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Confederation of Corrupt Dictators was Liberated by Security Council Resolution # 263

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Hail the Triarchy!

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    Second Jocospite Civil War: The RP

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    A note on the current RP

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Confederation of Corrupt Dictators contains 639 nations, the 18th most in the world.


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As a region, Confederation of Corrupt Dictators is ranked 862nd in the world for Most Influential.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Imperial Empire of JocosporIron Fist Consumerists“Thou shalt know no fear”
2.The Empire of ShrewLlamaLandAnarchy“The flag once raised will never fall!”
3.The Dictatorship of ShronokFather Knows Best State“Action is the real measure of intelligence.”
4.The Enlightened Autocracy of RiakouLibertarian Police State“Technology Is Power”
5.The Federation of La Polizia Si IncazzaCorporate Police State“W Er Monnezza”
6.The Kingdom of MerconitonitopiaAuthoritarian Democracy“Vanity of Vanities; All is Vanity”
7.The Imperium of Winter GulleyIron Fist Consumerists“In ruina ejus senectutem incipit novum ordinem”
8.The Eternal Imperial Queendom of Regna LoreauIron Fist Consumerists“Gloria Fortis Miles”
9.The Colonial Empire of FetraFather Knows Best State“she liked me , now I'm trash”
10.The Kaiserreich of WilhelmsIron Fist Consumerists“Industry and power run hand in hand.”
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12323 wrote:how do you join war? can you please tell us.
hail the confederation

Join one of the factions or not then send an order of battle to Castelia

Forces Prepare

As recent news has come, it has come to our attention that many foreign forces look to intervene in the city of By-The-Rocks, as such the Kingdom has seen it fit to send in another force of 8000 troops and naval forces via the East of Jocospor. (Vagnmar) Although the number of Naval Forces remains unspecified it has been made clear that the transport of Air Carriers and other Military vessels will continue including Submarines to deflect any stealth attack. Aware of the Dangers at sea due to the forces of other foreign powers, The Kingdom has seen it fit to deploy many other vessels to assist the transports and prevent any attack although forces of Regna Loreau are not expected to be there the fleet dispatches on high alert.


In other news, receiving threats from foreign forces, New Joranian forces along with those of Castelia have started the operation of fortifying the city and its borders, this includes the setting up of various checkpoints, although movement of Jocospite Citizens has been allowed, it remains small in number, the operation seeks to fully fortify the city before the intervention of other forces so that an attack is deflected, the forces remain on high alert, with forces present on the port and other Bordering areas.

Gaspard Remau?

We recently heard from Gaspard Remau of Jocospor and although New Joranian forces were unable to locate his location an immediate search operation has been ordered to locate the individual, New Joranian forces have been on high alert since the arrival, awaiting the arrival of Gaspard Remau, this event was a huge blow as it was one of the main causes for holding the city of By-The-Rocks.

Military forces thus issued a statement on the matter,
"Military forces have been unable to locate Gaspard Remau, a recent message was received from Molestein on his apparent preesence on the ship, we thus call upon Rear-Admiral Yamma Dul Brekkne to please contact us immediately if he receives this message"
We truly believe that Gaspard is the rightful heir to the throne and thus we call upon him to remain as we do not wish to lose a fit candidate to the throne, the search operation is still underway, with naval forces also starting an operation on the sea.

Hail The Confederation!

Castelia wrote:CIVIL WAR OOC POST: The city of Emanoelos, standing on the foot of the Central Mountain Range, is a city of history. Named after His Supreme Majesty Emanoel I, who died in the Vocryae Bombings, Emanoelos stands both a memorial to his legacy, and a reminder of his many achievements. Despite the impression this trivia gives that Emanoelos is a fairly new city, that would be a mistaken assumption. Emanoelos actually possesses quite the history, for it is the oldest city in all of Jocospor. Its name has changed many times throughout history, but the basic identity of the city has remained the same. Most of the architecture of the city center hearkens back to the old days of Jocospor, with smooth marble buildings and stone walls making up its many districts. Emanoelites, as the city's residents call themselves, describe the overall feel of the city as like living in medieval times, as many of the city's original structures from its founding days still exist. Of particular note is the Fortress of the Dawn, an imposing defensive structure that stands at nearly the exact center of Emanoleos. Many an Emanoelite boast that the citadel can withstand even modern day weapons, but since never has an enemy force come upon the city anyway, no one really knows for sure.

