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Founder: The People's Republic of Voidless

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Conservia is a community of nations that promote liberty, classical liberalism, and conservative values, while opposing extreme ideologies. We engage in military gameplay, both for fun, and to promote our core values.

RMB Discussion Question (7/26/21): What is your favorite electoral system and why?

Welcome, new residents! Please scroll down and introduce yourself!

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    Getting Started in Conservia

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Embassies: The Embassy and Confederation of World Monarchys.

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Conservia contains 16 nations, the 967th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector in Conservia

World Census analysts extensively tested concept muscle cars in empty parking lots in order to estimate which nations have the largest auto industries.

As a region, Conservia is ranked 6,987th in the world for Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of Conservian DiplomatCapitalist Paradise“Peace and Justice”
2.The Republic of ImatsyLeft-Leaning College State“ANTON CHASTYN ETO BOLCE CHEN GIZN ETO NACHA SYDBA”
3.The Dictatorship of KocksangontaPsychotic Dictatorship“Freedom is overrated”
4.The Republic of FreechestaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Peace, prosperity oh almighty God”
5.The Borderlands of NorbopatamiaAnarchy“I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice”
6.The Republic of SirkiffNew York Times Democracy“Pride and Industry”
7.The Republic of InspireVilleLiberal Democratic Socialists“Freedom. When You Just Feel Like It.”
8.The Republic of DahmaniNew York Times Democracy“God, Homeland, Liberty”
9.The People's Republic of VoidlessInoffensive Centrist Democracy“While the worst Are full of passionate intensity”
10.The Dictatorship of AtasteniaCorrupt Dictatorship“Nutze dein Talent.”

Last poll: “Would you rather spend two weeks...”

Regional Happenings


Conservia Regional Message Board

It is very important for regional activity that the Regional Message Board is an active place. Discord is great for cultivating the community, but if nothing happens in this space, new players can find it hard to integrate. Therefore, I want to dedicate the RMB to something everyone will find engaging and fun. Here are some ideas:
- Have a quote or topic of the day/week, and invite discussion on it.
- We could post about current real-world events and issues from our home countries (states, provinces, territories, etc.)
- We could play games.

And if you have any other ideas, go ahead and post them here.

Happy 24th of July everyone!

What is the 24th of July? Well, here in my home state of Utah, we celebrate Pioneer Day. 174 years ago, today, the first LDS pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley. Today we remember those who came before us; not only those first pioneers, but also those who sacrificed to make the world a better place in other ways.

For any of you who noticed I am no longer WA delegate, there's a reason for that; Defenders put out a call for help in response to raiders gathering for an invasion. I resigned from the WA so I could help them out, and now one of my puppets is off in Nasunia attempting to dethrone the raider force.

If that all went over your head, that is totally understandable. The long and short of it is, I like participating in these things, so if we want a good delegate I'm probably not the best pick for the position. It's not absolutely necessary that we have a delegate, but it looks good on the world stage.

Thank You for the welcome

Time to shake things up with some political discussion. I have always been fascinated with systems of democracy, so we're going with this question first:

What is your favorite electoral system and why?

My personal favorite system is approval voting, because it is simple and is less prone to the spoiler effect than other systems. Although it lacks the ability to specify preferences, I think this is alright because very few democratic decisions are going to be totally in line with individual preferences. Voting is just a form of negotiation within a very large group, and even if someone gets what they want from all available options, it is extremely unlikely they get what they want from all possible options.

Let me know if you agree or disagree, and tell everyone what you prefer in an electoral system.

I haven't yet given you all a proper welcome. Now that we've grown a bit, we need to get some things sorted out:

1. Government
We need a constitution and government to run the region. If the prospect of writing a constitution or helping run the region excites you, go ahead and write up a dispatch for us to take a look at.

2. World Assembly Delegate
We need to find someone to represent our region to the WA. Although the details of electing delegates can be worked out in the future, we can do something informal for right now. If this interests you, post about why you would be a good delegate.

3. Role Play
We have recently joined with Confederation of World Monarchys to contribute to their roleplay world. If you want to get into that, join Discord so we can connect you with them and you can get started.

Conservia is a community of conservatives who value liberty and equality.
Our mission is to represent conservatism throughout the world of NationStates.

Welcome to Conservia!

We're glad to have you! To get involved with the community, you'll want to start by doing a few things:

1. Introduce yourself on our regional message board
- Tell us how you found NationStates, tell us about your nation, or crack a joke.
- The RMB is a good place for general communication. If you need help, just ask. (Click here to access the RMB)
- Follow the rules.

2. Join our Discord server
- LinkClick me

What to do Here

🏛️ New Government!
As we are very young, we do not yet have an official government. Absolutely everything is currently being run by Galiantus III (me), and that's a bit stressful. At the end of the day, we want

So I invite anyone with the passion to build a regional government to take that up: Call a constitutional convention, write a constitution for the region, and help get this whole thing organized. Keep in mind we have a WA delegate to elect, foreign affairs with other regions to manage, fun activities to plan, and at some point I personally want us to get involved with military gameplay.

🎲 Role-Playing
We are currently joining in RP activities with Confederation of World Monarchys. If you would like to join, Linkhere is their Discord. Let them know you are from Conservia and would like to join in their RP.

📢 Socialize / Discuss Politics
Tell us about current events in your part of the world, or just express your opinion on an issue. We invite discussion of different views and would love to hear what you have to say.

🃏 Help with Card Collecting
If you are interested in card collecting and would like some help with it, contact Galiantus III (who has a mighty fine card collection).

⚔️ Military Gameplay
Conservia does not have a military (yet) - but that doesn't mean you can't try raiding and defending under the Conservian torch! If you would like to try it out, contact Galiantus III.

Important Rules

- Do not spam the Regional Message Board or Discord.
- Please be respectful on both the RMB and Discord.
- Note that we are anti-fascist and anti-communist, and will not tolerate the promotion of either of these ideologies within our community.

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