies into EVs. Kenyan & Gallan data scientists have been working together closely to make this a success, simultaneously improving relations between Bantu & Gallan.

        In the wake of so many upheavals around the world, The Gallan Empire remains steadfast in its mission to fulfill peace and prosperity. With the race unified and relations between the Bantu & Gallan races improving, there is no limit to what can be achieved! Behind the scenes, plans of conquest are still in the works as an elite, highly organized cult pulls the strings of development. Their plans remain hidden, but one day they will be fully revealed as the destiny of the Empire.

          |Islamic Salvation Front of Central Asia established|Markaziy Osiyo Islomiy Najot fronti tashkil etildi|
          |Fergana Valley, Republic of Central Asia|
          |N O V E M B E R/ 2 0 2 3||

        |Fergana Flashpoint - Farg'ona chaqmoq nuqtasi|

          |The Fergana valley has for centuries been the heart of Central Asian cultures, but also a point of contention for Central Asia as ethnicities clashed the hardest in the fertile valley. Uzbek, Tajiks, and Kyrgyz lived side by side in the beautiful valley surrounded by the roaring Kuramen, Turkestan, and Alai mountains almost shielding the valley from the perception that they are a part of Central Asia. This was broken with the sight of Central Asian armed forces patrolling the Valley with their flags flying high above their vehicles.|

          |Islamism has slowly seen a growth in all of Central Asia, but the Fergana Valley seemed to have a mystic effect as it seemed to exponentially grow any issue in Central Asia into a deadly affair. As attacks and sporadic fighting erupted in Iraq by the ISF, inspiration to act in the name of Allah came to the ancient steppe and mountain lands of Central Asia. The Fergana valley became home to a movement led by those inspired by the Ideals of the Islamic Salvation Front. Tohir Yo’Idash would grab the helm of this new operation as the Islamic Salvation Front of Central Asia {ISFCA}. The ISFCA is rumored to be massing weapons and jihadists as no attacks have been done yet in Central Asia. 100 are suspected to be in the terrorist group.|

          |As threat of an impending insurgency in the Fergana Valley grew Polaikov authorized increasing the number of Soldiers deployed in active duty to the Fergana Valley from 1,000 to 5,000 along with numerous armored vehicles and increased air patrols with Helicopters.|

        Fergana Valley Counter-Insurgency Force
        X5,000 Central Asia Armed Forces memebers
        X5 T-72
        X20 BMP-2
        X50 M-ATV
        X30 BTR-80

      The Case Of Oustani

      I officially RETCON the post making the region of Oustani officially Sudanese meaning it never happened but the doesn't mean that Sudanese troops don't occupy the region anymore. They still do. The region for the time being is still Chadian but under Sudanese occupation.

      Again. Sudan is surrounded by 2 African powers who's friendliness and positive relations to Khartoum is questioned and viewed with suspicion.

      Sudan will continue to find physical ad geographical features such as the Ouadi Kadja River that makes up the border between Chad and Sudan. Oustani sit east of that border and do being occupied by the military to have a stronger advantage in the case of Chadian or any other invasions from savages and no I'm not talking about Africans.

      The region is still occupied as before the post and is somewhat under the administration of Sudan as in the military is under Sudanese administration and the military will do what it can to still provide and aid to refugees while protecting Sudan's borders.

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