Just like any other city with old history, Emanoelos boasts quite the mixture of districts in a confusing layout. Most of the eastern side of the city is residential area, though there are a few commercial districts here and there. The west, where a fairly large airport is located, is mostly commercial districts with tall glass buildings that gives the city a young look. The same can be said of the north, where most of the city's elite live. Rows upon rows of condominium buildings line the roads of the north district, with wide sweeping streets below. On the other hand, the city's south district is quiet. It mostly contains cottages and resting spots, since the city also serves as a popular destinations for mountaineers who wish to try their hand at climbing the Central Mountains.

This part of the overall civil war will be called The Battles for Emanoelos.

Some distance north of Emanoelos lies a quiet coastline. Well, normally it would be, if not for the fact that today, the soldiers of the Royal Elite Legion of Otogal made their landing onshore. Preparing as fast as they could, the infantry then began to march towards Emanoelos, perhaps thinking that the city would easily fall.

Unfortunately, it didn't go as smoothly as they had planned. Somewhere along the journey, they had been spotted by forces friendly to the United Confederation Coalition, who then sent a message to their forces at Emanoelos. Turning out that the city had declared its support for the UCC, forces were scrambled immediately to defend Emanoelos.

Over the skies of the marching Otogalian soldiers, aircraft suddenly appeared. The Otogalian planes who had been assigned to defend the soldiers tried their best to protect their charges, but unfortunately, they were unable to do much. Owing to the fact that they were bombers and not fighters, they were unable to defend themselves as UCC-allied fighters decimated their numbers. A total of nearly 76 Otogalian bombers were shot down, with practically no losses to the Emanoelites.

On the ground, the soldiers could do nothing as they were set upon by flights of Emanoelite bombers, dropping anti-personnel smart bombs over their heads. Due to the fact that they were marching on open ground, they could not hope to find cover. When they were finally forced to retreat back to their transports, a horrifying sight awaited them.

The transports were burning and sinking all around the coastline, making evacuation impossible. The 50 battleships stationed just off the coast did their best to repel the swarm of aircraft terrorizing the Royal Legion, but they could not do much as they themselves were under attack.

At the end of the day, 3000 Otogalian Royal Elite Legionnaires lie dead on the outskirts of Emanoelos, the remains of 76 aircraft strewn around them. On the coastline, the remains of the transports continued to burn, as 8 battleships listed on their sides, capsizing from the devastating attack the UCC-allied forces of Emanoelos inflicted on them. All of the remaining 42 battleships were heavily damaged, and unless they were pulled out soon, they themselves would sink.

Hail the Confederation!

Otogal now switches course and moves straight through the mountains. The aircraft flies with fighters and bombers making an unbeatable combination. Otogal never thought Emanoelos was occupied by enemies.

Hail the Confederation!
Emperor of Otogal


This is an update written regarding Regna Loreau's fleet attack off North Harbour. During this particular battle, the United Confederation Coalition forces of Vlamms Statt and The Great Hispania were defeated by a superior Loreauan fleet, resulting in heavy loss of life for the UCC.

Written by Regna Loreau, I hope you enjoy a different kind of update, this time written not from a third party perspective, but from the people who were there. They saw it happen, and now you shall too.

For those who prefer a third party perspective, an update shall be provided soon!


Blue Harbour Vicinity - 1632 Hours

The air carries with it a certain chill, the wind beginning to pick up from its previously calm state. The fog hangs low around the water, neatly parted by the hundreds of thousands of tons of steel slicing ever closer to the Jocosporian port town. Hina stands, feeling the chill in the air as she waits on the bridge wing, taking a deep breath and exhaling.

The air was positively alive with tension, she could almost taste it, the crew could too. The radar had been tracking the UCC forces for nearly 2 hours now, and their radar jamming had been operating for nearly twice that. The danger was that they would reverse angle the radar jamming signal back at the Loreauans, but this had not happened yet, nor had any indication of such an event transpired.

The carriers very limited stock of stealth aircraft had been launched about 30 minutes ago, and were gliding around above. The fog was heavy at sea, and to some extent it messed with the radar. She had spent quite a while stealthily creeping in to range, and from aircraft reports, she knew that the fog cleared around the port. This was her big chance.

A plane glided down between the fleet’s largest battleship, wing tip trailing a brilliant purple smoke, which died as soon as she pulled up. With that, Hina gave the affirm to her flag officer, Captain Avry Kazan. The resulting order saw a flag raised, the battle ensign. The ships, already in formation, then sliced through the fog bank as Hina stepped inside the conning tower and looked out.

All of a sudden, the fog vanished, and Hina saw what could potentially be considered a wet dream for any naval officer. A mostly undefended port of defenceless transports. Her eyes certainly noted these, but they were more focused upon the battleships. 3 old, or certainly by her tastes, battleships and a number of heavy cruisers.

The Grand Admiral sighed heavily and shook her head. Her job was far too easy for her tastes, there was no sport in it..

With a snap of her fingers, a full broadside leapt from the 20” gun barrels of her flagship, screaming towards the enemy flagship


The sonar operator had been plotting the mines ahead of them for several minutes now, dutifully updating the tactical plot that occupied the table in front of Hina.

Her ships were manoeuvring away from the threat, and those ships would not face any threat. The cowardly move from Great Hispania has resulted in the total loss of both forces.

The fighters that were deployed were sent against FV-18/A’s, the pre eminent Loreauan multirole fighter. Yes they were laden with AShMs, but they also carried their air to air missiles, resulting in a far stronger force than previously imagined.

Upon realising the incoming attack, the fighters pull back beyond the fleet, allowing the escorts and capital ships to blunt the attack for them. Then the fighters pounce, resulting in a near total loss for the Hispanian airforce. Around 50 Loreauan planes are lost in total for these absurd casualties.
The retaliatory strike blasts the Hispanian fleet to kingdom come, resulting in a further 19 aircraft lost for the destruction of every surface vessel fleeing. The rush to mine the harbour results in the submarines being detected, and ASW aircraft drop dozens of torpedoes, rendering most of the submarines destroyed. Those left are hounded relentlessly by the Loreauan ASW patrols seeking them down.

As for the mines, they are dealt with. Lines of ordinance are dropped, clearing the harbour mouth as to allow the fleet access to these locations. And more importantly, to the ships within.

The resulting carnage is total destruction for the Vlamms Statt forces, their only escorts having abandoned them and fled. The sea is strewn with wreckage and the dead. Loreauan ships pull survivors from the water, saving who they can from this carnage.

The aftermath sees several more losses of life. The Loreauan destroyer Defier strikes a mine, having been previously damaged during the engagement. She sinks with 32 of her sailors, and tragically, upwards of 500 Vlamms Statt and Great Hispania sailors.

Hail the Confederation!

Post self-deleted by United Cohdopia.

7:27 pm PST (Pancakes Standard Time)
North Jocospor Sea,
10 miles from Northwestern Jocospor.

Lieutenant General Black Jack looks out from the bow of his ship, the PNS "John Maple", he sees the fleet massing off the North Jocospor Sea. He grabs his binoculars and looks out onto the coast, seeing the fortifications and troops massing out but sees a dire mistake the enemy has made.
He looks out to his carriers, the bombers and fighters readying for there air missions and a smile forms on his face, he knows that they will win, he will make them win, if it means that every man under his command dies, he will by god take that beach.

A lone marine readies his rifle, counting his rounds and checking his gear. He looks out to his fellow marines, also readying their gear, fitting their plates into their vests and fixing their grenades.
He notices something when looking back to his locker, it a picture of his family, his beautiful daughters and his lovely wife.
He tells himself that he will live, he will survive, for them, he cannot leave them, not now, not ever. The room goes dark, red lights turn on, alarms start blaring, "It time" says his sergeant. The pile out of their room, thousands of marines doing the same.
A loud speaker blares, "Now hear this! All marines and Seamen to their battle stations, prepare for attacks!, the message repeats. He loads in is armored amphibious transport, his sergeant behind him loads and seals the door. He faces his men, "Alright men! We are about to embark on a mission to rescue General John Jacobs. When we land on the beach, we will drive forward toward those bunkers and take them out, then we will take out every single one of those CSB sons of guns on that beach and hold that beach head. Once we do that, we have the high ground, I expect everyone of you to take 10 CSB soldiers down. Do you get me?!". "We get you sir!", the men scream out.
The transport start to shudder and move, shaking the men, the sergeant gets to his seat, "Get ready to fill greatness!" he yells. The soldier, Private Ben Drew, pulls down a tactical tablet from the roof of the AAF, a video feed turns on. Its a live feed from the AAF camera, it shows his transport and hundreds of others around him, he turns the camera to the beach. Fighters and bombers roar over head, bombing the beach and the fortifications ahead of him. Large and small explosions thunder, too big to be the average bomb or rocket, he immediately knows what's going on, the destroyers and battleships in the fleet are shelling the beach. High explosive and Incendiary shells blast the beach, turning some of the sand into glass. Ben then thinks of one thing, he will live, he will survive.

Lieutenant General Black Jack looks at the beach, the sound of naval batteries thunder around him, fighters and bombers thunder over him towards their objectives. He looks out into the water, thousands of transports, full of marines and tanks sail toward the beach.
He grabs the handheld radio next to him, "Fleet Admiral Francis, when the transports get to 200 feet of the beach, start shelling ahead of the beach, stop any QRF or armor divisions from reinforcing the beach." "Copy General Jack, once they reach the 200 mark, adjust to assault the rear of the fortifications." General Jack looks at his aid next to him, he looks back at the general, "What wrong general?". "Nothing hopefully, but only time will tell...only time will tell..."

Hail the Confederation!

The Junta Strikes Back!

Following the initiation of Emergency Plan Acies an army and fleet truly worthy of bearing the Vaktarian flag has been assembled and equipped for this war we fight.

Grand Admiral Carpenter leads Vengeance fleet:
5 Reitland Class Supercarriers carrying 100 VAC-9 aircraft each,
10 August Class Missile Cruisers outfitted for anti-air duties,
20 Gustav Class Light Cruisers outfitted for surface combat duties,
40 Dionysus Class Destroyers outfitted for anti-submarine warfare duties.

This Grand Fleet has left port and is sailing for Western Jocospor as you are reading this, with it goes a brigade of 2 million men lead by Field Marshal Hague which will show the world that Vaktaria will not stand idly by as it's allies commit an unproportional effort to this fight and that we will give all we have to ensure the most legitimate leader possible controls the Confederation.

Furthermore the remnants of the Vaktarian fleets still in Jocospor have been ordered to rendezvous with the new fleet at soonest possible convenience, Russia Major's representatives are no longer trusted with our naval assets; we can only hope our troops are not lost in vain under their command.

-The Vaktarian General Staff

Hail the Junta,
Hail our mighty fleets,
and above all...
Hail the Confederation!

Due to the trouble of Subject ONE still being on the run and after the Emperor and his Council we shall be closing our borders and staying in a state of neutrality, yet we will act in revenge if targeted for any reason. With this said we will have a percentage of solders at the borders to ensure that no one comes in or out (unless we have been contacted beforehand).

From the desk of Emperor Damon I
Hail the confederation


Twin Port Cities Campaign - Blue Harbour

After the UCC defeat at Rondhelm, it was decided by the local UCC commanders to instead concentrate their attack on Blue Harbour. The 2nd Royal Marine Battlegroup, after their bloody battle at Rondhelm, were sent instead to reinforce the forces already besieging Blue Harbour. The beachhead established by the forces of Vlamms Statt and The Great Hispania, though small, was able to allow them to expand their foothold on Blue Harbour significantly. An attempt by the UCC forces to push their bridgehead forward went well, allowing them to fully control the port area and push on their attack towards the city center. While most of the defenders of the city had left for Vocryae some time ago, a sizeable contingent of militia and mercenaries were still present. Despite their smaller numbers, they were able to inflict significant casualties on the advancing UCC soldiers, but they were pushed back repeatedly.

It was at this moment that a naval battle suddenly erupted off the coast of Blue Harbour. The Home Fleet of Regna Loreau had been heading for Blue Harbour for quite some time, and was able to catch the UCC Navy while they were at the harbor. The two forces had spotted each other quite some time before, resulting in both forces sending aircraft against each other. Due to spectacular tactics by the Loreauan aircraft, they were able to blunt the UCC aircraft attack, resulting in devastating losses for the UCC. After the loss of their air cover, UCC naval forces attempted to flee, laying naval mines on the path of the Loreauans to prevent them from pursuing.

However, without air cover, the ships of the UCC faction were easily attacked and sunk by the Loreauan aircraft. Additional fire from the Loreauan Navy vessels sealed the fate of the UCC navy, resulting in devastating losses. Nearly the entire surface force, and most of the submarines, of the Hispanian Expeditionary Forces were lost. Only 1 single destroyer and 4 submarines were able to escape. As for the Flδmische Marine, most of their vessels were sunk, too, including their 2 command ships, hundreds of landing craft, and most of their patrol boats. Only a total of 37 vessels, including 6 destroyers, were able to escape. All of these ships were heavily damaged, too, leaving them unable to participate in naval activities for quite some time to come.

However, despite the losses at the harbor, a sizable portion of the city still remains in UCC hands. The soldiers who were able to offload at Blue Harbour are still active and fighting, but they are heavily demoralized, and in grave peril.

Hail the Confederation!

The CSS Dixie and it’s entourage of 20 ships continue to sail toward the ocean boundary of Jocospor when a telegram reached the desk of Admiral Jane Stuart.

“Ms. Stuart. I represent the portion of Confederates supporting the Triarchy. We demand you change course and head home, as we will storm your capital and take command, leaving you right suffer from Lourean ships. —Olivia Lee Blaire.”

“That ungrateful brat...” Stuart snarls, giving commands to the tanks back home to surround the operations of the traitors. “I will never change my course, unless the Triarchy agrees to terms that we, the UCC, are in charge, and they are traitors to Viceroy Walter!”

Hail the Confederation!

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